Breaking Bad: Skyler White, “Nasty Woman”

Breaking Bad: Skyler White, “Nasty Woman”

There was once a show about a man who sold methamphetamine, murdered his enemies and lied to his wife. He threatened her, assaulted her, and stole her baby daughter. “I don’t accept that. You’re my wife.” “I’m not your wife. I’m your hostage.” Of course audiences were overcome with sympathy and righteous anger for this poor woman. Just Kidding — they were not. Some of them absolutely hated her. “I have never hated a TV-show character as much as I hate her,” one person posted about Skyler White. The vitriol even got directed at the actress who plays Skyler, Anna Gunn. She wrote an op-ed for The New York Times which quoted the post: “Can somebody tell me where I can find Anna
Gunn so I can kill her?” So why was Skyler so easy for many to dislike
— and why did she arouse so much anger in some viewers? “For a fired school teacher who cooks crystal
meth, I’d say you’re coming out pretty much ahead.” Let’s take a look at the character’s journey and how the writers of Breaking Bad held a mirror up to us by masterfully manipulating our evolving feelings toward Skyler White. Before we go on, be sure to hit subscribe and click the bell to get notifications on all of our new videos. “Look at that.” “That is veggie bacon, believe it or not. Zero cholesterol and you won’t even taste the difference.” Skyler is the show’s most consistent opposing force to Walter, so the writing set her up as a kind of his
antagonist to frustrate the viewer by getting in Walt’s
way. “I don’t want them dicking you around tonight. You get paid till 5, you work to 5, no later.” In the beginning, we’re led to, on some
level, blame Skyler for how disappointing Walt’s
life is. Her micromanaging juxtaposed with his free-wheeling criminal shenanigans makes her appear petty, even mean-spirited. “Did you use the MasterCard last night? Ah, $15.88 at Staples? Walt, the Matercard’s the one we don’t use.” So this is the portrait of a woman who is so caught up in the minutiae of deadening middle age logistics she can’t even take a break for sex on her husband’s birthday. “Yes, fifty six! Oh!” It feels like Skyler is partly responsible for Walter being the sad, pushover man we
meet, “Surprise!” “Oh, you’re so very late!” So the show uses this starting point of Skyler to sneak up on the viewer. Just one episode in you might find yourself siding with a man who committed murder, while at the same time being annoyed by his wife for being “a nag.” “So right now, what I need is for you to climb down out of my ass. Can you do that? Will you do that for me, honey?” Whereas if we look at the actual facts, this response is hardly fair. The thing Skyler mostly nags Walt about is finding money for his treatment. “Skyler, it’s charity.” “Why do you say that like it’s some kind of dirty word?” And that makes him furious because it reminds
him of his inability to provide for his family. “I don’t like the way you talk about my private affairs.” Unlike Walt, Skyler is not at all prideful. “Got myself a job today.” “As big as you are?” Vince Gilligan, the creator of “Breaking
Bad,” knew Skyler had to be strong-minded and strong-willed from the get go, so that she’d be a worthy opponent for Walt later on. If Skyler were weak and helpless, it would
be harder to get the audience on Walt’s side when he’s mistreating her. “You have to tell me what’s really going on
right now.” “Tell you what?” The lesson here is that it takes two to create the dynamic of any marriage. “Joan Epperman, you know Joan, suddenly has
to go through all these photos and turn them
down, because they show cleavage.” “Did you get enough pancakes, sweetie?” The viewer might subtly blame Skyler for Walt’s sad state, but really Skyler is hurting Walt’s pride not through anything she does, but simply through her very existence. She IS strong and capable, and so he seems LESS so by comparison. “Since you’re scheduled for surgery, I just thought it might be a good idea to have some money coming in.” “Well, Skyler, we need to think about what’s best for the baby.” No one likes the person who says “I told you so,” and in Breaking Bad that person is most often Skyler. “The worst thing you can do is shut me out.” “Apologize!” “People go to prison for this.” She is always right. Like the Virgin Mary, she wears mostly blue, and she’s often seen cradling Holly. Yet the viewer wants Skyler and morality to fail. “If you don’t get out of here right now, I’m going to call the police, and I’m going to tell them everything.” Every time Skyler tries to call the police or convince Walt to stop, many of us are likely thinking: “No, Shut up Skyler, Let him do his thing.” The show from the start is telling us that Skyler is virtuous — she’s right — but it’s also making us dislike her for being virtuous. Because we, like Walt, are so enjoying this path of embracing what’s wrong — that is, breaking bad. The writers throw in a lot of small details that make it easy to dislike Skyler for specifically feminine sins. In early seasons, most of her scenes pointedly see her doing something traditionally linked with feminine vanity
— putting on lotion, taking a bath, brushing her hair. So an impression is built up that Walt is out providing for the family at great personal risk, while Skyler is at home complaining. “So where have you been this time?” And later on Skyler commits more specifically feminine sins — like smoking while pregnant. “Perhaps you might know something about this.” “Perhaps I don’t, Walt. Perhaps I smoked them in a fugue state.” Viewers want to see Walt take risks, be powerful and provide for his family, largely because we’ve been socially conditioned to think of these things as male duties, even male birthrights. “You know why I do this. I want security for my family.” The story is infused with our social assumptions about emasculation and reclaiming lost masculinity
— “You’re gonna man up, or you’re gonna puss
out?” part of what’s happening as Walt become
Heisenberg fits this narrative that he’s finally becoming a “real” man. Meanwhile, Skyler is failing in her role as a “real” woman — by getting in the way of that manhood, and by not embodying supposedly feminine qualities like being submissive, caring and sweet. “Well I tell you what, why don’t you do the grocery shopping, and then you can get whatever you want.” So the writers use our shared gender baggage to manipulate us into some very questionable
identifications that we need to revisit later on as things keep going south. At the same time, this strategy of villainizing
Skyler partially backfired on the writers — because not everyone did revisit why they’d been so quick to blame her. At times, the show made it too easy to glorify Heisenberg-Walt, and those viewers who took it too far — like, um, for example, threatening Anna Gunn
— were seeing no problem with the misogyny underlying that intense resentment for Skyler. “Once again he’ll blame his bitch mother for taking away what his loving father has
given him.” In Season 3, the audience’s dislike of Skyler is expressed through Walter Junior. “Mom, why do you have to be such a, a bitch!” “Hey, hey.” It’s as if the writers decided “Hey, now we’ll show the audience how their dislike of Skyler looks from the outside.” Skyler is doing everything she can to protect her son from finding out about his father’s activities, “I don’t want my son to find out that his father is a criminal. which is also protecting Walt. But Walter junior only sees fault in his mom’s
actions. Even when he gets a version that’s closer
to the truth about his dad, Walter junior reacts with absolutely no judgement for Walter, but only admiration. “Dad, you’re such a stud! How much did you win exactly?” If before Skyler’s hated for being strong, in season 3 she starts getting blamed for being weak and not leaving Walt. But actually, the first thing Skyler does when she learns that Walt sells drugs is find a divorce attorney. “Do you feel you have a good understanding of your husband’s financial situation?” It’s just that getting divorced turns out to be very complicated. Skyler initially has no intention of using Walt’s drug money, but she’s already been unknowingly using it. “Skyler, how do you think we’ve been paying
our bills the last six months?” Then, Hank is attacked by the murderous cousins, and Skyler makes the decision to knowingly use Walt’s money to pay for treatment. “You will take our money. Use it to take care of Hank.” This decision invited a new wave of hate against Skyler, as viewers accused her of being hypocritical. And it does seem Skyler is seduced by the
money. As Saul puts it, “I guess when people see those zeros dance before their eyes, it’s kind of like highway hypnosis.” But Skyler’s hypnosis also mirrors the moment when Walt first sees a similar volume of cash in season one. For both, it’s a turning point, and not for the better, but Walt is often admired by viewers for his desire and ability to earn money. “I’m in the empire business.” So the question remains — why do we blame Skyler for the things we excuse in Walt? The money’s also not the only reason for Skyler’s eventual acquiescence to Walt. For most of season 3, She’s unwillingly forced to interact with him, because he literally refuses to leave. Walt breaks into their home, “We can’t arrest a man for breaking into
his own house.” but when she tries to call the cops of him, this only makes her son angry at her. “You called the cops on dad?” Skyler is completely helpless — a hostage in her own house. And she begins to show clear symptoms of Stockholm Syndrome. “We have a history. He’s the father of my children, and maybe what he did, he –” “He did it for the family. Right?” And eventually she falls into the same trap that Walt does in Season One — the trap of believing her own lies. “I think that — he earned it gambling. Walt and I, uh — we’ve had our problems lately. You know that. And, uh, what it all came down to really was money. For better or worse, he wanted to provide.” But these lies aren’t hypocrisy; they’re self-preservation — she’s trying to make an unliveable situation
livable. “Someone has to protect this family from the
man who protects this family.” Season 4 Skyler is in full-blown accomplice
mode, and not surprisingly, she’s really good at
it. “If you’re gonna launder money, Walt, at least do it right.” She manipulates Bogdan into agreeing to sell the car wash. “He’ll call. Ahem. Just wait.” She’s so thorough that she prints out an entire
script to make sure that their gambling story holds up for Hank. “The next logical question Hank will probably
ask is: ‘Where are you getting the money?’ To which I’ll say: ‘We want to tell you the whole story, it’s a doozy, so hold on to your hats.'” But when Hank compliments Gale Botticher, Walt almost undoes the cover up Skyler’s worked
on, just because his professional pride is wounded. “Genius? Not so much. To my eye, all this brilliance looks like
nothing more than just simple rote copying, probably of someone else’s work.” So Skyler turns out to be better at Walt’s game than he is. “How did Hank find out?” “It was me. I screwed up.” Skyler’s altercation with Ted Beneke repeats this same situation. Skyler provides Ted the money he needs to pay the IRS, but he immediately spends it on flashy purchases. “Three hours after leaving my office.” “He bought a Mercedes SL550.” While all of Skyler’s actions are calculated to help herself and others, the men in her life are primarily occupied with their own self-image. “So buying that car? That was protecting your family?” At every turn, Skyler has to navigate the
prejudice, unfairness and at times idiocy of a world that is built to accommodate men with big, fragile egos. At the end of Season 4, Skyler comes to know
firsthand that Walt is more than capable of murder. “You’re gonna show some kind of mild relief that I’m alive?” “I am relieved, Walt. And scared.” “Scared of what?” “You.” “Say hello to my little friend!” For those who are still wondering why she doesn’t go to the police at this point
— the answer is pretty obvious. “All I can do is wait.” “Waiting for what? What are you waiting for?” “For the cancer to come back.” Because of the Breaking Bad tone, the circumstances of Skyler’s abuse may feel mythical and slightly comical in
some ways, but the feelings portrayed by Anna Gunn are very real and tragic. “I can’t go to the police, I can’t stop laundering the money, I can’t keep you out of this house, I can’t even keep you out of my bed.” Breaking Bad eventually pushes us to wonder if we might have chosen the wrong side. Anna Gunn wrote that she came to conclude people’s hatred of Skyler had “a lot to do with their own perception of women and wives. Because Skyler didn’t conform to a comfortable
ideal of the archetypical female, she had become a kind of Rorschach test for
society, a measure of our attitudes toward gender.” The way each of us reacted to Skyler may have
said more about us than it did about the character. Yet it became clear that because viewers tended to see Skyler as an obstacle to Walt’s plans, her character inspired sympathy most when Walt did not. The more invested we are in Walt, the more inclined we are to judge Skyler unfairly
— and the more horrified or disillusioned we get with Walt, the more we can acknowledge the terrible life that Skyler’s persevering through. So the writers masterfully played us when it came to this couple — not once, but twice. They gave us a man who was turning irredeemably evil, fast — and somehow they got us on his side and made us stay on his side much longer than seemed possible. And they gave us a woman who was strong, mistreated and trying to keep her family alive. They gave us all the facts, and somehow, we ignored them. “You need to understand–” “If I have to hear one more time that you did this for the family –” “I did it for me.” Hey guys, it’s Susannah and Debra here. Thank you so much for watching. If you’re new here, please subscribe, tell all your friends, and please consider clicking the bells so you get notifications for all of our new
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  • When I watched it I kinda liked Skyler. I always wanted her to not get in Walt's way but I never disliked her, I even felt sorry for her for a lot of the show. I was quite surprised seeing how almost everyone else seemed to hate her

  • Ricardo Gonzalez says:

    The stereotypical bitchy wife to the extreme. My ex wife was just like Skyler, and I was watching Breaking Bad at the time.

  • Both her and her son were just very unlikeable. From the beginning, even before Walter turned bad. She's a "can I talk to your manager" "karen" type. A type of person I never liked that I met a lot when I lived in the suburbs

  • This whole analysis is ridiculously false and over complicated. You make it seem like Walt was this helpless dweeb and Skylar was some saviour. When the reality of why everyone including women root for Walt is we see the truth. Walt was an absolute genius who built Grey Matter, yet out of fear and conflict gave all that up to be this silly domestic family man lol. Skylar was a damn bar tender when they met whos potential ends as a temp data entry girl lmfao. Walt tried to fit in Skylars life and it left him dying, broke, emasculated and hopeless. He then switched it up and decided to spend his last 2 years on his terms forcing her to adapt the way she did him their whole relationship. She crumbled, cried, pouted, cheated, stole, lied, and betrayed. In the end, she paid for her ills just like Walt. No friends, support, in the projects, constantly surveilled, broken. But Walt still found a way to help by blackmailing Gretchen and Elliot to give them his money in form of a donation. Walt has mad flaws but we hate Skylar because she PORTRAYED this innocent virgin mary but was just as bad if not worse than the criminals.

  • Stacktown Legends says:

    Skylar was the worst, most garbage person in breaking bad. he risked his life to make money for his family… she cheats on him and tries to take his family away from him. She should have had his back no matter what… The guy was on death's door step. I must have called her a trash bitch about a thousand times during breaking bad. GREAT actress though.

  • Everyone on Breaking Bad does “something “ that they know is wrong or sinful. It’s that simple because we are ALL sinners and sin is sin we all need Christ to save us.

  • He was broke and had cancer so he decided to sell meth( seasons 1-3)
    She was pregnant and when she find out hes selling meth instead of leaving him she cheated on him (seasons 1-3)

  • He was broke and had cancer so he decided to sell meth( seasons 1-3)
    She was pregnant and when she find out hes selling meth instead of leaving him she cheated on him (seasons 1-3)

  • Well while Walt sacrifices his security and pride to earn money for the family , Skyler is selfish , she talks big but doesn't intend to act on them.. she wants money , she wants love and support and. Man always by her side .. Walt never cheated but Skyler cheating on Walt with her boss.. what was that supposed to proff? Then later when she finds out Walt has earned a lot of money she skips on divorce..

  • Skyler i thought was a perfect wife. She always cared for her husband and son. It is because of walter she just had to play the game to preserve what she had. She had the toughest dilema. For everyone else it was relatively easier to walk away from their wrong doings but for skyler she had so much at stake.

  • Nah I think Skylar was just kind of a bitch lol not as bad as Marie, but what sympathy I would've felt for Skylar at the end was overshadowed by just how much of a bitch she was for the entire series…

    Don't get me wrong, I think Walt was an asshole too lol the only character deserving of sympathy in the entire series imo was Walt Jr

  • When I first watched the show I hated her character but when i re-watched it I realized I loved her. She was literally a hostage to Walt in the later season, where she was just trying to live her life and keeps the house up and running. She just wanted to have a normal and happy life

  • For some reason she was the strongest antagonist in Breaking Bad who persevered in the end probably because she was RIGHT.

  • akshay padmanabhan says:

    Everyone in this series is morally corrupt or evil at times. It’s just degrees to how Walt is different from any of them, we are made to sympathise with him because he faces the genuine troubles a man faces in this society, a dying man at the wrong age of 50 diagnosed with cancer, having no financial couch to protect his family or take care of himself with his meekness which society influenced him all his life. Make no mistake he got what he derived in the end probably, but that does not let skylar go scot free, in today’s world of feminism where women are equal to man and demand opportunity and outcome, she is as much a crook to accept walts idea and go along with it and mind you she cheated on him just as easily as she could, shows she could do whatever she wants]. She could have refused from the start but no, show must go on. So she’s as much culpable or a crook. And she also got rightfully what she deserved as the rest of the characters. The only two who did not deserve anything but suffered were the kids, Walter jr and holly because they don’t know anything their parents did. If you want to measure goodness of skylar, she protected her kids and husband, just as much as Walt would for them. The only part that made us hate or cringe was that once she decided she had to be ambivalent about it. And display such holier than thou crap on Walt to make herself feel better whilst she also took part and did it. So yeah well done Anna Gunn, you gave us an excellent character arc and acting, however people will cringe at your character. That’s just how the way the world works, so ….sorry.

  • Matthew J Canty-Barnes says:

    Honestly? I disliked Skyler because of how she treated Walter when she found out.

    We knew it was risky, but this was the man's dream. To finally come out ahead and she was against it.

  • I have so much respect for Anna Gunn because she made me hate the character Skyler so much. She played that part so well. I hate how controlling she is, I feel like Walt chose his path because of her controlling nature. He pretty much said as much when he said, "I feel like, my entire life, I never got to make my own choices." Paraphrased, of course, but the point remains. I think Walt started out with the intention of actually just making enough money to make sure they were taken care of when he died, but then he grew to love being the bad guy because he never had the power in their relationship. He always had the potential to be a great power, in one way or another, and it was always suppressed by Skyler. So that potential finally boiled over and we're left with Heisenberg.

  • Woody The Pecker says:

    im so sick of ur anti male pro communism rhetoric ushove dnu dont eown our throats every episode. You dont even hide it. i cant anymore ive watched 3 videos and each has the same shit. sorry if u take out the bullshit subversive far left political talking points out ur video ill re sub. when i when I watch shows l like breaking bad i want a get away from that shit.

  • People hate her because she's an assertive woman who doesn't comply with her husband as a fucking 1950's wife would and the world is still a pretty fucking sexist place. That's literally it. She reacts in the show as any normal human being would when finding out that the person you shared the better part of your life with is slowly turning into the worst criminal you have ever seen, yet people feel it's justifiable to hate her just because her role in the story is to be an antagonist to Walt.

  • Sooooo we’re just going to skip over her skylers affair with Beneke??? That was one of the reasons so many of the fans turned against the character. Whatever Walt was, and he was evil and a super villain, he was always faithful to his wife. And the way she drops it on him, “I’m fucking Ted” damn, cold blooded.

  • Lori Grimes was hated from the start as well in TWD. It's what happens to female characters when they are asserting authority over their men and playing a masculine role in the relationship. But the defining trait that really sets off the hate is the fact they cheated. Both situations somewhat justified but it stings to witness the act. Both situations resulted in terrible consequences for the man they cheated with as well.

  • She was by far the least interesting character on the show. And running to a newspaper to whine about the hate is something only a female would do.

  • I just finished my second viewing of the series + El Camino and I honestly did not feel any hate towards Skyler at all, quite the contrary, I liked her. Of course I still wanted Walt to win but he keeps sabotaging himself because of his ego—something that I have overlooked in my first viewing. If anything, I found Marie to be the most annoying, she is by no means normal and had her own set of issues much like Walter.

    In my opinion, Skyler could have been the perfect accomplice to Walter If she really wanted to be in the drug business , she had all the makings minus the ego. Honestly she surprised me with her antics that I never knew she had it in her. She was calculating, she knows how to gain leverage and manipulate people, she can really play the game—except she really doesn’t want to, she just wanted a normal life and being dragged to a situation like that, I think any sane person would be rattled; and I think ever since she found out about Walts business she’s been on survival mode.

  • Ethan Westerfield says:

    I realize that by writing this comment I'm basically inviting every man with a low self esteem and access to an internet connection to harass the hell out of me, but fuck it, I have thoughts. I really think a lot of the Skyler hate comes from a place of deep rooted misogyny. Now, I'm not gonna pretend that she's some bastion of goodness and purity, she does plenty of immoral and even reprehensible things. My thing is though, so does everyone else in the show and you don't see nearly as much if any hate leveled towards them. I mean for hell's sake Walt poisons a literal child just so he can further manipulate Jesse. I think a big part of it is that a lot of men can see part of themselves in Walt and it does make you want to root for him even when he's doing awful things. Meanwhile, Skyler does have that holier than thou attitude to her a lot of the time which gets under a lot of people's skin, mine included.
    Where it gets really interesting for me though is when you look at the reasons a lot of people say that they hate Skyler is usually boils down to a couple things.
    – She had an affair with Ted
    – She gave a large chunk of Walt's money to Ted without talking to Walt
    – The whole Ted thing in general basically
    – Her controlling nature
    – Finding her to be annoying and or a bitch
    In regards to the Ted thing, I agree somewhat. She handled it poorly and caused a great deal of problems for herself and Walt. My point is simply what I said above, is Skyler having an affair and making a number a very regrettable but well intentioned decisions to hide the money laundering really deserving of the levels of hate often reserved for Todd, Jack, or Lydia? I'll be honest, I would certainly hope not, and yet… I think a lot of it has to do with the idea of a woman cheating or taking dramatic actions outside of her partner's knowledge REALLY riles up men with a weak sense of self. This is not so say that doing either of those things is acceptable or healthy behavior in any way, but come on y'all.
    With the controlling thing, I have to see that as a very weak argument. Walt engages in the exact same toxic controlling behavior from season 2 and on. Again, my point is not to say that the behavior is ok, I'm just saying that if people want to demonize that one facet of Skyler's personality and still hold up the claim that it isn't a misogyny thing then I say you need to have Walt just as much.
    As for the last thing, I almost don't want to take the time to explain how dismissing a strong willed woman as a "bitch" is a very narrow minded and foolish argument. You know what, fuck it, I won't. If that's your sole reason for hating her then buddy, seriously, get some therapy.
    To conclude, much of the vitriol cast Skyler's way probably isn't entirely warranted and is likely a reaction of men who are made extremely uncomfortable by the type of woman Skyler is. Not knowing how to engage in a discussion with these uncomfortable emotions they lash out at the character and even the actress. If you've read all of this then for one thing, you're a saint. If your blood is currently boiling and you're preparing a comment that will no doubt make use of some amazingly colorful language, I simply ask that you wait 30 minutes and cool down. Seriously think about what I've talked about above and if you really are interested in talking with me about this interpretation I warmly invite you to do so. I will not engage anyone not taking that approach, so don't waste your time.
    Again, thank you for reading my 4:30 am essay on undeserved Skyler White hate. Y'all stay hydrated!

  • she is a money grabbing gold digger whore who is the definition of feminism today if women want equal rights men can fight Women no more child support no more favouring the mother in cases of who gets the kids she kicked out Walt from the house he paid for cheated on him gave the money Walt earned to the man she had affair with if Walt was a drug dealer from the hood she be dead trust me I hate her more then any tv character good writing she stabbed Walt she she said my bed she didn’t pay for that bed she live the house pay for your own shit man gold digger bitch lick of her bludclart head fuck her

  • liງhtຊคrt - Graphic Artist says:

    She criticize Walt for Smoking but then smoking during Pragnancy, at the intervention she says everbody should talk free and then being angry because notr everbody is her opinion (So you should not talk if you are not on her side) , she doesent believe walter anything for no reason at all (even being mad at him for being away a few days (walt ends naked at shop)). Constantly Bitching around …. unlikeable character

  • H.P Alternativeproduction says:

    4:35 that’s really incorrect skyler “warnings” aren’t I told yah so.. even tho some not all of them are very good warnings skyler never warned Walter about something And THEN it happen more like she brags after stuff happens.
    Meaning she ain’t the one who said I told yah so
    But the one who tells him I told yah so.

    Walter is an egotistical bad decision maker and he is a bad liar..
    If he were more apathetic to skyler she wouldn’t even be suspicious to him of course.

    Here is the real reason why we skyler is because-her identity is based on bragging about things that don’t happened or already did happened, she is overly defensive and offensive too.

    And a lot of people including me cannot tolerate that in a person.
    I be real she is reminds me of my mom really when she is overly bragging about nothing.
    And in the start of the shows her intentions were kinda obsolete.

    That’s all there is to it really
    There’s nothing to do with skyler being independent which Walter is obviously truly believes she isn’t.
    And I don’t know how to comment on that if she is or isn’t but for a whole family alone she wouldn’t be able to provide really.

    That’s why if Walt actually cared about his family he would work at grey matter no matter how much he doesn’t like Eliot and thinks it’s a charity.

  • Samsaranian Supreme says:

    Walter: dosent help Jessie's choking girlfriend, puts a small kid in the hospital, dosen't care about another kid being shot dead, orders the murder of men in prison, brings a bomb into a hospital, threatens the lives of people around him.

    Audience: skyler is a piece of shit

  • Blackpilled Saint says:

    Walter White is inherently a traditional man. Skyler is a post modern goody two shoes ungrateful feminist. They were never compatible for each other.

  • Shadow Of Light says:

    The only thing I don’t like about Skylar is how she SPOILER ALERT

    Cut Walter’s hand at the end; despite not physically threatening her at all. She was always in the right

  • Dimitry Mohhamed says:

    Talk about the Ted'a affair so and all this video will be bullshit there Is no turning point to make a whole video about Skyler White the worst wife in a TV series

  • Clondyke Productions says:

    Why does this always have to be made about feminism and 'misogyny'? I never truly hated her or agree with everything Walt did but I definitely found her and her behaviour incredibly annoying and bitchy and really petty, which is why I loved Walt's 'climb out of my ass' comment so much. But I of course totally understood why she behaved and acted the way she did in response to Walt's actions. Otherwise the thing with Walt is that you knew why Walt made some of the decisions he did even though some of those ended up being murder, but you could still condemn his behaviour when it really was flat out outrageous, like when you first find out he actually did poison Brock. Now as for my take on this video I do agree that only the most mental people can actually want to kill an actor simply for a playing a character they didn't like, I don't agree that we've been brainwashed into misogyny and to glorify Walt's violent actions, I wouldn't say it was necessarily black and white as that, granted it is written in a way where Walk obviously being the protagonist you're of course gonna be getting much of everything from his perspective and because you will generally tend to root for the protagonist you will tend to oppose anyone who gets in their way, only there are certain points where Walt would take action in ways we wouldn't normally ever replicate because of how we know better and wouldn't want to risk getting into trouble, but where we enjoy him taking those actions because he's essentially giving 'the man' a great big middle finger and that is generally a good feeling.

  • I’ve always hated skyler, she was always a bitch to everyone ever since the beginning, but going after the actress for playing a part well is ridiculous

  • Skylar is the type of woman I wish to never cross paths with. She put up with Teds “cooked books” but not with Walts “cooked meth” wtf??!

  • RCU&HYLICSTDCO Thereviewdude says:

    We didnt like her not because she opposed walt but because she was to weak to turn him in. She made all the wrong decisions. When Walt was relatively moral in the beggining she took a hard stance against him. When he started murdering people she decided to side with him. She took the wrong side every time.

  • Shes a stupid Hoe and resembles perfectly why a man a real man should never get married ofc woman whitewashing her stupid behaivour

  • The Correct Spelling of Skilful says:

    The hate for Skyler, I could understand in Seasons 1 & 2 where she was always looking like a glazed doughnut. But the moment she challenged Walt on his activities at the end of season 2, learned the truth, reacted to the truth, evaluated the truth and finally decided to take the dark road and assist Walt in hiding the truth, all by her own volition, she blossomed as a character and became intriguing.

  • SKYLAR smoked during her pregnancy with Walt Jr and caused his cerebral palsy AND Walts lung cancer through second hand smoke!

  • i almost see her like geoffry from game of thrones.
    that being said, i think that although they meant to do that in the first season by putting her into opposition to the protagonist, she is clearly a good person, at least she is trying to be. she doesnt WANT to use the blood money, the drug money. however. sometimes you have to make the wrong choice for the right reasons. and it seems like she didnt do this because she wanted to. she wanted to help her brother.
    i think i had the wrong idea on skyler. thank you.

  • This video tip-toed around her fucking her boss which was the main slap in the face to walt and the point that she lost all credibility. What a strong woman..

  • Kind of ironic that this video criticizing toxic males ends with two females so cutely demanding that I support them on Patreon…

  • Skyler wanted walt to sign the divorce papers
    Walt signs divorce papers
    Skyler refuses to hand in divorce papers and chooses to get involved with walts business

    Skyler ends up being a miserable little nag and yet still claims to be walts prisoner when she clearly had the opportunity to leave walt but she didn't, she chose to involve herself in his business and done all this extra stuff like buying a car wash she even gave walts money to her fucking boss to pay his debts but he ends up buying a fucking Mercedes this woman is a complete waste of space

  • Michael Caldwell says:

    It's the fact that she looks at Walters a horrible human being, which he was, and acts as if she is a victim. She threw it in his face that he was a criminal while knowingly sleeping with the man, who is committing fraud. She is just like Walt, justifying their bad behavior for a "greater" outcome

  • I definitely agree that Skyler is a fantastically written character and the actress did a marvelous job portraying her; however, I don't think my strong dislike towards the character had anything to do with gender. Imagine the genders were reversed in this situation. You would have still hated the bitter and negative goodie-toe-shoes spouse who doesn't believe in their partner. From episode 1, she talks down to Walt like hes a crippled old man who's past his prime. She never congratulates him or supports him. She knows how to manipulate people BETTER than Walt does. It's got absolutely nothing to do with gender roles, in my opinion.

  • Menames Nstheboss says:

    Watching breaking bad right now and I fucking hate the bitch, just how she gets all jealous because she loses the argument fucking horrible bitch

  • Commander Pinochet says:

    I like how you left out the fact that she cucked him and then she gave HIS money to her lover and then you only brought it up as a positive of how strong and effective she is you filth.

  • Wow another feminist, none-sense talking YouTube channel. It’s amazing that you can turn a simple and interesting topic of discussion into a political rant about womens gender roles, and oppressive men. It’s not “Stockholm syndrome” to love your husband through thick and thin, that’s what you vow to do on your wedding day, through sickness and in health, this is what gives marriage meaning and value, if actually practiced. Also a woman “assuming her womanly role” and a man assuming his “masculine role” has nothing to do with Skyler being a control freak who emasculates her husband every chance she gets. I’m gonna shatter your glass ceiling right now in these next few sentences. Skyler chose to be a house wife. She chose to stay home and take care of the household, her husband, son, and daughter. She chose to fill a womanly role. She also chose to fill the role of her husband, she was both masculine and feminine. The only thing Walt felt he brought to the table was a small amount of income, nothing more. The constant lack of support for anyone who disagrees with her or her methods, her “I am better and smarter than you” in your face, liberal attitude, is what pissed people off about her character. It’s also probably why people hate her actress, she blames people hating Skyler on the fact that Skyler is a women that is not trained to play fetch. Dumbest thing I have ever heard. The reason people hate her character is because she is just a mean, controlling, bully. It’s also none stop, there are no sweet loving moments between her and Walt at all. If it wasn’t for Anna Gunns dumb response on why people hate Skyler, I would actually applaud her performance in saying that she did exactly what she was supposed to do, she made her audience feel something, even though it’s anger, it’s a genuine emotion to a fictional story, she succeeded as an actress and should be proud of that. Lastly I’ll say this, when did we get lost with the notion of feminism? There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a house wife. There is nothing more rewarding then supporting the people in your life whom you love more than your self. Allowing each partner to take on the role of their choosing and sticking to one role allows both people to have a sense of purpose. It lets each person in the relationship bring something important to the table that will give both parties a sense of accomplishment each and every day. When people like you make videos downplaying the immensely important responsibilities of cooking, cleaning, groceries shopping, loving your family, budgeting, and all other household responsibilities that come with being a family care giver. You unknowingly make every genuine feminist, genuinely strong women, feel inadequate. A feminist is not a women who acts like an asshole with no respect for anyone especially her self. A feminist is a strong (mentally) women who knows who she is, is proud to be a women, is proud of the things that makes her a women, and is equal to men with her ability to chose her own destiny. So in conclusion, keep politics out of your videos, no one cares, everyone cringes, we’re all sick of this shit, have a nice day.

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