‘Brace Yourself’: Doctors in Italy Share Coronavirus Advice | NYT News

‘Brace Yourself’: Doctors in Italy Share Coronavirus Advice | NYT News

“And this is really
the eye of the cyclone.” “A nightmare. A nightmare.” “Lombardy for sure is one
of the most advanced regions in Italy in terms of health care.” “38-year-old with severe
respiratory distress. And immediately, in the
next two, three hours we see 10, 8, 9
patients exactly with the same
clinical presentation.” “Every single square meter
is occupied by beds, every single aisle is
filled up by beds. And you can hardly recognize
where you normally work.” “The gastroenterology
ward is not there anymore. Internal medicine
is not there. Neurology has been replaced. Doctors from other
specialties have been called to do shifts.” “We had seven I.C.U. beds and now we have 24.” “As many as 5 to 10 percent
of the severe cases and of deaths are actually among the
health care personnel.” “We forget to eat, we forget to drink, and we keep on working.” “I’m far away from my
family since Feb. 19.” “The worst is somebody dying
in the isolated ward asking for the wife, the husband for
the last hours of their life and having no chance
to have anybody around and dying on their own.” “So the problem is that now we
don’t have any intensive care beds anymore. We have to intubate,
put on a helicopter and transfer to
another region, actually, because in the region all
the intensive cares are full.” “Prepare more
intensive care beds, get more devices for
mechanical ventilation. Do the swab to everybody
within the hospital and be aware that somebody
will not make it anyway.” “We try to give our best
to win not only the battle, but win the war, finally.”


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  • The New York Times says:

    The New York Times is providing free access to the most up-to-date information and guidance on the coronavirus at nytimes.com/coronavirus. Register with your email address to gain access.

  • My heart breaks for everybody involved ? May Allah SWT ease their suffering and lift this calamity away. Stay strong Italy ❤

  • This is a bioweapon. Released in the perfect place with the perfect cover story… Let's not forget 911 and how the aids virus came about. Just saying…..

  • حسوني غيتار says:

    A message to the Italian people, oh people, fear God, fear God, God is Merciful, the Most Merciful, and He is the Forgiving, Most Merciful, the Most High, to God so that you can save your souls, there is no god but God and Muhammad is His Messenger.

  • Johan Vanderborght says:

    Let this be a lesson to people whom still put politics above peoples health. Thinking of politics now will backfire during the next election. Highest respect fot those how are in the frontline and all that support them. We, whom are safe should respect the rules that need to be enforced. Mr. Bolsonaro and Mr. Trump. You have great power. Use it wisely.

  • This will save lives. Effective Home remedy for Corona Virus according to our Psychic here in the Philippines, you can watch this video https://youtu.be/bUTdGX_7Ttk

  • If I will survive here in Italy, I will pass the rest of my life hunting wet markets in any part of the world and making them esplode with all the stupid ignorant people in it!

  • محمد حميد says:

    (Ablution) complete, especially inhalation
    Protects against infection with corona virus

    And treating the injured in the first days of injury
    Before the virus passes from the nose to the lung

  • Adriana rodrigues says:

    I'm really sorry, it's very sad. It reminds me of so many people who died alone in the Mediterranean Sea, fleeing wars, hunger and violence. There were so many calls for help that they were silent in the bottom of the sea. Northern Italy has always been against opening ports to refugees. Sad reality….

  • All governments should take a page out of the prime ministers book in New Zealand. With only 100 confirmed infections she shut everyone on lockdown for 1 month.
    Why are other countries waiting for a mass infection rate before they chose isolation? When isolation is the only cure

  • In india same some of them not taking it seriously an will creat problems for the rest the government has taken good decision by lockdown but people are not listning stil going out thinking nothing will happen to them sad

  • Why can’t everyone just listen and stay at home? Is that so hard??? I’ve been staying at home for the past 3 weeks but I’m not complaining because I’m safe
    It’s not serious where I live but I’m taking it serious because you’ll never know when it’ll spread

  • Nobody will tell you, so I will. I have seen a sepsis in 4/20+ patients I have seen come through my ICU. Possible cases more around a half of those. This is a major factor in the deaths we are seeing and this must be researched/informative to the public.

    Source: https://m.dw.com/en/sepsis-a-common-cause-of-death-from-coronavirus/a-52758193

    There are more. Please do your own research, I am very tired.

  • Mashudu Mulaudzi says:

    Why do people love arguing we have Coronavirus killing and that's just it why debate why question each other omg no wonder we are in this situation

  • Youtube Daily Fix says:

    May be this congested confined places where they are treating is overloading with virus causing more and more deaths

  • The people who died of so called common flu actually died of COVID 19. The US government hid the truth and finally made it out of control. Right after the outbreak, the US retreated its military

  • Do the public have enough home health care products, masks gloves, home oxygen units, cleaning products to keep people safe along with social distancing? Maybe you need a paradigm shift, to supply the public with basic store bought products like masks, gloves, wipes etc along with social distancing.? All you can do is one at a time, but mobilize the community and supply them with what they need as SKorea did.

  • Dear Friends,

    -Social Distance is only Solution
    -Isolate old age people, separate food, separate bathrooms
    -After Handling Cash, Sanitize hand.
    -Use One hand for Personal care and Cleaniness and other hand for work life operating lift, operating handle etc and clean and sanitize hand regularly.
    – Don't touch hand to face
    – One who is constant touch with pateint should remove all your Hair
    – Have easy breath steam from your mouth and nasal
    -Seat in Bonfire

  • Stop blaming china and start blaming their government for censuring the info. The chinese have nothing to do with the spreading of the virus.

  • Life is Amazing says:

    Why can’t Italy and the USA built extra hospital like they did in China! Instead of trump giving everyone who’s eligible for those checks they should use that money to create those extra hospitals we need or finding a cure or for the testing kits and also getting better uniforms for the doctors/nurses etc… since they are putting their life’s in the front lines.common we need BETTER care for the people who are sick and for the people helping!!!!!!

  • Is anyone checking the diet of patients, particularly supplements? I eat healthily and take vitamin D to boost immunity and Zinc to suppress the development of the virus. We need to know why people in one household who contract the virus have very different reactions; We need a factor database as it may save many lives.

  • Michael Nitzsche says:

    Dear visitor of this channel, please help President Trump and support
    him. Inform yourself about the truth and spread it around. This will
    erase all lies and stop the current hystery.

  • Michael Nitzsche says:

    Dear visitor of this channel, please help President Trump and support
    him. Inform yourself about the truth and spread it around. This will
    erase all lies and stop the current hystery.

  • Michael Nitzsche says:

    Dear visitor of this channel, please help President Trump and support
    him. Inform yourself about the truth and spread it around. This will
    erase all lies and stop the current hystery.

  • Michael Nitzsche says:

    Dear visitor of this channel, please help President Trump and support
    him. Inform yourself about the truth and spread it around. This will
    erase all lies and stop the current hystery.

  • I tearfully ask God bless those doctors. You can feel their dedication to having human lives, and what worse kind of conditions can exist for them to do their work. I know American doctors are doing no less.

  • By this you can tell Italy is the most unhygienic place possibly in the world. You need to cough or sneeze on to others or on to things and others come in contact with those objects and bring their hands to the eyes, nose and mouth with dirty hands for this to happen. It’s just crazy how this would be going on without a care.

  • I still believe China would be number one but they stopped accurately reporting at a certain point so we dont know what their real numbers are. That being said just bc one country got hit this bad doesnt mean others will get the same. Hope's and prayers with everyone worldwide.

  • China was deceitful in their information and numbers. countries were barring flights, mean while the WHO said there was no need and not a pandemic. If China had been forthcoming and truthful, countries could have barred flights earlier. U.K. will reconsider 5g by China after this. There is no way to trust China about anything.

  • Stay strong Italy! Prayers and lots of love for all of you heroes fighting for patients in the frontline. ??❤️

  • I hope with this pandemic and testimonies the goverments around the world will think twice before taking the medical sector for granted by passing budget cuts every year. No matter how advanced our society becomes virusses will continue to pop up every decade or century and will cause more damage than any natural disaster (hurricane, volcano, earthquake, snow storm etc.)
    My prayers go to all the sick people, the doctors and other workers in the medical field fighting this pandemic.

  • Everybody needs to pray for italians, chinese and people of the world. Only by repentance we can ask God the Father in Jesus name to help them and us.

  • Perico De Lospalotes says:

    In Spain we love so much to our Italian brothers that it hurts but at the same time we are getting exactly the same amount of infected and deads, exponentially more everyday.

  • Lady’s look ? the videos in China ?? there it was bad
    Your people is sleeping ? and they had you
    Don’t ever forget is other countries with real problems like India ?? mexico ?? Peru ??
    So your country is not bad

  • Angela Alvarez says:

    This was known in 2019 its was reported by Korea, yet our government was busy trying to impeach the president instead of preparing the country for this tsunami coming, corrupt china, corrupt American govt.
    Thinning out the herd the inners city, poor elderly, this usa govt had failed its citizens.


    Every Corona Death in the WORLD could be averted with Crystalline penicillin infusion 600 mg or 1 megaunit. In a crisis country, just try in 10 dying patients and publish your Clinical Trial report in 6 hours. What would WORLD lose if I am found wrong? Dr K Chaudhry FIRST Author of Jaypee Brothers http://indianmedical.net

  • Message for Italian Goverment…during good time commit Sins..karma is great commited by the people…. now crying for help…help granted people never change to be Truthful, have Great kindness and Tolerance….the God cannot be fooled…by your tears….Virus love people eat meats, eggs, Garlic, Onion, chives and spring onion plus drink alcohol…how come this smart virus not infecting all these people…..this is Judgemenet Period….people have turn the world and heaven upside down…..only people practice great kindness and vegetarian will stay…..Now is just the beginning according to the decoded prophecy…..no medicine at all…please someone send my message to the Government of Italy and Spain…you can say it is my opinion….maybe cheap opinion….just watch next year…..perhap much worst..

  • ? If anybody is running out of toilet ? paper in New York or Washington DC you can use either News paper as toilet paper because that’s all the The New York Times and Washington Post are good for wiping your butt.

  • This 'Crown Virus' is taking the world by storm…Let's hope this type of thing does not become frequent!

    If anyone is feeling a bit cofuzzled for things to do at home, you can check out this small e-book

    'A guide to Lockdown by Kidett Morcoss'

    I hope it helps, it will be over soon!

    Take care and good luck!

  • Med Tech Natural's says:

    ???????? in Kyoto many Japanese notice always the way your left party try to push their view on our life.

    When we remind them they are in our country they somehow claim to be a victim if the conversation goes to body type and obesity they become offended then go to eat.

    They demand we find beauty in being unhealthy or obese. It’s not how we place our view on beauty. Our body is temple.

    If conversation go to politics they are blinded by brainwash. Our country have , pride we pledge 50 billion to USA for economic growth from Trump Japan leaders never give anything to obama he is not a businessman and try to force his views over here.

    Japan is good without him, Americans are better without him world is better without obama but your media never report truth about him because everyone work for him married to executives in media,

    this is why nothing true is reported only what left want, this is why this will not work in Japan because we live by sword they would die by the sword.

    Your USA President today is only President in 35 years that did not come to office and start war with another country. Japanese have much different view than your left party. ???????

  • Is the advice from Italy:. "Inflate your death rate so much so, that the advisor for the minister of health has to come out and explain to everyone that they're recording the covid-19 deaths incorrectly, and the real number of dead is around 12% of the number they are actually reporting"

    Is that they're advice? Lie and create panic?

  • bouchaib soumami says:

    Really I'm very very sorry about what happened to Italy.

  • Ayrvedic say that medicine mullethi ( jethimadh ) boost immune system by fighting against virus , release interferon , reduce hyper inflammation

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