Break-Up Road Trip | The Timeliners

Break-Up Road Trip | The Timeliners

Vicky! Vicky! Come, keep moving. Why are these break-ups so tough? I know right! I tried talking to him yesteday. That Vicky.. I want to have a break for sometime. But I couldn’t say it yet again. That’s it! You worry too much. Guys are just.. like a train? If one will depart, another will arrive. Right? No! They’re just like this car. And we girls? Just like this parking spot. Where all of these cars.. want to get parked. And atleast 10-20 cars are after a parking spot like you. I know! And then you are the one You’ve rented your parking spot to that stupid Vicky since 2 years. I know.. But I don’t know how to start the conversation. You know every time I try to do it He makes a puppy face. Then he wants a kiss. Now how can I break-up with someone I just had sex with! What do you think? Can I do that? How can I be so.. Idea! I will make the puppy face And you try breaking up. But you already have a puppy dog face. Don’t distract. Okay? So I will make the puppy face And you say everything that you have to say to Vicky. So you’ll also practice it And later Vicky’s puppy face won’t work on you either. Okay. Good idea. Okay! So.. Hmm Vicky.. I.. Happy birthday ba……… 5th of March! You thought I’ll forget your birthday? I may forget everything but not your birthday sweety! This is for you baby. Also.. We’re going on a road trip! Woohoo Vicky! It’s.. not my birthday! It’s not even close. And what road trip? I’m not going on any road trip with you, please! You’re such a vibe killer! Do you know that? I know that! I planned so much for this weekend. I booked hotel for both of us. At Meerut! But this is my card! So what? Even this bag has your clothes. My house help didn’t come today I’ve stuffed my belly with coconut water and all my abs have disappeared. She doesn’t even care! One minute! One minute. What sympathy card are you playing? You booked a room without even asking me that too with my card? You know it’s a crime? It’s a crime, right? It’s a crime! Should I get you locked up? We’ll get locked up together. And who goes to Meerut anyway! Tell me who.. My parents went to Meerut! Fo their honeymoon. In what century? 1973 But it’s okay! They had a blast. They had so much fun! And I am the living example of that fun! Thank you mom dad! And is exactly the problem. Okay fine, I’ll cancel if you don’t want to go. Yeah, cancel it. I don’t take that bs. Go for it. I’m a rockstar I’m telling you. Yes my friend, what’s up? yeah Cancel the booking then. No problem, it’s fine. Sorry, it won’t happen again. Okay? Cool See you! Sorry babes, no cancellations. We are going on a road trip together! Woohoo! Let’s go? We have no time, hurry up! What’s up people? If you wanted a road trip you could have planned it by car. Who rides for 120 Km on a bike? Baby! My Honda X-Blade is not just a bike Have any idea how many qualities it has? Tell me about it? ABS with pedal disc brake. Street-tech digital meter Razor edge LED tail lamp What are my qualities? You’re beautiful! And? Uhm..beautiful! It’s the same thing. Did you break-up or not? No bro! I’ll tell him after the trip. Babe. He’s taking you to his mom dad’s honeymoon location. I’m telling you he is definitely planning something big. No, there’s nothing like that. I don’t believe you. Okay. Baby! You come in front We’ll copy the pose from the movie Bang Bang No! Let’s do it from the movie rockstar then? Just spread your arms and get down. We’ll feel like a celebrity. It’s too dangerous. Please ride safe. What about the one from the movie Housefull? I’ll just make the bike skit like a rockstar and kiss you! No Vicky! Listen to me I need to tell you something. Hey you! Baby you alright? No I’m.. ouch! Headlight is fine, lamp is fine, no scratches either. My bike saved you. Listen Vicky. We need to talk. Ouch! Hey stop for a second. Stop, stop, stop! Carefully. What happened? I’m coming back. Where are you going? What is up with these girls? Ouch! Should I do it here? Baby.. I wanna do it too! I’m coming! What are you doing? What are you doing? What is up with you? You want to do it right? Do what? I also wanna do it! I want to pee. You wanna pee too? Yuck Riya! Who pees in the open? Wow! So you can have a quickie in open but not pee? It’s obvious right! I don’t even pee at my home if it stinks sometimes. Because you are crazy! Peeing in open space? What are you doing? I wanna pee real bad. I asked you to pee there. You’re too much. I don’t pee in open spaces. Vicky! This place doesn’t seem safe. What could be safer than this baby? I guess they’re looking at your gold pendant most probably. Cover it up. Bro! Where’s the toilet? My girlfriend is the cutest.. This is cool. 1 garlic bread, 1 pizza Add 1 Quesadillas too And a vanilla ice-cream. Make it half matar paneer, half plate jeera rice with extra onion. Hey buddy. Where’s the charging point? What would you like to drink? Champagne! No, no, no, no! Uhm.. Some wine and two glasses. Give them one orange drink with two glasses quick! Where is the bathroom? No no no no no no no no no Shit!! Anjali.. I’m dead. Hello Anjali. You were right. Vicky is planning something big. He is going to propose me in Meerut. Who proposes in Meerut, man! Who knows that! Could have done that in Delhi. No, no, please, please, please. Ayways babes. Now you gotta tell him that you don’t want to be with him. But I’m unable to say that under normal circumstances And if he proposes me.. We’ll definiteky get married man. Shit, shit! What do I do? Didn’t I tell it to you? Try it on someone else. Do it. Prepare babes. Yeah Right! Let me find someone. Okay, bye, thanks! All the best! There you go. What’s your name? Whaa.. Leave it! Hold this. No, that woud be expensive. Uhm.. Hold this onion and propose me. Come on! Propo… what.. Ask for my permission to marry me. Come on hurry up! Uncle look, she’s asking me to propose! Quick. Madam. What is your name? Leave it! When you entered some time ago. All of them were staring at you. But I didn’t because I’m a gentleman. I’m a gentleman. Vicky, no! I don’t want to get married! We both are not right for each other! We are perfect for each other, give me a chance atleast. No! I wanted to say this to you from long. Bro. Bro are you crzay? Hunh? That I want a break from this relationship! We both are two completely different people. This won’t work! Yes! I said it! Done! I did it! Baby! Oh shit! You are cheating on me with this food joint waiter? I’m not just a waiter, I’m the owner of this food joint. [email protected]#$ How dare you call me that! And you’re proposing her too? You stupid calf! You ugly guy! I’m gonna shove this in your mouth, get it? Go and look at your face! I’ve recently worked out my chest! Shut up! Shut up! I want to break-up with you Vicky! Yeah! I wanted to say this before the trip but I couldn’t. He doesn’t even let you speak! It’s over now! Go and make some food now. Let me get you hot and crispy parathas. She’s ready. Hey! Split the bill. Vicky can we talk for a minute? Go make some parathas now! Go and have your food now! Vicky atleast hear me out. Easy. What happened now? What are you doing? Yes, bro! That bitch Riya no She broke up with me! Who breaks up in the middle of the brick? And she was having an affair with a waiter Who does it with a waiter? No bro. You were right. One shouldn’t ever date a North-Indian girl Feed them momos and pizzas but they would still break-up with you. Enough Vicky! Enough of it! Why do you think I want to take a break from this relationship? Hmm? How would I know? If I had a clutch or break you would have been more interested in me. True that. You know you’re You probably know more about this bike than me. But I don’t really have a problem with that. It’s just that I don’t know where our relationship is going? Do you know where this is heading? Do you actually think we’re heading somewhere with this reationship? We are going to Meerut. My god! That’s your answer? Meerut? And then you want to propose to me? When did I propose? Okay.. Oh this innocent face of yours. What is this? Yeah, that’s my mom’s ring. Your your mom wants to propose me? Why would she propose? She said get in exchanged if you’re going to Meerut so I agreed. So this is your mom’s ring? Sorry! Sorry no! But Vicky.. I really need sometime from this relationship.. I’m not saying it’s a permanent break but.. I just.. 17th August! What? I know it. Your birthday is on 17th August. And not on 5th March So why did you do all this? I knew you wanted to break-up. That’s why I planned this road trip. How did you come to know? Babes! I’ve been in a relationship 13 times. Ofcourse! I’ve got dumped 13 times though but I get to know When is someone going to break-up. No problem I.. No worries Nothing happens I’ll be all alone. I’ll stay all alone. It’s okay! You don’t have to worry about me. Wanna go to Meerut to see your parents honeymoon location? We can go! But twin beds. We’ll get three mattresses, I’ll book the entire hotel! Let’s go first? Let’s go! Let’s go baby? Go! I’ll take you to every place in Meerut, it’s a nice place. By the way, road trips are more fun on bikes. True that!


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