Breaking Bad’s Hidden Meaning – Season 2 – Earthling Cinema

Breaking Bad’s Hidden Meaning – Season 2 – Earthling Cinema

Greetings, and welcome to Breaking Bad Week
on Earthling Television. I am your host, Garyx Wormuloid. Today’s artifact is Season Number
Two of Breaking Bad, starring staunch pro-dentite Bryan Cranston. In Season Number Two, Walter White and Jesse
Pink-man are still at it, despite their enemies’ best efforts. Unfortunately, the drug trade
is turning out to be a real handful, thanks to an untimely dispute with middle management.
Once the federales start closing in, our boys decide it’s time to double down and lawyer
up. While Walt distracts his family with tantalizing
nudity, Jesse moves into a new apartment with a very accommodating landlord. Guess the “B”
in Apartment 23 stands for “bow chikka bow wow.” And after crushing some tail, the
best way to unwind is by crushing some head. Jesse and Walt make their biggest batch yet,
and their legal team dupes a waiter at The Chicken Brothers into buying it all. However,
Walt gets jealous that Jesse wants to hang out with Jane all the time, so he does the
rational thing and lets her vomit herself to death. Take that, Choko Ono! Not to be outdone, two planes vomit all over
everybody. Season Number Two of Breaking Bad finds Jesse
and Walter struggling with their identities. Big deal — try going through puberty as part
of a shared consciousness! In any case, Walter is now both a provider for his family and
a power-hungry criminal. His conflicting urges come to a freshly-shaved head when he is forced
to choose between witnessing the birth of his daughter or perpetuating his criminal
empire. He does as my father always did, and chooses work. Meanwhile, Jesse’s increasingly tarnished
sense of self pushes him into levitation, which is apparently very addictive on Earth.
Plus, he has to get over a breakup, which is always a total bummer. Chin up, buddy,
there are plenty of other goldfish floating in the tank. Seeing their effect on the world around them
has caused our heroes to lose their innocence. One minute, Jesse is hanging out with Jane
in her room, admiring her quirky, yet sexy painting. The next, a hazmat crew is dragging
charred toys out of a tiny, chlorinated lake. Innocence — and paradise — donezo. And the feeling is contagious. Practically
the entire city of Albaquooquoo is choosing the darker path. Even Walter’s sister-in-law,
Marie, dabbles with kleptomania, or the stealing of klepts. And in accordance with family tradition, she
uses the ends to justify the beans. One of the only Breaking Bad characters without
a dark side is Walter’s brother-in-law, Hank — who, in some ways, serves as a bizarro
“double” for Walter White. Like Walter, he manufactures intoxicants, but only the
boring kind. And whereas Walt is more or less unshaken by his criminal exploits, Hank gets
rattled by the violence of his job, even turning down a promotion because of a mixup at Bring
Your Pet to Work Day. Despite his macho cheese exterior, Hanks is really just a cuddly teddy
bear. No, not that one! There, much better. Throughout much of Season Number Two, Walter
and Jesse find themselves separated from the ones they love, which is hard enough without
being reminded by thematically-appropriate artwork. They yearn for the stability of the
past, when thematically-appropriate artwork was all the rage. Sadly, neither Jesse nor Walter can turn back
time, because that technology is kept under lock and key by the Space Guild. Instead, they find a sort of Foster Farms
family in one another. But is their co-dependence a byproduct of
fate? In both Season Number One and Season Number Two, Walt loses crucial coin flips
that alter the trajectories of his life, his business, and his facial hair. Then, when
he decides it might be easier to just die already, some quack comes along and ruins
everything. For Yajj’s sake, Walt can’t even go to a happy hour without some outrageous
coincidence leading to catastrophe. Then again, maybe we should’ve seen it coming.
Take a look at the titles of the four episodes that feature the pink bear, and you’ll discover
a special warning from the show’s creators “Seven Thirty Seven. Down. Over. ABQ”
Mind blown? Well check this out: if you take two other episode titles, they form “Breakage
Peekaboo,” which is the name
of my band.


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