What’s up guys! We’re back here at the trampoline park. As you can see. We’re here after hours. I’m here with my boy Jesse behind the camera. Yo what’s up guys! So today I have something special in store for you guys. So for every trampoline park there’s a set of rules. As you can see there’s all these rules and today we’re gonna break all of them. there’s even these rules over here these the foam pit rules boom all these. We’re gonna break them. You guys ready for this? Let’s go! Make sure you guys watch until the end because at the end of the video, I’m gonna be doing some post notifications shoutouts! So make sure you guys turn on post notifications because you don’t want to miss that. So, first rule on the list. Must wear the jump socks. Okay as you can see, Not wearing any socks right now so let’s get to it. First one right here. So, the second rule is, somersault not recommended. I already did a double side flip but I’ll do another double for you guys right here. Two rules! No double bouncing. Check! The next rule is do not sit or lay down on the court. as you guys can see I’m already sitting down. And you guys can see over there Jesse’s taking a nap. We’re breaking that rule. Easy things. Alright, so the first four rules, really easy. Jesse what’s the next one? I don’t know. What is it? Oh it says wear appropriate clothing. You didn’t do that? Oh my god. Wear appropriate clothing everyone! And he clears it. Sitting down. No diving, no doubles into the foam pit. Easy peasy! Alright, Jesse the professional diver, is gonna show us a nice dive into the foam pit We’re not supposed to do this but… Man… Ten out of ten guys. Next rule: be aware of the jumpers around you. He totally wasn’t aware. Look at him falling all over the place. Alright guys for the next rule is no climbing so Michel you got this man. Climb it up! Wait what yo Nick how did you get up there? That’s very dangerous. You should probably get off of there. Yo stop running man. You’re not allowed to do that. Oh my god. What are you doing? No you’re not allowed Nick. Stop. Let’s do this! Play games bro? You like that? No roughhousing! No! Please! I don’t need this! I don’t need any of this! NOOOOOOO!! How’s this for roughhousing? No! Please! So guys, one of the rules is no drugs. Now, we didn’t plan for this and obviously I don’t do drugs. But caffein technically counts as a drug. This is coffee right here so boom. That rule. Broken. Let’s go! Guys we have the rules over here. Do not jump, like, you know, if you’re on drugs and stuff. We did that. We did the caffeine. Let’s see. No diving. Jesse already did that. Do not affect another jumpers bounce. Pregnant. I’m pregnant. It’s a flip baby. It says or. It says or. Okay? So it counts. It counts if we did the drugs. But kids, don’t do drugs. Dude you messed with my jump! You’re not supposed to do that! Broke the rules. Do not enter foam pit until landing area is clear Next rule. No double flips. We already did that. I did a double sideflip in the foam pit. No backflips or forward moving backflips. Gainers! Let’s go. I know how to do gainers. I’ll show you guys an example of what happens when you know how to do a gainer, but you suck at it. Let’s see it Jesse! That was so close! Just kidding… Guys, that sucked. Yo Jesse! You just broke another rule. The next rule was always remain in control. Guys he totally lost control right there! Always walk on and off the courts. Wait what? It’s running. Just running? We already did that! We already did the running! Always one jumper at a time per lane. Let’s go guys! Oh two at the same time! Oh it’s so cute! Jesse do a backflip He almost kicked him in the face! That’s why only one jumper per lane. Oh we got three! Ultimate rule breaking. The last one guys. Non-compliance may result to a loss of jumping privileges Easy! We’re already not obeying the rules. that’s non-compliance we’re all rebels here. Star wars style. Alright guys we only have one set of rules left to break. We broke all of them so far except the basket ball rules So we’re on our way right now to the basketball court to break all the rules for that. We already did it before but we’re going to do it again. The next set of rules. We’re at the basketball court. Do not hang on rim or net. Come on Jesse show me how it’s done. Hang on that rim! What? The heck? There you go. She’s gonna do it. OH! Look at that hang time. Literally. Alright. Let me do it. Let me do it. Hold the camera. Hold the camera. Do it! Oh! He hung on. Just didn’t get it in. Don’t worry. Don’t worry. I’ll redeem. He’s got this. I’m good! So next rule. No jumping across lane. I’m gonna do it with a trick shot jumping across the lane. Under the leg. Alley oop! And hang on the rim! Two rules at once! Oh yeah! Come on Jesse! Jump the lane! Oh! First try! So next rule is only one jumper per lane. So now we’re gonna try a three way alley oop. Starting with Michel, then me, then Jesse. What?! That was crazy! Yo that was so good! So guys we’ve broken every single rule at the trampoline park. Except two. So the last two is no running towards the hoop and no flips. So as a bonus, for the last rules, I’m going to be doing both at the same time. I’m gonna run towards the hoop, do a frontflip, and then get it inside the hoop. Oh! That’s first try! What?! Crazy! Alright guys. We’re done. We broke all the rules here at the trampoline park. Had a bunch of fun breaking the rules. With Michel, Jesse Baron, and Jess. Of course. Now I’m going to be doing some post notification shout outs. So today’s shout outs goes out to this person, this person, and this person. If you want your chance to get a shout out in the next video, make sure to subscribe. Make sure to turn on post notifications on youtube. And make sure you comment below letting me know that you turned on post notifications. And I’ll catch you guys on the flip side!


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