Break Ups – part 2

Break Ups – part 2

Breakups part (two) All right, so this is probably the dumbest breakup I’ve been in it was also the first time in a relationship where I was dumped again, this was back in High school Just the fact update for you guys I’m not a very tall dude not even average my mom’s five feet tall and my dad’s Five five I got the short end of the deal I’m currently 22, and I’m about five three how long have you been five three a while and With my typical Asian complexion it’s not a surprise people still mistake me to be a teenager So I’ve pretty much given up. Hope for any late-Bloomer growth spurts Anyway, I dated this girl named Jaa We’ll call her Jessica. She was a classic example of wow I only dated her for her looks yes, I was an ignorant kid caught in the lust of Infatuation, I met her at a town festival. She was with a group of friends, but once I saw her I was like damn.. she’s cute fast forward I became acquainted with her and her friends We all got to know each other found out. She liked me told her I liked her too Asked her out. She said yes, but at the same time I’ve always been skeptical you see Jessica was an inch taller than me in fact all of my exes except one were taller than me and I know most of you girls have that preference of having a tall partner, so I was a bit surprised when I found out Jessica was into me even if her height difference was quite insignificant Even after she said yes, I was a girl really really tell me what you want what you really really [want] You’re sure you don’t mind my height, and I took her word for it when she said now. I find it cute K Same deal honeymoon stage got comfortable then at some point it started going downhill My whole life I’ve had people constantly remind me of my small stature as if I don’t see myself in the mirror every morning I got used to it and all the teasing so it’s like whatever [laugh] it off Ha ha ha ha ha but when my own girlfriend decides to end the relationship Because of this very reason you kinda have to go what the fuck half of me was like I knew it. I knew it I knew it! The other half was like, but you said he was okay with it You lied [to] me she told me why Basically a few of her friends were teasing her for having a short boyfriend apparently it upset her I Don’t know what to say to it because you kinda have to like just assume they have enough decency to brush it off You know was I supposed to say hey? It’s okay. Don’t worry I’m a girl [too] like seven feet [tall] and [dump] their ass on their basketball nets. No shame on you You’re shallow prick And I guess it happened too frequently and eventually it was just too much for her sheathe napped Broke it off. She said I just don’t think I’m ready for a relationship right [now] like hell Yeah, you’re not if you’re gonna enter like this, but guess what two weeks later And she’s seeing another guy taller than her too and at the time. He was also kind of my friend We’re not friends anymore And it sucked because I had to see them together every day after school at track and field practice Yeah, it was a terrible shot to my self-esteem, [but] I got over it [I] had to realize why am I the one grieving not if mess up she’s the one missing out? I could do much better and I did and If you are or were in a similar situation, I hope you realize the same thing as well Moral of the Story bitches still be crazy yup Hey guys, Hope you liked the video I want to know what your worst breakup was tell me your story in the comments below also don’t forget to subscribe for weekly animation videos alright peace


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