We are creatures of habit yearning for a way to be heard but rarely stop to hear Caught up in our phones, worried about matching tones, rather have likes than lives and for what..? for validation? From a nation that operates on a false belief that we’re not as important without a blue check or a first-class seat It’s a social status over a social life, an online presence rather than being present Running from the rat race and the corporate life, swiping a card to fill a void, hitting buy to fulfill a choice of staleness Stuck in a wheel to earn someone else’s meal when all we really need is to wake up The realization to open the door that’s in front of us, but refused to walk through because we’re being too cautious We’re trapped in a cycle of a grind that’s glorified to work so hard, we’re blind. The things that really matter before our time is up, and we’re left unsatisfied Here today gone tomorrow, but we have a choice It’s when we stop to listen, that we end up living. It’s when you fall apart, that you make real art. Freedom from a world that’s conforming us, accepting a world that’s transforming us into creatures of habit. Break The Habit.


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