Boss Intent Entertainment | Boss Talk : (Topic) Love

Boss Intent Entertainment | Boss Talk : (Topic) Love

it's entertainment thank you for tuning in today I'm saying yeah I really do love it so beautiful you know to have somebody by your side ever mighta got some bare feet yeah that understands you anyway said somebody died hey it's an intellectual in the way that they stimulate you in many ways that you would love to be stimulated like personally it's not just physically but mentally I'm here at your lady I mean like somebody really just yeah it making you better yeah like maybe what I'm doing for example I'm intellectual person and I'd love to be intellectually stimulated by person and I talk to you know talk to another level or it's becoming too low so like that yeah I'm one of those people like all about my future so like something that really attracts me like somebody that has saying we're not the same ambitious but have like ambitions egos for like somebody who wants to do something with their life not just be stuck and you know yeah just don't be basic like do something with your life like legs let's talk in a Maggie Thomas take yeah like me or you wanna be some popular maneuver around to become successful help each other yeah let's do some dinner crabbing of support each other but with jay-z said was better than one billionaire to no like that is beautiful so yeah yeah but there's also a downfall I've had bad experiences with I've only had one experience hey if you really want to be loved you cannot be so easy to give up inside at the same time like y'all are birth we are learning about what each other like and how to deal with each other's emotions and my body is perfect especially be growing up till you got girl not to do you know how they're gonna do my thing is I say get him after his birth body face because no matter what thankful girl I'll go today a man needs a face where he's just well some some place down but you know how many of your life – girl you know cuz you gotta talk to other people to see to narrow down which one you want or which one you like the most or see what type of stuff you really like cuz you like talking to other people you learn different qualities that people have and you wouldn't run it by different ways people treat you that's what I do oh yeah and you why do you earn options like yeah you riding your horizon your perspective like yeah like really open perspective of how you really should be treated – because I was in a relationship and I love him and he claimed he loved me but I don't think that was really like well no if you ask me that was not really love because he did not treat me like I was supposed to be treated me personally I have a brother he always let me know Robert but when it comes to life a man likes having a man I didn't know I didn't know my words I'm just saying I didn't know my work I was so stuck home just like keeping him and loving him and I wasn't focused on him loving me back exactly and that was the problem don't fall in love with potential fall in love with the person all right do not fall in love with it could be what it is oh my god I love that now later somebody don't want to be Trish you cannot fall in love with that idea because if if he are not if he is already not showing you signs with that idea that what makes you think he's going to yeah you can't really change a person like you can you can make a person like wanna do better but like you can't really technically change the president yeah and please understand the difference between wanting somebody to change the one to someone to grow yes you can tell you how you want them to grow and they think oh I'm not changing if somebody had said that to me it it's like Braille we growing up like you know we grow right now she should be playing I love them you were doing two years ago that's right as you change you grow anyway so what's the bad point and change and I'm not saying change in a bad way yeah all change is not bad change also are changes not good change let's keep that in mind you know cuz you can be with someone who younger and like abs are like I have a friend I was telling me about him and one of his ex-girlfriend's and that's that group she became to look like I mean you sometimes you out real people and that's my version we find but you have to learn when it's time to really let that person go and Greg just outgrew that person I give amazing advice when it comes to love some people grow apart some people grow together in relationships but if y'all actually grow apart do not force y'all to stay together it's going in at that point is just really unhealthy and can really start to stress it's pointless you don't want to waste time we only live once another thing another thing what that is like you said not wasting time like you got a thing you aren't like you were young okay it's okay to spend some time with somebody and still be able to let that person go don't let history just hold you to that personally history don't mean look it doesn't yeah don't let history to told you some person because you feel like you just can't waste your time you just don't want to start over somebody new I know starting over somebody new is really like look humor depressing like Saturday right yeah I'll just get over that you're young you're going to make mistakes you're gonna meet people that is not supposed to be in your life at all so don't just hold yourself to somebody because y'all got history you're young if you are getting over somebody and it's been awhile and you still not getting over them just think like you have to stop thinking like I can't wait to the time where I'm over it without putting yourself in their mind frame of them over I won't write over it like you have to like we're going to make yourself get over you have to force yourself to do now unless if you don't you just gonna be stuck there stuck you're gonna be stressed what they don't wanna tell us you know it does be talking yeah all of like it was like no I mean I play I don't know if everybody do but a lot of people go through times where they were just not happy with themselves and sometimes we go through that phase you see confirmation from other people or sitting somebody and Loki like that was kind of one of my situations were going to my little boyfriend's or whatever you want to call him because it was like I wasn't really happy with myself and when I seen that he was happy with me Oh Oh take this I'm gonna keep him but you can't keeps my deal with me catch any bad guys love yourself don't rely on buddy else to love you fine for him exactly I know what you want and then somebody do not have what you want or is not bringing something to the table that you feel like they should necessarily have or a necessarily working on do not change your do not compromise for nothing if if they're not gonna you know go you know fulfill your expectations or infeed to what you want do not change your expectations yeah no I mean yeah don't let this be a one-way street where you just like oh this one happiness will have to happen he ain't getting his way yeah it's draining to you at that point it's drying it to you and he gonna look like oh she a pushover basically yeah he gon take avenge that like don't think that a man would not take advantage of you oh like he will when he see that you're weak when he see that find out whatever if he's not a good man he gonna making it run with it yeah and I'm gonna say that's how he like it had anything to do about how he was raised because at the end a person mindset is all based on them yeah like the stuff that you go through and make sure mine says so and his mindset is I'm a player or I know this is now or I'm gonna just dog heard that's gonna be his mindset you ain't gonna be able to change that so don't think you are I cooked a do but I knew it I said oh ain't nothing change the only thing that changed was he had a girlfriend girls care about the fact that he had a girlfriend no so he was with me nine you know I hate with females it'd be those females that don't write that don't care that people got a girlfriend and they'd be like okay I don't know loyalty to her it's my loyal ceasefire it's like yo some respect like honestly like what did you say don't be one of those girls that just like oh you're oh you're okay with being Sachi and yeah like that like yeah but at the same time it's not this is not particularly to banish men but it goes both ways cuz it's also women because females don't know man so don't cheat do you hear me they do just it takes like I said it's good man you gotta know the difference decipher between the two but they move like that they all here they all there and they really not offer you they're for you but also everybody else if people want to play that over stereo so hard everybody know everybody it's a lot of stuff when it comes to love love is a very difficult thing and it's complicated yo hey th at a young age is really complicated because that's me you supposed to be no yes building yourself and when you do when you're doing that with someone else like it takes away from you like well my mama told me not to just be not to be died when I was like so it's like yeah you don't you don't like like your parents gonna be saying that stuff is really true you don't need to be dating I got a young age because at the same time like when you get to a heartbroken at a young age it changes you and inmates you are hurt and broken for no reason being you got these Oh extra access problems on your back and you only would 18 trial of somebody you love you know give props to those people who know how to who actually work together love not there no mistake it for lunch your love thank you so long story short what's the summary of our conversations love yourself know your Worth and people grow apart so don't feel bad don't dwell on a patio and live your best life yeah we can talk about this with three days y'all want another video y'all I asked for you whatever I'll tell it you know 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