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  • Your Youniverse says:

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  • I like the saying of Teal Swan's: "…a belief is neither true nor false. It is either BENEFICIAL, or detrimental, that is all."

  • Deanna Reiki Webster says:

    This is a wonderful video and I understand the whole concept. But I don't understand is when you push emotions away, experiences you've had ect that can lead to PTSD. Which I have from dismissing and invalidating traumatic experiences throughout my life and recurrent abuse. When you don't deal with things they decide to manifest themselves in other ways. I love the idea of looking at something is separate from you, and trying to detach from a fleeting idea. When it comes to mental health how does one do that? I've been undergoing trauma therapy for over a year now. I've let so many things go to the point where I now have a illness. How does apply in these circumstances? I just want to understand. Thank you for the amazing video!

  • short and to the point – excellent visuals – dialogue of value – highly advise all to listen to her prior video's and to support hence grow this channel

  • Dave BongoSlide says:

    Confirmation Bias is what I hold to be true of life, the mass follows as sheeple without questioning so join the majority opinion.

  • The law of attraction is always working, your thoughts create your own reality. Avoid persistant negative thoughts to avoid attracting negative things into your life.
    Sending love and the best energies your way !

  • Teach Self Awareness says:

    Imagine new patterns and this creates a new thing to recognize… we begin to see the renewal of our minds in our day. Practicing Mindful Conscious Breathing is an easy and accessible way to enter the trancelike state of being an Observer. Deep, slow breaths. 👁⭐ Great video. Big help to the waking and woke.

  • This was an awesome video, thank you so very much. I found the information really helpful. Love your YouTube channel. Sending You Love & Light. ❤️😀🙏💙🦋🦄🥰🔮😘

  • Kalidas Tripathy says:

    Love you so very much for your conscious efforts for creating such type of life transforming vedios…. blessings and gratitude 🙏 🙏 🙏…

  • I am going to remove my all negative thoughts following these steps :
    1) Take deep breath for 5-10 minutes.
    2) Watch positive and motivational videos, no sad songs, violence and tragic videos.
    3) Daily Physical workout.
    4) Listen meditation binural music before sleep.
    5) Try to be busy with many activities throughout the day.

  • Demarco Bennett says:

    Wow you truly are amazing and I thank you so much for your video's I struggle with negative thoughts everyday trying to break the cycle sometimes it's so hard to change your mindset but I won't give up

  • greg michaelides says:

    I am not the body. I am not even the mind…Isha Kriya…this is what is called the dissolution or dissolving of self in yogic science

  • Its nice that i have done different brain waves and biokenisis and even trained by brain to not think or let people cant get inside my head or try to read my mind but took many years but you can achive this fast but dont overload your mind because youll hurt your brain and feels nit good so go at a pase you can handle then youll see that its worth it then your ahead of the rest and its nice and great when no one can read or even try to get into your head or self over thinking about alot of things and so good luck and patience and go at your own speed very important

  • “You are not the voice of your mind,You are the one who hears it”…
    Your every distribution of info blows my mind all the time👌🏼💯❤️✌🏼

  • Her voice is very calming and soothing and as I listen it feels as if she's standing here teaching me directly that's why it resonates so much I thank you and appreciate you for these videos

  • Simply no words! Take this information and take control of your life! God sent! ❤🙏 thank you, thank you, thank you!!😁

  • yeah, but first you need self love, self esteem and a self image that corresponds your goals. else visualization brings you nothing. check psycho cybernetics from maxwell.

  • My que here is if we don't give power to our thoughts…than there is time when our thoughts actually want to tell us something imp…

  • Thank you for your kind and gentle voice, thank you for your guidance and genuine concern, thank you for your generosity of wisdom which you so eloquently impart, thank you for giving me the insight to rebuild myself into the man I always was but was afraid to be. Thank you kind soul, I am eternally grateful and your efforts are not in vain

  • The answer to negative thoughts has already been revealed over 1,440 years ago from divine inspiration from The One God, Allah.

    Say: 'A'oodzu billahi menash shaytun nir rajeem.
    Then spit air 3x to your left.

    The negative thought immediately goes away.

    Don't believe me? Try it!

    Glory be to Allah. Lord of The Worlds.

  • Thanks so much for the awesome video 🔥 This will definitely help me improve my Mindset, and Manifest way faster!! Keep it up! 💯💯🙌

  • I have developed a strong belief that whenever I feel negativity in video my head aches and mind says no to negativity. I even don't have urge to eat junk food. Thank you.

  • The Hidden cause of Problems is Resistance. Negative Emotions Require Resistance in order to Exist. Just ask what in my life , Past, Present, or Future am i Resisting. 🎼🎧🎼👌

  • Was I the only one wondering why the song 🎵Shoot that poison arrow through my heart ❤🎵 by ABC kept playing in my head when I haven't hearx that song in decades? I kept asking myself why that song won't get out my head. Then the answer came (as it always does) It was from this video lol. ( the arrow idea to rid negative thoughts) so I changed the the lyrics to 🎵Shoot that poison arrow to the skyii🎵 lol. Blessings to all who reads🙏❤😘

  • Trank you very much, this puts my feelings/intuition into words so I can explain it to others more easily 🙂 And exercise that easier. To all who struggled a lot: we‘ll make it eventually 💪🦋☀️❤️
    Edit: the line „you are not the voice in your head“ relieved me a lot, I was feeling guilty for thinking like that.

  • Hi there. ..

    I need your help.
    I m doing Meditation for so many years. But most of the time when I m about to reach it's pick. my father interrupts in and disturbs me.
    Please help me to understand what universe is likely to tell me with this…

  • I truly believe that we can all re train and rewire our brains for more positivity and to have an optimistic outlook… first we must be aware of our thoughts … And then change them over to positive and uplifting visions of how things are going to turn out.

  • Thank You so much for this clear and concise explanation ! This has created an "ah-ha" moment for me that is beyond words. Its like mindful meditation, as I observe my thoughts.I am forever grateful. ❤Love and Joy to all.

  • The "on the go" option for the Ultimate Manifestation Course is amazing btw! Since I'm always on the go I have found some of my most productive thinking time is in the car. So being able to listen to the course and record my thoughts with the voice recorder is super sweet! I'm only 2 weeks into this course and have already manifest 3 new sources of passive income!

  • Hey guys I really wanna know if ya ll really transformed your lives? It's not that I don't believe in it, I really do.. But perhaps I am being too impatient… I really want to transform my life completely as currently I am really going thru a difficult phase and these negative thoughts been really difficult to deal with.. Share your thoughts…

  • This is great and true. I practice this with mindfulness. if anyone really wants to adapt this skill – take a mindfulness workshop in your area.

  • This is groundbreaking stuff. I love your work. This helped me transform & continues to help me transform. It really doesn't stop.

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