Breaking Bad | Long Interview | TimesTalks

Breaking Bad | Long Interview | TimesTalks

mmm him mmm I can confirm that there are people out
there and possibly even up on the stage right
now who are genuinely depressed about breaking bad ending in a couple
months there’ll be no more that left I imagine that you could probably have kept it going for a couple
more seasons if if given the opportunity I mean why why now I really add creatively I I am one of the people who
stood who who is depressed that this that the show
is over because these wonderful people here who a you know we’ve we don’t see each other
that often these days accept events like this which and his
answer wonderful so for for personal reasons I I am I am very sorry it’s over but
creatively everything has its every story has its
beginning middle and an end in particular when historically television shows are
designed to be indefinite in there storytelling
capacity their desire to go on forever most to them this one by its
from its very a conception was not it was not designed
to to go on forever and it needed to and and so creatively I
haven’t despite wonderful feelings love love love and respect for the show that
that we are very blessed to get I don’t feel like creatively that we’re
in it to some we had some time now to to not be Walter White anymore it did
you fall but why yet yeah you miss the guy asking I’m
back into your day-to-day life in any way is the the greatest character of my
career I don’t think anticipate being able to play someone so rich in
deepened varied those the spectrum of emotions
that Walter White can justifiably play are uncanny it’s just it’s a playground for an actor
and a.m. I I’m I i’m so grateful for but I agree with Vince I
think we came to a natural landing and it’s time to let although the always
be water weight and a Heisenberg inside me I and I i I whenever I need to bring
them out yeah while would you like to see tonight yeah a but its its you know it’s funny because
it I don’t want it to sound flippant but but as actors were sort have used to
having sort of shallow roots that we make intimate relationships and
then we know it’s coming to an end and we pull out
the tree and we find another place to plant it
and we plant the tree and it grows roots in WI we meet other friends and people that we
love to work with them and at some its kind have been that way and so while we have all hold up the
roots arm I don’t think the a I don’t think we’ll ever will inexorably
tied to each other because a Breaking Bad and that’s that’s
a lovely thing to have I think I think die-hard Breaking Bad
fans already know this but the the character Jesse Pinkman was not
planned this really be a long-term presence on the show ever stop what the
heck I never showed Breaking Bad have been with Jesse yeah vans yeah damn fine program do I oh yeah and I of 0 I i can imagine what are you to
tell a story about wanna take you for a ride yeah I mean you know when I was a hired to play Jesse Pinkman on Breaking Bad I
had no idea the a national plan that a a he was gonna meet his demise towards the
end of the first season on I was really your page too to networks right yeah I the archive the
first season my character would bring what why into
the dry world and then he would die in some horrific death a and then yeah it would lead Walter
White going after you know revenge yeah to avenge my death %uh but data decided to kinda go a different route
thank God I god oh and that’s all I needed yeah so I would say things like for my god oh
my god II your Justin Timberlake really love
the show a good idea yeah comes on the show kills Jesse and then takes over and then we spar and erlich fuckin now this all in all other Brian would mess with
me throughout the in tire series I’m and I’m member in the
middle halfway through the second season Brian
came up to me which is such a serious look on his face for said gave you this big hug am i everybody goes man but great on a I tested these did you read the the next
episode and I said no and then he looks at me
and goes gives me another hugs just just read its its fine just his walks off klaas Louis shit yes he’s diahann so I and so I go get the next
episode and he was just lying Sather gonna lots that way but if there’s a another
iconic scene at the UN Brian created together it’s perhaps the
one that will be quoted for time immemorial issues the
you know I am the one who knocks yeah scene I’m
sure you’ll be asked about this in every public setting go to this week but could
you guys talk a little bit about the creation of that have them see the
the seeds but you planted between Skyler and Walt as a couple that actually lead it leads directly I
think to that seen the the nature of their
relationship and the pilot she’s she’s trying to control things because that’s what she knows to do as a
human being she tries to control into chaos she
tries to control things because it gives her a sense of order
and it makes her feel better as a human being that’s how she orders her life
that makes she’s not an emotional person she’s a
tightly held person and he’s finally saying you don’t control me I’m not controlled
by anybody especially you you don’t understand who
you’re dealing with and I think that their its I can follow that line directly from
the pilot all the way to that seen and I saw that like a flash the other
night nice and it was really really interesting to see that the the other fun thing for me in that
same a the way you guys played at the way it
was written and directed is that at the moment were you give what is
arguably and you never know the stuff I advance you know we cannot come apart
in hindsight but in that moment you give one of those archetypal lines are the series I am the
danger I am the one who knocks your character wise you’re you’re at you want
your lowest ebbs power wise because a gust gestapo
fraying has just got you over a barrel at that
point which is which is what what I I love about the the way that
seems was constructed yeah I know you would but the way you
play it you like I believe this guy is a badass but but in the context at the moment
hadaka matter that’s n7 security yeah he had at that moment yeah to try
to get something back yeah their back from your wife if not
from a guy yeah who were threatens the your life
will hold that in this area yeah coming to their case to be made
especially as the show’s remand entering its home stretch I mean its its a story
almost as much about hank as it is walter is a story about at a man’s redemption as much as it was
about a man’s corruption yeah I mean I think I saw the
the count the parallel or the opposite track kinda started developing between Walter
White Hankin now you know what side you have said this
before but he he’s he’s he’s the only guy on the show who who you know is not corrupted and it was it
was an odd I’m position to be in the show called
Breaking Bad when he’s the only guy who who who
didn’t break bad you know and I harken back to when I
unfortunately had to be there this young man yeah I bet he beat me up
idea but then I would feel sorry about it and I and idea yeah he felt bad about it
needed a lie about it he could have lied about it then we want them to lie about
it to get away with the name his wife this one here yeah klepto Kathy here cough cough cough everybody has brought I know yeah I’m in
different ways we were sent without charge it was a it was a it was a it was
a great guy and was promised Times nyse: episode that he wrote this
great great great speech with Hank just saying you know i i cant do it and I’ll ago and then and a and I’ll accept the
consequences for for for the for my actions you know and
I was it was a love you 3i love our it was a great yeah
I was really cuz i wouldnt it really was written so we couldn’t cry
but every time I read the lines that I’m just a man you know I’m I don’t think a bit cut out to be a
adopt through any more than just I could take almost couldn’t do without
tearing up even on the time if not spit because the lines were so powerful by
time you got there he said the universe is trying he there’s a long speech and
if I said the universe is trying to tell me something on this I’m not the man I thought I was you know
it’s really hard thing to say for any anybody it let alone hey you
know and I thought that was that his is his
corner kinda stayed through the next couple couple seasons you know as Murray who you know I mean she is one
in the morn troubled characters in which is also
only say that I but also she’s me made herself very
endearing and what is it like to be that that
person for a little while temporarily I will you know even when
she’s cuz she can be a huge pain in the ass
and I but I just left her from the beginning
and I will empty you left her fence I because you always
did not always stick up for her and and I just loved her and but I love
their I love her flaws and it’s so fun to play and right now I’m I’m I my new show I I play a character much more like me
then anyone I’ve ever played in Murray was so different and try to
think there’s not neem as me in there but was so fun to do that
i mean the psych purple loving freak I who would also at times be the only
voice reason I’m on these really smart people who
purchased ike as I was like huh wake you you know and I i loved her for that and
have loved that she would surprise me you know the huge scene for me know I’ve
talked about this before was the intervention scene when we shot dead
in season one with like Sachin watershed moment you know just for me in in the show to
Remi seem cool all these people were and how
they were to each other and and be surprised by my character in all of them and really see you know I
just I saw I saw this I saw the show just being amazing in going on for like 585
long think I think why audiences connected to two
breaking bad I mean it premiered you know in the midst of a really harsh
a you know economic downturn in the it you know people not only found it
possible that somebody could be in his dire circumstances as walter is but they the connected to it they want to root
for him in in a weird way I i honest to god I was not thinking
that much in terms of the terrible times we want their star
and was it 2008 my doll I want to share yeah II was I was not
really the thinking and and there is nothing
political I had in mind I just I just want to Telstra but this
one to me very interesting man a and I what I was worried about the early
days was was that people would not engage with him that we would be able to set
the hook as it were because he wouldn’t be likable enough
because you know I know going into the skies gonna be cooking Crystal Method what the
hell is worse that Maddon it destroys whole
communities is really not anythink good to be said about the
crystal math and so one of the reasons I want to work
with Brian again you now starting with you know the
characters the guy doing all this bad stuff is that I knew we had the acting chops but
also I also knew he had this basic underlying humanity that just comes through it kinda beams out his eyes are
his is is expression on a word comes from but
you root for this guy it and i learn our index fell episode
where he played a real villain who nonetheless you felt sorry for
dinner at all so that for season I really front-loaded you know get Brian
playing the part you know array a lot of economic
hardships against him do everything I could from a writer’s perspective from a
mechanical storyteller perspective to make us worry for this guy and then as
he got worse and worse the character get darker darker and then
made more more questionable choices I thought well hopefully the hook is set now
people keep watching even though they won’t like him as much
even though they want sympathizers much won’t be whole you now up to that number
up so do you guys have seen how 50 E 6 50-54 up so the amp I people are still room for this can
only really serious I have no voice you hear about me so much but the
you know but if if thats if you’d still they gonna I
mean I want you to be interested in him but II would not have guessed the
character nothing to a prime but but everything to
do with the choices the characters made I would have guessed at this point he with black sympathize ability a but meh not sell for a great number
viewers mmm them


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