Boris Johnson’s Facebook Live policy announcement from his desk

Boris Johnson’s Facebook Live policy announcement from his desk

Good evening. I am speaking to you live
from my desk in Downing Street and I want to tell you about
some of the things we’ve been doing just in
the last few days. First, perhaps most important, we’ve been
putting more money into policing – £1.1bn into 20,000 more police
to make our streets safer – because what matters to me is
making sure your neighbourhood is a safe place. We’ve also been investing in our
wonderful NHS – another £1.8bn for 20 new
hospital upgrades. And what that means is more beds,
it means shorter waiting times and it means a better health service
for people around this country. And, of course, at the same time
we’re getting on with that work of getting ready to come out of
the European Union on 31 October, no ifs, no buts. And at the same time
I’ve been seeing some absolutely incredible things
around this country. Just this morning I was at the
nuclear fusion labs in Culham, which is offering an incredible
potential source of clean, cheap energy for future generations
and yet they tell me that they are literally only a few years
away from being able to provide UK-made fusion reactors for sale
around the world. It’s a quite incredible prospect
so that’s why we are today announcing here on Facebook live
that we are changing the rules on immigration so as to make the UK
even more open, even more welcoming to scientists from around the world. Because I want this country
to be the greatest place for science, the greatest place to start
a business and to invest, the greatest place to bring up your
kids and send them to school, the greatest place to live. That is the mission. But now I’m getting back
to my work. Thank you all for tuning in.


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