Brad Guzan | Post-Match Media Availability | 02.01.2020

Brad Guzan | Post-Match Media Availability | 02.01.2020

(Guzan) Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. (Winkler) Mic’s hot.
Alright let’s go. (Roberson) It seemed like a
pretty intense friendly. (Guzan) No, it was a proper
game, for sure. It was a good way to finish
the two weeks down here. It was a good challenge, like I said it was a proper
game in every aspect. It was intense, there were
tackles, pressure. They didn’t sit off. They came after us,
we went after them. It was a good game. (Roberson) I was telling them
it felt very “CONCACAF-y.” A lot of yellow cards,
a lot of hard tackles. (Guzan) Yeah.
(Roberson) People sliding around the surface (laughing). (Guzan) Well, yeah.
I think that’s just part of the normal game but, I always kind of laugh at
yellow cards in a friendly. But it is what it is,
you know? The referee tried to control it
as best he can. Yeah, it was a tough game
against a good opponent. (Roberson) They pressured y’all
pretty aggresively, pretty deep, ran a really high front line.
How do you think you handled it? (Guzan) Uh, at times
we played out of it well. As the game went on, I think we could have been
better on the ball, but that will come. You know the other day against
Philadelphia we were really good Today we were good at times. Surely could’ve been better and
a little tidier with the ball, and not turned it over
as easily. (Roberson) And just any particular
concerns you that have? Anything you feel you need to
work on before Birmingham? (Guzan) No listen, we
talked about using these games as building blocks,
as steps to continue our progeress in
pre-season, and I think we certainly
did that. And so, we look forward to the
game in Birmingham as another opportunity to continue
to build our fitness, and ultimatly continure to build
our cohesion on the field. Make sure that we slowly but
surely start to get guys on the same page and make sure
we’re pushing this thing in the right direction
and the right way. (Roberson) And one more.
Meza and Lennon, how are they doing
with the defense now? (Guzan) Yeah, really good. You know you’re constantly
are having little discussions throughout training,
throughout games, throughout the weeks,
watching plays on video, talking about situations. So they’re picking up things
that we like to do and we are picking up what
their strengths are and what their individual
tendencies are. So its a learning process
both ways but they certainly have
come in and have slotted in seemlessly
and that’s a credit to their hard work and their
commitment to out team. I’m freezing.


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