Bouldering in Albarracin – Tierra Media Sector

Bouldering in Albarracin – Tierra Media Sector

so woken up today, and we slept in a different car park last night. arrived here in the dark and woke up to slightly
unusual sight a massive dinosaur not what you normally expect to wake up and look out the window and see, still feeling pretty tired today
body’s aching a lot we’d be having a rest day but the forecast for the next
couple of days is pretty wet and it’s perfect weather today. kind of feel like
gotta make the most of it try and get as much climbing in as possible. because the
weather’s so good we’re gonna walk over to one the further sectors so it’s
about half an hour walk see what it’s like over there a little 6a+ warm up, very good this one is 7A+ start down here it
looks like reach moves but not too bad good holds, and then you get into these
crimps which look quite hard, and the feet don’t look great got this crimp thing here, which would be alright if you had decent feet but… otherwise it’ quite small but I don’t know what that next one is like, looks quite slopey then you go to try and get up to the top just needed to catch that crimp right once I got that crimp in the right place wasn’t too bad hope my body starts to loosen up soon do some yoga need a rest day, but when the weather’s this good today and wet for the next two days Sangre con Victoria…..blood with Victoria..? 6c+ cool little flash, alright if you’ve got
small fingers I think, like i could properly wedge three fingers in that little
pocket. that’s alright it’s good yeah I wasn’t sure what I
thought of this place when we first turned up because i was struggling on
a 6a to top it out seems to be the recurring theme for Albarracin so far
is some stuff feels like maybe soft for the grade perhaps and
then other stuff just feels hard I guess but well maybe I’m just being a bit of a
wuss at the top outs, usually a bit of a wuss it’s properly snowing out there shall we make a snowman? you want to make a snowman? off you go then well we just about made it back to the van before the snow really came in driven down to the sleeping car park and it’s snowing a lot so we’ll see what it’s like tomorrow morning we had a rest day yesterday because its was raining a bit and well we needed a rest day and then it
was only meant to sort of rain a tiny bit this morning but it ended up raining
quite a lot and we spent all day waiting for it to dry out and it’s just about
dried out now but there’s more rain forecast so we’re trying to be really
quick because I reckon we’ve got I don’t know, it might be five minutes or it
might be an hour so we’re just trying to quickly grab whatever climbing we can. so we’ve come to one of the closest sections of rock from the carpark, When you’re really short on time and you want to
climb 7s, so I suppose you just jump straight on a seven, so we’re gonna see
how that works out! so there’s a 7a long crimpy traverse thing across here so, get on that you ready? yeah…. pep talking to myself El Globo tell the camera about my problem my
problem went here, the problem was I didn’t hold the hold properly the first
time! that took some skin was like being grated by a grater. yeah I mean there’s
a good flake, crimp thing but just painful when you miss Little bit worried I was going to smack onto that rock as well nevermind it’s all done let’s go home
it’s dark I can’t see a foothold now anyway, SUBSCRIBE! if you haven’t already
so if you haven’t checked out the other episodes already, episodes one, two, three,
four maybe five go check those out


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