Breaking Bad Soundboard

Breaking Bad Soundboard

(Interactive Links below for Mobile Devices) Is this what you’re looking for? Is this what you want? We’ve got it. 99.1 percent. Pure. Uncut. First batch is on the house. Free of… …charge. What are you waiting for? Hank, what the hell? I thought we were family you’re all up in my grill And Hank you… Click it to get it. Jesse please don’t call me bitc- Pick one. We’ve got varieties. Jesse gasoline’s no fun. Don’t be shy. But sometimes gas pumps just malfunction Don’t leave me hanging with my pants down Don’t need to cook one more We can cook up more, I just haven’t got all day. Holly I’m your dad Fine, if you’re not gonna pick i’ll take this somewhere else. See that i’m a bad I’ll pick it for you. This one. This one’s great. It’s good stuff. 99.1 percent. Pure. Blood, meth, and tears… I’m a busy man. Take my business elsewhere. This? This one? DEA what the hell? I thought we were family… Good luck to you. Links in description below for Mobile Devices Share this good stuff with a friend – #posthollywood


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