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  • The YoPancake Show says:

    Hey man do a Twin Peaks essay on the new season's episode 8. Seriously one of the best things ever put on TV. Trust me.

  • RiverOfWetness468 says:

    If you have clicked on this video without first watching the entire series, I hope you scrolled down to the comments within 30 seconds of the video because SPOILER WARNING.


    I loved this video. It was short, but thematically on point. However, I'm surprised you didn't throw in 2 to 3 min on how Skylar affected his rise. Gus, Hank, & Jesse are the pivotal focal points in his rise & fall, but Skylar has impacting influence on his morality, his manhood, & his connection to family. If you ever decided to add to this video or edit it, that's where your focus should be.

  • You should take a few seasons of Mad Men! It plays out more so as a novel with nuanced character development, imagery (through cinematography), & strong but not heavy handed statements about our current world. Love your video as always and keep it up! 🙂

  • Dude, this is why I love your analysis. Well constructed. Been a fan of yours since you reviewed "One Flew Over…"

  • Breaking Bad is the greatest thing I've ever seen in my life. I binged it in 6 days last year, and I couldn't stop thinking about it for weeks after it ended. It was a rollercoaster of emotions for me. Truly one of the greatest experiences of my life. lol

  • Tinko Wiezorrek says:

    I would say the wire still trumps breaking bad, even though the themes are fundamentaly different, while breaking bad is a character study, the wire is an almost documentary approach at showcasing crime developement from something like an objective perspective.
    I would also like to highlight that vince has just improved since breaking bad, better call saul is in my mind a textbook example in writing and cinematography that should be studied and discussed by anyone who wants to create great films:
    every action has symbolic meaning, nothing is coincidental and everything serves a singular goal of conveing character developement as subtle, but impactfull as possible.
    it is in a lot of ways what every movie should aspire to be like, even though understandibly the subject matter makes it harder to approach for a mainstream audience.

    I personally would love to see what creators that learn the lessons that vinces material teaches, could create when not restrained by the shackles of realism. it seems that the constrains applied to realistic material often lead to storytelling greatness, while most fantastic adaptations when in doubt seem to relly on tried and true formulas instead of using their freedom to create something truly unique.
    great exceptions do of course exist, black mirror comes to mind, but they are still rare beasts to find.

  • I've watched this show 7 times and I can never find it boring, even when we have the breakfast scenes lol. there's something to learn from it in each viewing. thank you for making these videos, took me a long time to even begin watching this show until my friend forced me to watch the first episode and from there I was hooked. The first episode is one of the best pilots out there

  • I have to wait on watching it again. I think I have watched it 3 or 4 times so I want to let a couple more years pass to make it fresh again. Incredible series though.

  • It's very clear that in this show everything is thought out very thoroughly, so trying to spot symbols and meanings is definitely a lot of fun and rewarding. The use of reflections (especially mirrors) is a classic device in movies as a symbol. Walt is often reflected in glass (windows, bottles). Glass is also the word for the very pure methamphetamine as "cooked" by Walt. Don't get me started on the pink teddy bear with an eye missing (ripped out – it's there) and a burned side (arm).
    (Gus' end mirror imaged?). Read a lot about it but I think something's still missing. Anyway: awesome dissection, Jack – you have outdone yourself (which is quite something)!

  • ThisIsNotReel says:

    This is incredible. Two known story paradigms are 1) characters move the story forward & 2) characters are reflections by the world they inhabit. Breaking Bad managed to use intertwine them in ways I never considered.

  • Dr. King Schultz says:

    Shoot hank's foot and tell him whos the man now and yell "Dont you fucking diss me because ure a cop". Movie over.

  • Ross Loves Movies says:

    Great video! I love how it seems whenever Walter kills a threat to him and his power, he becomes more like the people he destroys. The more opponents defeated, the more remorseless and powerful he becomes. Never noticed the crusts on the sandwich thing though. Hope this video gets more attention!

  • cool video👍I think most of us BB fans have a hard time with the fact that its over, but for those like myself who live here in Albuquerque its even harder.

  • Michael Desormeaux says:

    Walt was a brilliant man who had been pushed into a corner by people and his circumstances for his whole life. His Heisenberg persona and his pride in his trade was a compensation for his feelings of feeling inadequate and pushed around. He always valued power over his environment and wanted respect from others. He was a good man once (I think), and he truly did care to better his family's lives, but his feeling of not measuring up to his contemporaries and missing out on his potential of his Gray Matter share made him addicted to the power that the meth trade gave him.

  • aww 6:19 watching jesse so happy makes me sad knowing how broken he'll be at the end. Great analysis! I never realized the whole reflection symbolism. Makes me think of Jekyll and Hyde!

  • edgar santiago says:

    i've been watching from the beginning and it's still keeps my attention. it's so great. one of the things i re-watched was when walt is debating whether to kill crazy 8. he makes a pro con list. one of the factors was it's immoral. and killing is wrong. so crazy to see that and think of what he becomes in the end.

  • RobZombieisAwesome says:

    What are your thoughts on Better Call Saul? I loved Breaking Bad it is an amazing show and it is one of the best tv shows that holds a special place in my heart but since I've started watching Better Call Saul I do have to consider it superior to Breaking Bad. Better Call Saul is in fact a prequel but it is also a show entirely on its own it is very different from Breaking Bad as it is more focused on character study and attention to detail and also on Saul Goodman's former state of Jimmy McGill. If you haven't watched it I highly recommend you watch Better Call Saul because it is truly fantastic it is definitely not the mood and atmosphere of Breaking Bad or a mid life crisis situation such as with the character Walter White but nonetheless it is an excellent show that really gets you invested in the world of Jimmy McGill. I personally relate to Jimmy McGill in Better Call Saul than I do with Walter White in Breaking Bad simply because he is an average everyday individual trying to be successful and trying to get notoriety with establishing himself as a lawyer as well as facing obstacles with people he knows and the choices he makes. I'm not going to spoil anything but I just wrapped up season three a month ago and all I can say is the progression of the show is on the level of Breaking Bad. Let me know your thoughts I look forward to hearing them!

  • Great breakdown. I have a question, what do you think the pool in the back yards symbolizes? Oh wait, I think I got this while typing this. It is blue pool, it is crystal meth… Lol, it's obvious. I remember one scene when Skyler went in the pool, like drowning in it, just as she was felt while being dragged to this crystal meth business. A pink teddy bear in the pool, symbolizes death of innocent because of , Hezenberg's meth business.

  • I love your channel, however I dont think breaking bad is the best tv drama.
    Check out david simons work, the most famous being The Wire. I would love you to review it.
    Also the spin off Better Call Saul is really good.

  • Have you watched Ozark on Netflix ? They have a similar method of foreshadowing at the beginning of each espisode that breaking bad has.

  • The ending to this show is still one of my favorites TV episodes to date. Personally, what I took away from the ending was that with the destructive and violent paths that Walter and Jesse went down (in order to escape their personal demons), they still were never able to change themselves or the lives of those around them in a positive manner. Walt's family was still screwed over in the end, even more so with him being a known fugitive and money being scarce after his death due to his cancer, and Jesse continuing to find himself on the run from his issues, as opposed to facing them and achieving a permanent solution. I saw the finale as a showcase to how, despite their efforts, they could never break the cycle that plagued them from the very beginning of the show. While that may seem depressing, I personally loved the whole idea of being trapped in an endless cycle that cannot be broken, even in death

  • i just stumbled upon your channel today and must say so far I really enjoy the quality and content of the videos so far.They are very informative and well considered in your breakdowns.They make great sense to me as I feel the way you relay the content is almost exactly the way I've seen breaking bad clarified and brought into focus almost lending to a fuller understanding and another dimension of enjoyment and I am reconsidering another viewing of the series as I had almost forgotten how great the show is P.S. keep up the good work

  • Breaking Bad was our favourite show until The Leftovers. If you haven't already, give it a try! The most detailed, emotional and original storytelling on TV

  • Great video! Although I fell out of love with Breaking Bad by the time I finished it mainly because I'm not really interested in overly plot-based storytelling with big showy twists and there were too many fanservice-y "badass" moments over time. I can imagine the hardcore fans cheering Walter on as he bullied Skylar into submission (the show's female characters were rather poor let's face it other than Jane) which is not really how the first half of the show worked. Personally I don't think Breaking Bad is the best drama ever, in fact it's not my favourite AMC drama which would be Mad Men, a show i absolutely love even though it took the odd misstep over its seven seasons but is a good alternative for anyone looking for more subtle, existential and political storytelling.

  • Honestly for the quality and content, this video deserves wayyyy more views and a much bigger BB fan audience! everything is spot on, so much massive spoilers :O

  • Phillip Santan Santana says:

    You are so right about Dean Norris character of Hank in one episode he tells Walt that he wouldn't know a criminal if he were checking him for a hernia.Never missing an opportunity to underestimate Walt.

  • I loved this show, loved the characters, their tragic arcs and inevitable ending were just as well done as they were sad. I cried a little when it ended because I doubt another series like this will ever be made, it was a real masterwork of tv drama. Bravo.

  • The difficult part of watchin' this show is seein' Walt screw up everything because of his ego and selfishness. And I wish Walt embraced his evil more at the end, instead of hangin' on to a semblance of family.

  • Roderick Molasar says:

    That's really what most of us, I propose, are truly after:  the EXPERIENCE of BEING ALIVE. If we can do it within the straight-jacket of conventional morality, legality and ethics, all well and good. Otherwise, we're in for one helluva ride that might stop only with death. But, hey, maybe it'll all have been worth it.

  • Walter White died listeng to baby blue right next to his chemistry lab…I will die listening to baby blue right next to my porn collection.

  • Alejandro del Arco says:

    When you hear the sentence "BrBa is the greatest TV drama ever" after a great and detailed analysis, you just know you gotta subscribe.

  • Euan Macdonald says:

    I always thought that Walter wanted to be like Mike as well. They both even have the same facial hair and both are bald. They also want to leave their money for their children/ grandchildren.

  • in Vegas did life imitate art with tragedy at concert? The last episode of BREAKING BAD wipes out Nazis gang with remote control machine gun , in Vegas so similar it looks bad sad huh?

  • Kaustuv Mohapatra says:

    Hey Jack why don't you extend the breaking bad review into a series of proper analysis… It'll be a Bible of cinematic analysis

  • TheTooginator says:

    It’s interesting how very few people note that Walter achieved his goals in the end:

    1) Ensured his family’s financial future

    2) Kept Jesse alive

    3) Showed his former partners that he (Walter) isn’t a failure

    Walter’s victory was the definition of a Pyrrhic victory: his victory destroyed him and left a wake of destruction. Also, a rational and reasonable person would have simply accepted their fate instead of resorting to an ugly, dangerous and morally repugnant life of crime. Walter’s money didn’t come from nowhere – it came from the massive suffering of poor people and only an idiot wouldn’t know that.

    The genius of Breaking Bad is that Walter was doomed the second he “broke bad”. Once Walter was a criminal, there was a huge disincentive to quit because the money he made could be seized at any time. Also, we see how Walter isn’t the only person who foolishly turned to crime when faced with catastrophe: Ted.

  • I watched this show twice. 2nd time around it was so much better. Definitely one of the top 10 shows of the last 30 years.

  • Walt was always a ticking time bomb. He always had killing within him and it was the feeling of power instead of the neglect and humiliation he had been in for his whole life that inspired him to explode and become Heisenberg

  • Alden Robell De Loyola says:

    I have watched some of your analysis…. You really have the best content in YouTube film critics.. Love the way you explain things

  • Agree!!!
    Having watched and re-watched this stellar series many, many times I am still amazed that there is always something new to discover and enjoy.
    Thank you!!!

  • I think Mike was also incredibly important in Walt's arch. He saw through Walter's bullshit and he couldn't stand that. He always knew what Walter neglected and convinced everybody of not believing, that all he cared about was himself. No matter what he did, he could never get fear, control or even respect out of Mike.

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