41 thoughts on “Boris Johnson: 'The withdrawal agreement is dead' – BBC News”

  • Robbie Knight says:

    Reason Boris will get this done is because he knows what we want, BREXIT, no deal, no divorce bill!! He won't let EU walk all over us like Theresa may did!

  • I feel like I`m in some nightmare, trump in the US, Johnson in the UK, all that is left now is Lepen in France to complet the plot…. I want to wake up to normality.

  • He basicaly said jack sht….. byw its easy to say the people have resolve and can pull throu …. but it actually means more homeless more unemployed lowered living condition and all the joy of being left behind in the wilderness…. and for what exactly ?….

  • stephen nsubuga says:

    No change comes without risks and pain! Leave the EU and deal with the challenges, take the bitter pill or stop messing about with the people them and economy! Just say, yes, the challenges outside the EU out weigh the benefits for UK end of!

  • Boris is ‘Winging it’ . He clearly has no plan and is bullshitting all the way. He has started to distance himself from responsibility for ‘No Deal’ saying the EU lack of cooperation will be the reason. If he leaves without a deal ie no change to our EU import/export status our economy will free fall imho and we ‘normal’ folk will suffer the most with higher prices, inflation, interest rates and lost jobs. Boris will just walk away, joking.

  • For these Eton, Oxford types this is just a big game where the boys can play at being big boys. Can't people see that? The don't give a shit about working people or anyone but themselves PERIOD.

  • I like Boris, he hates millions of emigrants from foreign countries, I don't blame him I wouldn't want to feed them either

  • Nigel Farage for PM.
    Cases pending for ruling that UK's already out. Will BoJo move to consolidate, support proposition? Not bloody likely.
    General strike for general election. Remember 1381.
    Nigel Farage for PM.

  • chelseachelseaboy says:

    Two mature entities…..right Boris… are missing the point, it's been negotiated…..the EU don't want to waste any more of there time, MP's have turned this country in to a joke…and Boris is the clown prince, MP's have done nothing in this country for the past three years & he has now come up with a no deal is up to the EU.….they aren't leaving the EU Boris we are,  take responsibility and stop blaming everyone else, you went around the country in a bus with lies plastered on the sides , as for Corbyn he's a joke as well you may as well put a dummy in the room, if Johnson did call a general election early he would win as there's no competition…Clown V Dummy….at least the clown will make you laugh.I'm pretty sure the EU cant wait to see us go……by the way….after Brexit he does realise our border will be at Dover, Kent doesn't he ?… Kent will soon be a very very large interment camp for migrants let through by France….why should they pay nor care we are no longer part of the EU… least Boris will be helping the Euro overtake the £….no wonder the boss of the Bank Of England is leaving the job early…he can see the chaos coming….sensible man.

  • Sumeet Bhardwaj says:

    Would Someone genius educate me what the hell this Brexit is ???
    And how this innocent looking British chimpanzee resolve this confusing nuisance ??? 😴😴😴
    Why there is lack of transparency in communication with the people ???

  • stringer 2295 says:

    I hope he reminded sturgeon that Scotland has a shortfall in its finances this year of £1billion. I wonder who will be bailing them out.?? 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  • Slashley gibbins says:

    I don’t mind Trump, at all. But Boris isn’t like Trump, other than he’s pro Britain like Trump is pro US.

  • Lets just fukin leave. Get on with it. Fuck the EU they have destroyed us we need to get exporting again get the chemtrails off our country go organic get farming get mining get some coffee deals oil tobacco n wine deals done, n lets get the british kite mark meaning something again in our future manufacturering.

  • Bojo the court fool preparing the cannon fodder for the coming rich men’s war game of monopoly in foreign countries. Bojo will be holding Trumps wee handies soon as they send the poor off to fight their wars.

  • When "Project Ireland 2040" kicks off, the Irish people will be begging for a hard border with the EU. The Irish still kill each other over which version of Christianity is correct, can't wait to see how they welcome all those doctors, engineers and scientists.

  • When the UK voted to leave there was always gonna be losses on trade etc but that's what was voted so if there's no deal then that's what'll happen and the politicians and the so called bright sparks will have to earn there corn and make it as less an impact as possible it ain't Boris Johnsons fault, at the end of the day if a deal can't b negotiated then we leave with no deal end of

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