Breaking Bad Extras - The Main Event

Breaking Bad Extras – The Main Event

let's have a Dean Community Market place your hands behind your your head I think you might wanna get him a little closer so you're gonna have him walk back a little bit all right walk back a little bit be careful when we knew we were gonna have this shootout in episode 513 that would ultimately lead to poor Hanks demise and poor Gomez's demise as well very early on I did my best to ensure that Michelle Maclaren would get to direct that particular episode actually today we are at Taj Lee and today is the day that Hanks finally arrest Walt hey Mark good luck everybody three for Bryan and action come ahead Brian when Walt comes here at Walt think so jesse is found his money somehow and he's burning it and Walt thinks that Jesse's coming but the last thing in the world that he thinks is that the backups gonna be Hank and Gomez and it is devastating the betrayal from Jesse you know he's equally here culpable in every single event that he's playing with the cops now it's so mind-boggling to me that these two would be together they face off between the Walt and Hank has been at the center of the story and this is where it ends stop turn around well you know anyone's coming and I knew from the beginning of the season the you know Vince sat me down and kind of explained the arc the thing about it is they allow Hank to catch him because Hank says all I'm gonna do is slap the handcuffs on him and he does so in a way his life dead meaning in a way because he did what he hid the goal that he wanted to do Walter White the right to remain silent anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law and then you know he makes a phone call to his wife which Hank should never do because it always leads to shooting and getting bad stuff every time he calls his wife not that I wanted your character to go but I was I was happy with how they did it yeah oh it was like it was do Hank yeah Hank that we love and respect and count on there's a great way to go it was do him yeah action ed who the hell is this tribal police Jack and his guys pull up and they all pull out their guns and man Hank and Gomez road man and in that moment Hank he knows he's done is he's done for but he's not gonna go down without it without trying and he's not gonna go down quietly you're gonna start firing though as you're moving in so you're in pain and then you're gonna go quickly six Nazis and Hank and Gomez we had eight people firing gun we had automatic rifles we had machine guns we had made ton a ton of ammunition and you cannot do something like this without a great weapons expert because first and foremost it's about safety everybody it's burst right not a pulse is staying last week I took the actors to weapons training basically go through trills with them through what their scene is gonna be kind of incorporates the kind of true realistic what is actually happening with the blanks so it kind of shows a a recognition of the safety that actually has to be maintained with it when you're firing at human beings even though it doesn't have a bullet it still has gunpowder and discharge and compression and all this kind of thing that we learned about if somebody within 10 feet they can get injured from the wadding that comes out of those things more than even the injections of the shells I got other actors that are to my right you know so we had to line it up where I keep the gun in this position so the casings don't go hitting them in the face of the eye as they're bouncing off the roof of the truck when we're unloading on this is just what you want this is the gun to watch right here Kenny's gun I mean it's called a 8:12 it's fully automatic shotgun so if you just hold that trigger down it's buh buh buh buh buh buh buh boom each one of this gun shell just coming out dead we're fuckin dead the power partners there they have that automatic shot we're gonna blow gun out gunfight burst your shotgun try to milk it out a little bit they don't want it to make it look like a massacre we should have picked different guns nothing more exciting on setting out guns Kenny alright we're gonna give Kenny a vigil it means he's gonna look at you he's little glance like you're doing very subtle and then he fires the first shot than you guys all that looks okay with budget and schedule reasons the final version of the script was basically at the moment boom boom boom the firing starts cut the black and and said that Michelle Maclaren could not quite contain herself and she wound up getting quite an amazing shootout feel the excitement how does that feel you guys we said that was like three Red Bulls little growling what the fuck man that stuff man you just duck yeah had a gun range next to my house not a pot of coffee I'd go right yeah shoot a couple off all day that'll wake you up it'll wake you up in the morning for sure it was the gun fight created a wound I might the banned the holder part of my watch band broke so I'm a casualty as well how many takes do they get as many as we like ammo what about it right right I didn't know how many nights do you like it before I go down should we get one not see at least trying it on if you like you pull the trigger great you bring some wine show up though I break some windshields it should they're dust balls we're firing on the ground to simulate the bullets ricocheting from their weapons in front of camera all right and everybody hear my voice anyone that doesn't have to be next to am and operated camera must be in a safety zone back behind our vehicles so what's happening now is we have several hits that are gonna happen on the dually and the Crown Vic a variety of pistol and shotgun blasts that are being shot by Hank and Gomez but of course they're not actually shooting them our special effects team has rigged the hoods the headlights the windshield to the driver's side door with squibs that we have designed a certain timing sequence for them to go off and two three four five six cameras running on this plate great on there and Michelle is looking at every single camera to make sure it's exactly the shot she wants because we only want to do this once we're scrambling very quickly because the light as you can see the shadow is right there it's ever going to shoot this shot before the Sun goes behind that mountain right now we're hoping that we did it everybody was very focused super professional very serious about the weapons but we had a good time doing it [Laughter] [Applause] we ended 5:13 with an incredible shootout directed by Michelle Maclaren we now here with Ryan Johnson and when we come back in and 514 it's the aftermath we pick up in this eerie calm right after the storm and so we reveal Hank has been wounded gomez is dead and has been shot and we kind of take it from there let me get shot let's get fucking shot in the head that's how it goes out I just fucker right here this is a really sad day this is a series out for Dean Norris and he's you know he's been here for six years this he says amazing arc of his character and I think he feels pretty conflicted about it there's all this sand that we had a fucking eat all day and I actually man where I fucking die is on a fucking goddamn rock I think Dean Norris kind of puts on that blustery yesterday because he's such a soft gooey he's got a self gooey inside he does yeah he's like he's marshmallow yeah he is marshmallow say it ain't so say it it's a lot to check right kills me then says it's my fault say that so you know we've killed main characters so before but this is our first person from art you know the core family of Walter White to die on the rest is fucking silence but Stephen on the ground like I'm right behind that shots no all right Dean's down guys here we go making up bloody it was just so much stuff was coming through because I know it was my last close-up I knew it was my last scene of six years I know all this stuff and I was saying goodbye to Brian you know in real life and also was Hank to wall it was saying goodbye to your show you contemplate your own death for a moment and and then you say all right no let's go take me out hey here we go action we just walk into guys at DEA wall feels like he can summon Heisenberg at any given moment but I think in this scene he loses the ability to do so no no he doesn't know about this and Jack sees Walt for Walt before Walt sees that he's lost that superpower and you just see everything slipping through all his fingers sorry man just no scenario where this guy lived jack is so matter-of-fact it was that was what was compelling about it when somebody is just doing their job and just their job happens to be murdering people Jack he's direct I know his point of view I know what he's thinking get rid of the trash you know take out the garbage but for Walt he can't anticipate that Hank was going to allow himself to be killed my name is Ashley fuck he says to me and what do you want me to do beg yes and he won't do it Moira Wally beckons it's such a beautiful job giving him such a strong and brave exit where you know he is still full of pride he's true to his character you know he's not giving in to Walt he's not giving in to you know these Nazis surrounding him with guns he you know he goes out on his own terms do what you're gonna do there was just a moment where you see sometimes you just feel it you know there's it's all quiet you know and instead of saying cut Ryan goes now that's how you die come one take Norris and I saw more edges like this you know I was like okay I did her too so it felt good you know and it felt like it was it that it just all came together and it wasn't it but it was more than just the moment of the death itself because it really was it was the death of the show for me that was and I walked off and it was done [Applause]


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