BREAKING AND EXITING Official Trailer (2018) Comedy Movie HD

BREAKING AND EXITING Official Trailer (2018) Comedy Movie HD

Every day we make decisions Decisions that get us from one day to the next Decisions will change our path ever so slightly Then there’s the other decisions I’m getting a real job. I’m not gonna lie. You sound crazy. Hey, I don’t want to be some loser robbing families Are you okay? Mm-hmm You know, I’m robbing you right now. No, that’s cool. Are you trying to kill yourself? Mm-hmm. Can you close the door on your way out? Why didn’t you just call the cops and leave I know the protocol is after almost time What is your plan here? You know you can’t just babysit me forever. You say that like you think I actually have a plan What are you supposed to eat after almost OD’ing on painkillers? You should probably go to the hospital Oh my god, I’ll eat just stop talking both of you I’m gonna do it. Okay, and there’s nothing that you can do or say that’s gonna stop me from happening. That’s not true It’s selfish of you to make me stay I I guess I’m selfish then I think you’re making a mistake. I think you could be happy I look ridiculous Why do you like me I don’t think you want to do this This is my life, Harry So then what’s the meaning of all this thing Dezzy !


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