Breaking Bad Hidden Details You Probably Missed | Netflix

Breaking Bad Hidden Details You Probably Missed | Netflix

– [Narrator] It’s been six
whole years since the finale of Breaking Bad aired and we still can’t stop thinking about it. It was the obsessive attention to detail that catapulted the show
to the history books as one of the greatest of all time. – Say my name. – [Narrator] Every detail in Breaking Bad is intentional but they
can be easy to overlook if you’ve only watched through once. So why don’t we take a look
at some of the hidden details of Breaking Bad that
you might have missed. In an interview wit GQ, show creator, Vince Gilligan, said “I obsess a great deal more than I should “over those details, I
sweat the small stuff.” It’s clear that Vince and team
always had a complete vision of the shows story from start to finish and that is particularly evident in the use of foreshadowing. Breaking Bad is stuffed full
of clues that give hints for what’s to come. For example, remember these intro teasers scattered throughout season two? We now know that it was the
debris from the Wayfarer 515 crash in the season finale, even if at the time we had no idea what this pink teddy bear was but the clues were always there. The teasers kick off episodes
one, four, 10 and 13, titled Seven Thirty Seven,
Down, Over and ABQ respectively, combine them and we’d know
exactly what was going to happen. (explosion overhead) Not all of the foreshadowing
was quite as cryptic though, the shows cinematography prepares us for eventually character
and plots developments. These include hinting at Walt’s future with Tuco’s perfectly fitting grill, and with a carefully place
bullet hole in Walt’s reflection, as well as the white
king on the chessboard in Ozymandias being
dangerously close to checkmate. Here’s a dark example for you, in the season two episode titled Phoenix, Walt turns over his
newborn daughter, Holly, just in case she spits up. – Just in case she decides
to do a little spit up, we’ll roll up and nice,
clean towel like this and put it under. – [Narrator] Well, later
in the same episode, when faced with a similar
situation with Jane, he makes a very different choice. (Jane choking) Much of the foreshadowing
has been confirmed by Vince Gilligan but eagle eyed fans think they’ve spotted more. Take this shot, Saul
Goodman’s license plate which usually reads as lawyer up, is partially obscured by Walt and Jesse, now it reads wire up. Can you guess what happened next? – But you’re here for answers, okay? But don’t push the questions, okay, let’s not get him
suspicious, all right? – [Narrator] This scene from season two, where Walt and Jesse are
stranded out in the desert has also sparked speculation from fans. – What are we building? – You said it yourself. – A robot? – A battery. – [Narrator] Well, it turns
out in the series finale, Walt kind of does build
a robot to get themselves out of another sticky situation. (car alarm beeps) (machine gun fires) It’s just just foreshadowing
that shows us how intentional Breaking Bad is with details though, the shows use of symmetry
demonstrates the progression of plot and character. Let’s start at the beginning with Walt and Jesse’s
first meeting in the show. – [Walt] Hey, it’s me, I’m alone. – [Narrator] And now, the last time they ever see each other. The parallels are clear between the shots and allow us to reminisce about how far these characters have come. This is particularly evident with Jesse, throughout the show, he’s
always the passenger, that is, until the series finale, when he finally breaks
free and becomes the driver of his own destiny. (Jesse laughing) That’s not the only reflective
shot in the finale though, the final shot of Breaking Bad shows us the death of
Heisenberg the drug lord and echos a shot in season four where the Walter White we knew
is consumed by Heisenberg. We also get a call back
to the very first shot later in the series. Walt’s trousers flying through the air is now an iconic image, where did they go? Well, look closely. ♪ Take my true love by her hand ♪ ♪ Lead her through the town ♪ (track rewinds) ♪ Love by her hand ♪ ♪ Lead her through the town ♪ This one is really great, if Skyler’s reaction to her legal trouble seems familiar to you,
that’s because it is. (muffled speaking) – Is she even listening? – [Narrator] It’s almost an exact replica of Walt receiving his cancer
diagnosis in the pilot. (muffled speaking) – [Doctor] Mr. White? – Yes. – [Narrator] What about this shot of Walt sitting by the pool with his son. – [Walt] Should of brought our suits, huh? – [Narrator] It feels like
we might have seen it before. Breaking Bad is a visually orientated show and many of the hidden details are a result of carefully
planned production design. Clothing, in particular, gives us insight in to character progression. In the first couple of seasons, Walt goes from wearing
brighter colors such a beige and green to dark browns and black, reflecting his increasingly
dark actions and state of mind. This is also the same
with Skyler and Hank, who moved to darker colors from blue and orange respectively. Not Marie though, she
just really loves purple. Details are also hidden in various props. In the final episode, the camera lingers on this
New Hampshire license plate and it’s state motto, live free or die. This tells us the outcome
of the two main characters at the end of episode, one lives free, while the
other, well, you know the rest. This one is extremely meta, notice anything about this shot? Yep, that’s right, it’s the shows logo based on the elements
in the periodic table hiding in plain sight. And here it is again. The shows final episode has been subject to much of the search for hidden details. It’s called Felina, which besides being an anagram for finale, is also the subject for a song
at the start of the episode. As Walt drives back to New Mexico, he listens to a song called
“El Paso” by Marty Robbins. ♪ And at last here I am on the hill ♪ It tells of a man who returns to the town where he is a wanted man to find the woman he loves called Felina. If that wasn’t obscure enough for you, the coordinates of the spot
that Walt buries the money are actually those of Q Studios
in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where the show was filmed. – 34, 59, 20, 106, 36, 52,
34, 59, 20, 106, 36, 52. – [Narrator] I think we
have time for one more. There’s a theory that
Walt picks up the traits of every person in the
series that he kills and this is certainly
backed up in the details. There’s the crustless
sandwiches from Krazy-8, – [Woman] We’re going
to take a little time out of our schedule to gather in the gym. – [Narrator] The vomiting ritual from Gus, and his changed taste in drinks from Mike. – Uh, another round for him
and I’ll have the same, no ice. – Rocks, right? – Rocks, yes. – [Narrator] He even straight
up takes some lines from Mike. – Do yourself a favor and learn
to take yes for an answer. – Trust me, if you do this– – Lydia, learn to take yes for an answer. – [Narrator] Well, that’s a lot to process and we haven’t even scratched the surface. There’s a reason we’re all
so obsessed with Breaking Bad to this day, these hidden
details are truly the gift that keeps on giving. Vince and team, we salute you. – You’re goddamn right! (gentle upbeat music)


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