Breaking Bad (Gjenskaping av en scene) (Skoleprosjekt)

Breaking Bad (Gjenskaping av en scene) (Skoleprosjekt)

You’re buying the wrong matches. – What? – Those matches. They’re the wrong kind. Red phosphorous is found in the striker strips… …not in the matches themselves. You need to get the big 200-count
box of individual matchbooks. More striker strips. You understand? Those only have the one. And don’t buy everything in one place. Do it piecemeal. Different items, different stores. Attracts less attention. Are you following me here? (Runs away, scared) (Chuckles) ♬ Tv On The Radio – DLZ ♬ – You didn’t buy my stuff?
– No, I didn’t. We don’t have time for this. Hey, there he is. That’s the guy. Stay out of my territory. (Walter White, breaking bad by the minute…) (Drives off) {Executive Producers:
Charlie Eikås, Nicolai Winther,
Jessica Buhendua, Margaret Flo} [Captions added by Nicolai Winther]


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