Breaking Bad Ending Explained, Part 1: Did Walt Win or Lose?

Breaking Bad Ending Explained, Part 1: Did Walt Win or Lose?

I was alive You might say Walter White gets the Breaking Bad version of a happily ever after as Walt nears the end of his life He enjoys complete control over how he goes. He takes out his enemies He evades the police long enough to run out the clock I don’t want that bastard running off the clock he decides at the last minute to save Jesse Pinkman and He accomplishes what he set out to do in the very first episode provide for his family I’ve done a terrible thing but I did it for a good reason I Did it for us after taking out Jack’s gang and letting Jesse go Walt wanders into the meth lab and he passes his final moments in the place that Ultimately meant the most to him the place where he discovered his alter ego Heisenberg proved his genius and realized his full potential as we hear the Badfinger lyrics He departs this life happily dreaming of his muse the blue meth that proved to the world how grossly they Underestimated him the camera pulls out and the look of contentment on Walt’s face says that in the end He got what he wanted, but the finale also makes us acutely aware of what this cost him You can either look at it like he won or you can look at it like you lost I mean this guy destroys his entire family as creator Vince Gilligan Put it Walt for years now has been looking through the wrong end of the telescope And we’re left asking what it means to get everything you want if you’ve been chasing after the wrong things all along I won Before we go on we want to tell you a little bit about this video sponsor Movie is a curated film streaming service with a twist you get thirty films per month a new film every day It’s a hand-picked selection of movie gems from around the world. We’re huge fans of Mubi at screen prism So click the link in our description below to get a full month of movie for free in the show’s final episode Felina walt is a dead man walking But this extreme control freak is determined to put his affairs in order the way he wants them This means three things one getting his money to his family Two taking out his enemies And three though He’s not conscious of it making good with his partner, Jesse Pinkman Jesse Pinkman you promised they would kill him and you didn’t come on So let’s take a look at how he gets each of these three things Ever since the first episode Walt has been making sense of his criminal activities with one justification What I do I do for my family, but I will provide for my family I was and am providing for our family Oh sacrifices that I Made for this family, but despite all the millions. He’s made getting that money to his family has proven harder than expected They won’t take it my wife and son hate me They won’t take my money the government won’t let them anyway Mike was no dummy But every time he tried to get his nest egg to his granddaughter it ended up in Uncle Sam’s pockets and Jack’s steals Most of it leaving Walt with only one barrel or about 10 million I’m leaving you a barrel in this episode won’t finds a workaround He intimidates his former partners Gretchen and Elliott into creating a trust for Walter jr On my son’s 18th birthday, which is 10 months and 2 days from today You will give him his money in the form of an irrevocable trust He pays Skyler one last visit and gives her the bargaining chip She needs to get free of Walt’s legal messes the coordinates for where Hanks, and Gomez’s bodies are buried now. You trade that for a deal with the prosecutor Get yourself out of this and with his goal of ensuring his family’s welfare at last achieved Walt takes one last look at each kid these shots of Walt regarding his wife and children for the last time before leaving to die Capture the tragedy of what Walt has chosen to do with the final chapter of his life for five seasons He focused so intensely on the pretext of providing for his family that he lost that family. I’ve lost my family Everything that I care about as Gilligan has said for years now He thought if he makes his family Financially sound that’s really all he has to do as a man as a provider and as a father but on the other hand The family emotionally is scarred forever. Hank is dead Walter jr And Marie detest Walt Skyler is psychologically damaged from living as a ha in her own home and his baby daughter Holly will grow up in the shadow of her father’s notoriety without any real memories of him Incidentally Walt once reveals he lost his father at an early age. My father died when I was six So this is a sad instance of history repeating as much as Walt’s words say he’s motivated by family love everything that I do everything I Do it to protect this family through his actions. He’s actively distancing himself from his family. So buying that car That was protecting your family. He pushes Skyler and Walter jr Away, whenever they reach out to help him gambling addiction is a sickness you listen What is going on with me? Isn’t that about some disease? It’s about choices choices that I have made Choices, I stand by he defensively protests if they dare to speak about him as the victim of a disease or afraid for his life I am NOT in danger Skyler I am the danger Walter needs to be seen as a big powerful man A guy opens historian gets shot and you think of that of me? No, I Am the one who knocks, but Walt’s family doesn’t care about seeing him that way They love the old Walt who was a good man a good husband and father Remembering you that way Wouldn’t be so bad The bad way to remember you would be the way The way you’ve been this whole last year Walt doesn’t really want to be there with his family you’re not moving back in now are you this hasn’t ever been About his family these wild accusations They could destroy our family damn wash shit about family One of the most crucial episodes that gives us a window into Walt’s inner Psychology is fly in which Walter obsesses over a fly that he says is causing contamination. There’s Been a contamination What in this episode we see Walt’s two selves wrestling with each other as the repressed old Walter makes a last attempt to surface Very sorry Walt muses that he wishes he’d found that perfect moment to die after he’d made enough money for his family But before they found out about his new life We can see here that on the deepest level Walt knows that spiritually he’s lost his family He’s no longer the same person. They love I’ve lived too long You want them to actually miss you Well that goes on to say that the night everything went wrong is the night Jane died So we can see he has a deep guilt about that You might say it’s the moment his soul was really lost Just lived right up to that moment And one second the thing he was supposedly doing all this for is out of reach and can’t be regained so in the end he says to cook about the contamination And of course here Walt is talking about his own life Throughout the series What’s most frustrating about Walt is that he is constantly lying elaborate ornate utterly unnecessary lies In the finale Walt achieves the slightest glimmer of a partial Redemption by doing one very simple thing Telling the truth during his final conversation with Skyler He seems about to start his frequent refrain all the things that I did You need to understand I have to hear one more time That you did this For the family, but then he says I did it for me. I Liked it I Was good at it Skyler’s relief is palpable at the end of the pilot. She asked him to be truthful with her Worst thing you can do is shut me out and ever since he’s done nothing. But lie dad. Yeah Please can you just tell the truth? This hasn’t really been a marriage since the start of the show. Not your wife Your hostage, but for this brief instant We glimpse a small piece of the marriage they once had in Ozymandias, we flashback to Walt and Skyler discussing their new baby’s name Behind Walt in this shot is Jesse and the RV his future What’s about to pull him away from his family? This flashback happens in the episode where Hank dies So the illusion that he’s done this for his family is finally shot dead for good Through the tragic irony of Walt successfully providing for his family and losing their love in the process the show is getting out what it feels like to be a man in the society that tells you you’re not one unless you make Bank provides While Walt’s new alpha power comes with its share of thrills Becoming that macho provider cost Walt everything his decency himself and most certainly the family He’s providing for his cost So we have to ask was it worth it Mr. White He’s the devil Waltz plan to finish off. Jack’s gang is the wish fulfillment part of the episode Walt gets everything to go his way You know he is he’s smarter than you. He’s luckier than you whatever you whatever you think supposed to happen I’m telling you the exact reverse Opposite of that he’s gonna happen indeed after being more or less possessed by his inner Heisenberg Walt has come to enjoy an almost supernatural level of both cunning and fortune in Felina We see in full effect the Heisenberg that fans love who always has something hidden up his sleeve at the end of the penultimate episode He was all but defeated. I’d like to speak to the agent in charge of the Walter White investigation Then he saw Gretchen and Elliott on TV minimizing his involvement in gray matter This moment snaps him back into action because what fuels Heisenberg’s drive and his genius more than anything else is Spite in the pilot. We see Walt looking at the plaque for research from his gray matter days while he exercises later We learn he’s been monitoring the company’s stock price every week I look it up every week and I sold my share my potential for $5,000. So it’s the ultimate satisfaction when his plan to get the money to his family has the added bonus of putting these superior Billionaires in their place. This is where you get to make it right Walt embraces the terror. He now inspires in civilized society All he meets are a couple of laser pointers wielded by badger and skinny Pete to make Gretchen and Elliott believe they’re being monitored by expert hitmen Whatever happens to me tomorrow They’ll still be out there meanwhile Walt scores a meeting at Jack’s by crashing Todd’s and Lydia’s meeting making up a fake story that he wants to sell them a new recipe a new method that Requires no methylamine. We don’t know yet What Walt’s real plan is when he walks into Jack’s place, but the camera shows him paying special attention to his car keys Well, you don’t before shaving Yes, and sure enough, he’s rigged his trunk with an m60 to take out Jack’s entire gang through the wall After the bloodbath Walt answers Todd’s phone Has he gone and we find out that the cherry on top of the plan was poisoning Lydia Kind of under the weather Like you’ve got the flu That would be the ricin I gave you so Walt gets the final Satisfaction of wrapping up all his loose ends and even being the one to tell Lydia how he played her This is a classic Heisenberg Ian plan, he tricked Lydia into thinking he was a liability and an easy target I Need the money even hamming up his COFF Jesus did you look at him? You’d be doing him a favor when in fact he was using his knowledge of her character against her her predictability 10:00 a.m. Every Tuesday morning you and I met here your other Schedule oriented her extreme caution, which surpasses even her greed right now not worse we’re not doing business with him her willingness to have people killed as in Mike’s words a Prophylactic measure but here in the real world We don’t kill 11 people with some kind of prophylactic measure and of course her addiction to her favorite sweetener And I’m assuming you don’t have stevia Never mind And I’ll make more stevia Gilligan has compared the Ricin to check offs gun the playwright’s famous idea that if you show us a gun at some point it has to go off We’ve heard a lot about this. Ricin cigarette won’t want a Jesse to use it to poison Gus Jesse thought it was used by Walt or by Gus to poison Brock but no one has Actually been poisoned by the ricin. So the writer is managed to get their Chekhov’s gun to fire just before the end The first line of baby blue tells us And Walt probably has got what he deserved for better and for worse But when we met Walt he was very much not getting what he deserved. He’s been dealt a pretty rotten hand in life This is a guy who gets lung cancer without ever having smoked mister. Why are you a smoker? Breaking Bad gets us on Walt’s side in the pilot by introducing us to a bad broken world one. That is first and foremost Unjust so it’s easy to want beaten down Walt to fight back even play a little dirty against this bunch of people who are mean nasty unlikable and undeserving There’s a theme going throughout the show of the grave error of under estimating people another person Walt But you wouldn’t know criminal if he was close enough to check you for a hernia Wanted you guys And the Walter White we meet has been underestimated all his life But how wrong they all were to write him off You’re goddamn right so the biggest satisfaction of the finale is that everyone else gets what they deserve – Trust me This woman deserves to die as much as any man I’ve ever met Jack’s gang Todd and Lydia very much Had it coming billionaires Gretchen and Elliott get taken down a peg while the innocents catch a break Felina creates that feeling that in the end Walt achieved some version of justice. We want to live in a moral universe I want to believe that there is some sort of Justice, and it’s one of the greatest things humankind is created for itself Walt’s final chapter benefits from if not total moral justice then a kind of poetic one if the universe is indeed chaotic if this is The one small way I can exert some control over it in the fiction that I write. Maybe that’s why I Am drawn to writing in the first place. There is a there is a shape to it. That is Perhaps neither happy nor sad but at least pleasing as Gilligan has said Walt is never going to redeem himself He’s just too far down the road to damnation. But at least he takes a fuse ups along that path Walt can never come back from the unspeakable damage he’s done and the lives he’s taken but he does do a couple of things in The finale that partially redeem him one is telling the truth to Skyler and the other is freeing Jesse so in the second part of this video We’ll look at why Walt decides to save Jesse and what the end of their mysterious partnership reveals about the show’s underlying ethos I’m not doing what you want anymore Hi guys, this is Alana and today I want to talk to you about one of our favorite places to watch movies mu B mu B is a treasure trove of films from around the globe every Day a new film is added and the oldest is taken away So in this world where it’s very easy to spend hours debating what you should watch Movie is like having a really cool friend with amazing taste in movies making it so much easier for you They feature hard to come by masterpieces indie festival darlings influential art house and forum films Lesser-known films by your favorite famous directors and more plus you can even download the films to watch offline and there are no ads ever One movie you can watch right now on movie is e tu mama tambien it’s directed by Alfonso Cuaron whose newest movie Romo has been earning rave reviews and Oscar buzz e tu mama tambien is a Hilarious moving story following two teenage boys who set off on a cross-country trip with an older married woman Point is we can’t recommend mu B highly enough. 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  • The asshole Who is an asshole says:

    Walt transitioning into Heisenberg
    "One, doesn't find fun in dealing drugs to help the family. But this, this does put a smile on my face."

  • hendrick heisenburg says:

    I think Walt’s ending is in a mixed grey area about losing and wining. The question really is what did he try to win? If it was him being the all powerful drug lord than Mabey yes he did win. He killed his entire competition and died as the last man standing. However he destroyed everything in his life. Everybody hated him, and he caused the death of tons of people, in that case you could see that he lost. However what Walt was struggling with was his own inner demons that took control over him, losing in a way his humanity. He did won his inner desires but in return for that he had to give everything. But the goals that Walt tried to achieve were incredibly interwoven in his character. Walt never was able to find closure in his life because of lost potential but he regained that. In a way this gave closure to Walt’s life and by that he could die in peace. And mabey that is all what Walt really wanted, peace with himself.

  • I bet people hate watching shows with you😂jokes! Because I’m always calling what’s going to happen next, people get irritated watching shows with me… and you, understand everything better then everyone 🤪😂😂

  • I bet people hate watching shows with you😂jokes! Because I’m always calling what’s going to happen next, people get irritated watching shows with me… and you, understand everything better then everyone 🤪😂😂

  • If I was the guys that stole his money I would have been on a boat to somewhere very far and lived out my life banging hot chicks and eating the best food .

  • game highlights and edits says:

    Jane didn’t give a shit about Jesse until she found out he had money ( “who’s we?’)
    And she would have easily blackmailed either of them to get more money
    Even after Walt gave Jesse his money, just as Jane demanded.
    She still was going to blackmail him..
    She was a terrible person
    Fuck her.

  • He absolutely won wtf yall talking about. He accomplished exactly what he set out to do. He would've died of cancer anyway if he didn't accidentally get shot.

  • 6:55

    Wrong, yes it was. He thought cancer would kill him sooner, so providing money was the only objective, biatch. Not chill with his family.

  • I never understood one thing. Walt is meticulous. He is focused. He misses almost nothing. How on god's green earth did he miss the book? How did he not know it was there? If he did know it was there, why would he leave it? We've seen him go out of his way to keep his criminal life and his home life completely separate. Jesse was always the only exception.

  • He won. His cancer reemerged which I assume was a death sentence so he was going to die anyway. His family got 11 million dollars which was the catalyst.

  • Did Walt Survive? It's possible where he was shot it would have taken him HOURS to bleed out, and even with his weakened state he might have survived, been stabilized and lived long enough to be arrested, maybe even see trial, before he died.

  • Sorry, but I don't think there's anything nebulous or hidden about Breaking Bad's ending. I think most should get it… it's a long journey and maybe if you didn't rewatch some seasons, you forget things, but the story is from point A to point B. You see the downward spiral… that's it. It's not that isn't deep, I just don't think this particular show is meant to be hidden in symbolism or a nebulous ending. You get it, it's visceral and that's the point.

  • Malcolm in the middle got so crazy. I really liked the turn it took into this violent and dramatic way it is now, but I do miss the lighthearted way it was when I was a kid. I think recasting Malcolm as a cripple was a bit of a strange choice but the new actor did a good job. Not quite as funny tho

  • This family thing is not excuse. It is the driving force. Not what he made up. He cooks not for his own gain. He does not pursue his own craving for power. Surely he becomes more bad ass but this is the real him which is revealed by reality. So I am totally on the side of him and so sad that he grows so attached to this family which basically gave him up.

  • 9:30 this is one of my favorite scenes from the whole show. Him admitting that he liked cooking meth and that he didn’t just do it because he needed to support his family.

  • Your 'Take' is not only childish & pedantic but decidedly 'feminine'. Take for example when Walt & Skyler worked together, laundered the $$$ & ran the operation through the car wash. It went without a hitch & it was nearly perfect. Walt's troubles stem from Skyler & her being a whore( notice you neglected that little tidbit) & her arrogance jealousy. She couldn't adjust to Walt's success & looked at him with disgust cause she felt he was surpassing him societally speaking. When he was weak & she could 'handle ' him she felt powerful, dominant & as the "alpha" of the relationship. Much like most women it's their perception off everyone else's perceptions that matter & not what their dedicated partner is doing. Yes Walt revelled in his success & yes he acted like a hotshot cause he felt he finally got the recognition he deserved for his brilliance but this would've stayed well in check would he have had a solid woman beside him & not a childish "victim" forcing herself to feel overshadowed by his success instead of enjoying it & him. As with most problems in relationships it comes down to relying on your partner at all times not just the good or the bad but always. Had Walt's home life been more stable & had Skyler been the woman he needed instead of a in bittered slut there's no telling what successes Walt may have seen & what the state of the family could've been should he have died at home naturally instead of getting even with the biker gang.

  • If he killed his wife then left the brother then left the son with the brother that would be better because I didn’t like the wife

  • This Video: Walter lied and murdered his way to the top of a drug empire that destroyed everyone close to him that he ultimately admit was never about his family, but for himself.

    The comments: Does anyone else think Skylar is the most evil character because she had an affair?

  • Skyler was not an innocent party or character. In my opinion, Jesse was 10x more empathetic than Skyler. Skyler was just controlive and manipulative, especially to Walter, Walter soon became more manipulative and controlive than Skyler, but I kind of feel like his character was forced to in order to keep his 2nd life up and hidden

  • Who says he didn't fake his death. Who says he wasn't wearing a bullet proof vest, with fake blood sacks duck taped on it's outside? None of the cops entering checked if he died. The one cop standing at the presumed dead body of Walt,…could have been in on it? Never saw his funeral. Who knows,…he might be still out there 😀 He wanted it all,…maybe he will seek out Jesse to kill him for himself…or start fresh in Alaska too? Maybe Jesse and Walt became log housed neighbors?

  • Sound analysis, as usual. But good man or evil man, nothing could change the fact that he was going to die soon. Or that he would die as he had lived–a pitiful schlub. No one seemed to remember that he coulda been a contender. I think that leaving his family enough money for the rest of their lives and the ability to hate him rather than mourn for him would have been a kind and gracious gift. Being penniless and bereft would not have provided a happy ending. There was no simple, happy ending ever possible. Brilliant people deserve more.

  • Everyone seems to miss a huge point. Even though Walt ends up getting the money to his family, it is apparently coming from Gretchen and Elliot as charity. Which was an idea that enraged him in the beginning of the series. Even though he should have seen it as fair compensation for his work in starting G & E's path to riches and glory, his toxic ego couldn't accept the situation. Mainly because of his guilt for being short sighted and accepting the buy-out.

    In order to achieve his goal, he had to swallow a certain amount of his pride. Granted he gets the bonus of knowing personally that he controlled and terrorized Gretchen and Elliot, but only he knows that. Which is sort of positive character growth. True self esteem comes from not needing external validation for your accomplishments. He put the goal of financially providing for his family over the egotistical need of everyone knowing it was him who did it.

  • When Walt told Skyler he 'liked it' and he was 'good at at it', it directly mirrored the film Lord of War, when Uri finally admitted to his wife what he was doing. Crazy moments.

  • WW did what he had to do. But Skyler is a domineering feminist type and didn’t accept Walter taking things into his own hands creating another front from which he had to deal with in order to achieve his ultimate goal. She wanted him under her thumb where he belongs and used Junior and Holly passive aggressively in order to bring Walter down

  • i think he won because if you think about it, he got everything he wanted. he never wanted to be a family man he already was that. and he actually was already a provider. what he wanted was something else — respect. that's the key aspect if you watch the first episode. he had no respect. his wife's absolutely pathetic hand job on his birthday was the perfect symbol of it. I think you can also connect it to the breakdown of traditions in modern society and the effects of it.

  • Walt didn't do it for his family. He did it for himself.

    Before drug dealing, his life sucked. He had no control over it. His closest friends robbed his idea and got rich from it, leaving Walter to work a 9 to 5 teaching job beneath his intellect. He was tired of seeing his son get bullied due to disabilities outside of his control. He had to swallow the disrespect from people when he washed cars for extra money. He's a gifted man living a menial existence, never doing what he wanted to do, only doing what he could. Betrayed by friends, disabled son, and now CANCER: he immediately realized how trivial death was and instantly regretted spending all of his borrowed time carefully operating within the boundaries of society's morale.

    So he started cooking and initially, the reasons were for the financial security of his family. But he could have stopped. Somewhere along the way, he got a taste of power and tightened his grip on that feeling of control in one's own destiny. And if sin was a condition, so be it. When he died, he died in control. Jesse understood it which is why he asked Walter to do it himself. With his family finances secure, he was happier dying on his own terms than living on someone else's.

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