Breaking Bad’s RJ Mitte On Dating Etiquette!

Breaking Bad’s RJ Mitte On Dating Etiquette!

I’m RJ Mitte. I work on a show
called Breaking Bad. Wow. God. I hate this question. [Whew.] To me people try to
be fake. They try to say, I can do this. I can do that.
I can do that. And eventually, you care for
that person and you go, “Oh sh*t, I can’t do any of those things
she fell in love with me for.” When you get that far, you go,
“Well, I can’t really …” And she looks at you and says, “Our
whole relationship’s a lie. Goodbye.” I’ve seen it happen to a couple of my
friends, where he was telling this girl he’s — I won’t even tell
where he’s from — he’s from Texas. He was telling this girl, he could speak
all these wonderful languages. It was just a mess. So I was like, just tell her and see
how it goes. Well, she left him. [Laughs.] There’s so many different meanings for
etiquette. There are so many different meanings of being there for people, and
opening the door, and pulling a chair out. really a wrong way to date. They’re all the same.
Everyone’s a freak inside. I should be a professional at this.


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