CLINTON THEY FOUND EVERYTHING but now we got to turn to some other breaking
news tonight and this is huge from John Solomon his brand-new
bombshell report the FBI’s efforts to monitor the Trump campaign actually originated months
before the FBI authorized the counterintelligence investigation
into so-called Russian election and appearance this after quote
foreign figures contacted Trump campaign advisers and provided the FBI with hearsay allegations
of Trump Russia collusion according to John Solomon these
foreign figures including some of the trusted intelligence sources and
even some Hillary Clinton supporters in other words what this means is members of the deep
state that upper echelon that we talked about Clinton sycophants they
were literally flooding the FBI with lies unverified uncorroborated
corroborated anti Trump material and there’s more remember the lovebirds struck in Page
John Solomon tonight has uncovered a series of new texts from these
two anti-trump FBI officials that show the Obama administration was likely
involved in steering this investigation against the Trump campaign including one text that
took place as the FBI was opening their investigation into so-called
Russian meddling where Lisa page writes quote we’re not going to
withstand the pressure soon and then page and struck also expressing fears that Obama
would quote hijack their investigation or leaked details to the press
and in another text from Peter struck he indicated that the Obama
administration was very much involved in the FBI investigation writing quote the White
House meaning the Obama White House is running this so what did Obama know
when did he know it what it is inner circle know when did they know it
it’s now time to put the former president and his entire team under oath now Sarah Porter
also tonight another new report and Vaughn show detailing the possible
connection between an international spying alliance called the
five eyes you can’t put this in a novel and the ramp surveillance of the Trump campaign
it’s even bigger than we thought after all a Solomon
and Carter both reported the investigation into Trump Russia
collusion remember it originated abroad in London now the United Kingdom is a key member
of this five eyes alliance and by the way great news for me tonight pay
close attention remember when Senator Chuck Schumer said that you
better not mess with the Intel community because they got to get you six ways to Sunday this
is great news for me that’s selling author jerome corsi he’s the author
of this book it’s out now bookstores on it’s called killing the
deep state you might remember him he was back remember the group against John
Kerry Vietnam vets for truth he was one of them he’s saying that yours truly that I Sean
Hannity and the next target of the deep state Wow isn’t it so great to
know that these corrupt officials with their backs against the wall that
are desperate desperate people do desperate things the people that have the most powerful
tools of intelligence and now going after me okay really so sadly
after all we have learned you know now we have drone poor Zee’s prediction
it doesn’t surprise me isn’t that sad are we the United States of America are we gonna
be the former Soviet Union or are we gonna be Venezuela I promise you this
one thing I’m never stopping ever here to help break down the stand me new
report is the hills John Solomon John good to see you sir a quick question you think
poor Z could be right I don’t know I hope not I hope that people stay within
the law at all times right you don’t want to see fans having bowled by
people that you certain things were happening to you there have been times where people
have raised questions about our reporter of reporters like myself being
surveilled and of course in the past the FBI did illegally except
intercept my mail ten years ago so there’s a public record of the FBI apologizing to
me for for taking my mail after I broke all the stories about what the
FBI knew before 9/11 yeah that’s pretty that’s pretty scary
and again if that’s the case if people that are trying to get to the truth and exposing
corruption then because targets of the deep state and those that have
these tools of intelligence you could say goodbye to the Constitution
because it doesn’t exist and what surprised the case that’s right don’t know I don’t have
any evidence of it and I try to hold it I’m what I can can report
yeah yeah all right London Bridge is falling down curious origins of FBI’s truck Trump
Russia probe this is huge including the new struck page memos that you
discover let’s talk about it all yeah no it’s a great question for you know whenever something’s
going on in Washington and people tell you there’s no
political pressure I just don’t believe it there’s always put a cone
pressure in Washington when there’s something as big as a hot football like the Russia election
investigation and these text messages are really the first to
really get at the idea that FBI agents felt political pressure they were
worried that they used an expletive to describe their brethren that the Obama Justice Department
might be leaking and the probably the most seminal and most important
text message that has raised a lot of concern with the people I talk to
you as a declaration after a meeting at the FBI in August fifth that the Obama White House
quote is running this thing and we don’t know what that means yet except
that you can interpret that the FBI agents had some fear that the White
House was somehow going to become involved in the Russia case and and that’s the first
word that we’ve seen in a documentary Senate that suggested John John
what you’re saying here and if we just look at the at the face of the
struck page text they’re pinning this whole thing on the Obama White House that the Obama
White House is running it now we have that fear yeah what’s that they
have that fear their fear and at that moment that this was about to be
politically hijacked either by the CIA the Justice Department or the White House run
by Barack Obama that what points say that it’s being run on my interpretation
is they’re saying it is being run there somebody said in a
meeting that they went to that the White House is now running this that’s right that’s what
they came back and said in that text message all right so I guess at
this particular point we go back to a big problem that we have and that is the
Department of Justice rod Rosenstein in particular and others they have been obstructing they
have been stonewalling we have separation of powers co-equal branches
of government we have a constitutional role for Congress which
is oversight and guess what they’re preventing them from doing their job knowing what you
know if we get that information how devastating is it for them
well there’s a very important person quoted in my latest column and
that is the former head of intelligence for the FBI ironically under Robert Muller who
says that from what he has seen and the stuff I talked to him about what
he’s seen on his own that Congress has legitimate serious questions that
should be answered by the Justice Department this evidence that we have now these new emails
showing that the people who became the informers and the informants
college professors and and ambassadors and opposition researchers
for Hillary Clinton were making their contacts with the Trump administration long before
there was a predicated investigation the rule says no source activity
until you have a predicated investigation these emails suggest that
there was some source activity some targeting going on and if Bob Mulder’s former intelligence
chief said this raises questions I think we should listen
to them John Solomon Thank You huge breaking news tonight and we’re
going to stay on this story we’ll get back to it next week I promise we will follow the
bouncing ball here something the media can’t do all right we
have more breaking news tonight her brand new column her brand new report
investigative reporter Fox News contributor Sarah Carter Sarah let’s get into yours and
it’s very clear it’s you know this is a big story also and you’re also
corroborating and confirming a lot of John’s story absolutely I mean I
think what we see before the FBI actually opened its official investigation it was a
counterintelligence investigation which means they were gathering as much information as
possible from everywhere and they could they actually and I’m not
talking about just the bureau I’m talking about other intelligence agencies foreign
intelligence the Great Britain Germany Estonia Poland now we remember
of the five eyes and that doesn’t include Germany Estonian five
eyes okay that’s Australia New Zealand Canada the United States and Great Britain and
we share information with one another that means if we have information that’s pertinent
to the u.s. we share it remember with Alexander Downer the Ambassador
who shared the information 1with the United States on this



  • Sandstorm Texas says:

    Clinton and Obama are traders. They need to be judged! They are corrupt and they tried their best to destroy our country!

  • Manchurian President Obama should be locked up and everyone else who illegally spied on Trump and orchestrated the false witch Hunt they're criminals

  • Everyone with common sense knows, that Obumma and Clinton's are so corrupt and traitorous, the only thing for them is death by a firing squad. If there is Justice in this country anymore, this is what must happen, otherwise the Democraps will continue their lawlessness. The only reason the Democraps congress is not working for the people anymore, is because they think they are above the law and no one can touch them. When is the president going to do his job and start the public military tribunals? That is what I want to know.

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  • Not everyone will believe what you say, but everyone will believe what you do. Seeing is believing. So the sooner you make these people pay for their crimes, the better. But the people need to see it, to believe it. Do it now.

  • Thomas Columbia says:

    Is anyone else tired of these "breaking earth shattering" developments that never go anywhere? I've been hearing this since the benghazi hearings. These videos are part of a psych ops warfare waged against a dumbed down public. The only thing that's happened is the Democrats control the house, and more caravans are coming to fill out absentee ballots for the next election cycle, and people like Romney will make sure they keep coming.

  • Oh please this hype has been going on to long.
    One thing that really sucks in life is to be stung along hour after hour by main stream media with direct lies. Now to be handed useless info that means less.
    They the FBI has been Lying all a long how can any one believe them now? Or want to? Just because your saying so. My beliefs are negative on all this stuff lately. Seems over an over the same stories line.
    Boring an bull shit. A mockery of us trying to understand what is going on. With no one to tell us the truth. Just lie after lie.

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  • How do We even know if this is a fact? We all know heinous crimes were committed, but there is so much fake crap on here. You never know what you can believe. I will believe it when I see it.

  • So far there hasn't been any indication there was an intimate relationship between the so called lovebirds. It was probably just a scam to keep the most incriminating text away from anyone!

  • Why all the bitching about the FBI that you funded an supported when you were informed that it had supported the German Gestopo officers during the World War II , as well placing one of their SS Generals immediately in charge of the FBI communication programs to the Deap State Masonic Lodges of the USA who were keeping a watchful all seeing FBI eye on Americans that were considered not acceptable to their standards ? You appear to want to speak in toungues an want your Jesus to forgive you at the sametime for turning the other cheek to what the Gestopo was doing to you an your children in the name of Jesus !!!! You should have asked how all of a sudden the FBI became a Trillion-dollar Untouchable Business Corporation overnight !!!!

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  • blámaðr Loki Kult says:

    Put the wall up so Americans can not flee when Fema camps and RFID are finally implanted you dumb Republicans are selling your children's future and spot In The Kingdom of Heaven.

  • I firmly believe that the democratic supporters will still dispute any guilty theory or charges……The DEMS are sheep and need to follow someone.
    That said civil unrest will follow…….
    Let it come……

  • (My opinion)
    Predicated Predictive Programmed Predators!
    Killary Killton
    The saga continues with this dynamic duel!
    The scenario is contrasting in comparison, as
    most true life "dramas,"
    the names are changed to protect the innocent.
    📝📜📄✏️🗂️ 📰🗞️📓
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    Their crimes are just one sequel right after another.
    Chronic episodes to be continued.

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  • There was no collusion when it came to Trump …The only collusion was Hillary and the uranium deal by Hillary and Obama and Muller….why this being over looked …saleing to another country. Is a crime…expecially uranium…

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