Boris Johnson says the Irish backstop is ‘no good, it’s dead’

Boris Johnson says the Irish backstop is ‘no good, it’s dead’

Michael Gove says the
government’s working assumption has to be that there will
be no deal with the EU. Is that your assumption? – No, absolutely not. My assumption is that we
can get a new deal, we’re aiming for a new deal,
but of course my colleague is absolutely right that it’s
responsible for any government to prepare for a no deal if
we absolutely have to and that’s the message
I’ve been getting across to our European friends. I’m very confident that
we’ll get there. – What are you going to do
to try and get a deal? Are you planning to meet
EU leaders individually, are you planning to go
to Brussels? – Look, my approach is,
as you could imagine, my approach is to be very,
I don’t want the UK to be aloof or hanging back. I want us to engage,
to hold out the hand, to go the extra mile,
the extra thousand miles and what we want to do
is make it absolutely clear that the backstop is no good,
is dead, it’s got to go. The withdrawal agreement
is dead, it’s go to go. But there is scope to do
a new deal. – So, do you have proposals
for a new deal that you will take to Brussels. – We will, I have made it
very clear to our friends. We’re talking to the Irish today,
what the limits are, what we want to do
and we’re very confident there will be good will
on both sides. Two mature political entities,
the UK and the EU, can get this thing done.


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  • Both the EU and Ireland have said they will operate checks without a hard border in Ireland in the event of no deal, so the Backstop is clearly not the ‘do or die’ necessity that has been asserted…

  • The EU has already said they will not go beyond the deal they offered ex PM May. So, you might want to prepare for a no deal Brexit.

  • Kabaka Mwanga says:

    People around the world should know that once student president museveni is dead, we the real ugandans we are going to chase or kick out every foreigners hiding in uganda and afrika

  • Matthew Baynham says:

    So why doesn't he get in an airplane and fly to Brussels to talk to the EU, instead of just talking in front of TV camera's?

  • Why doesn’t he make it clear to viewers here what, exactly, he intends to do about the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. Everybody talks all around the problem without getting down to brass tacks.

    The lack of a “deal” with the EU does not mean that the UK cannot do something sensible at the border. The most sensible thing to do on the ground in Ireland is nothing. An open border has kept the peace in Ireland for many years now. Nobody should want a return to bloodshed.

  • The funny thing about states…they get along, until the point at which they don't…
    A partner and a competitor are two very different things…a lesson the UK may have to learn the hard way…
    Europe will need to make sure no one else see a future in exiting anything…otherwise, everyone will be of the opinion "you can have your cake and eat it" No… it looks like the party is going to be over…and everyone is going to have to deal with the hangover…everyone!

  • Says the man who voted for the Backstop. He now says it would be Undemocratic to vote for it. Just goes to prove what type of Undemocratic Dictatorial state England has become

  • Boris : We can get a new Deal

    Eu: Hahahahahhaahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahaahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahajajjaajajajajajajajjajajhahahahahahahah

  • Static Method says:

    Stupid inbred Brits think they have a democracy yet their inbred Monarchy is laughing at the peasants. The USA is laughing at your little island trying so hard to stay relevant like its inbred Monarchy

  • He voted FOR the deal,then changed his mind,then changed it again. Hardly exudes confidence does he? No wonder that poor woman is still in that Iranian prison

  • EU: So what is your solution to the problem of the Irish border and GFA???
    Boris: eehhhh… my EU friends … eeehhh… crickets.

  • Sunjeev Maini says:

    Theresa Mays deal was stupid she literally said Yes to everything. He is right show the a amended deal, open negotiations if they don't want to, as spoilt children than they can have their present of 40 billion, gone forever. Get the money from countries that are poor payers into the EU


    Grow some balls Boris and get rid of Ulster – give it back to the Republic of Ireland ?? it's deadwood which contributes NOTHING TO THE REST OF BRITAIN ??


  • Only China Miéville can save Boris Johnson.
    The solution can be found in Miéville's novel "The City & the City".
    Mr Johnson only has to lay a magical electric paranormal fog over the whole of the United Kingdom, causing it to remain in the European Union on one side of the road while it has escaped on the other. Anyone who has chosen one side of the road simply ignores those on the other side. (His political friends from the USA, who are familiar with Gerrymandering, can certainly calculate this for him without any magical intervention, street by street.)
    To relieve the old lady on the throne, Max Emanuel Ludwig Maria Prince of Bavaria is flown in for one side of the wall of fog. Then also the followers of the Jacobite succession have their fun.
    A crazy idea? Maybe so, but it doesn't move much further from reality than these peculiar promises of this bright young man.

  • PEOPLE LISTEN PLEASE : Brexit is a U.S-UK intelligence operation. Corbyn is MI6 (recruited in the early 80s when he was involved with Gerry Adams). Corbyn is there to make sure Brexit happens. Farage and Johnson are U.S agents. They want to hard Brexit and totally reconfigure the UK economy to essentially an American dependency.

    Let me tell you what will happen next: Corbyn will force an election to be called in September and Boris has been highly trained (by U.S-UK intelligence) to be the Churchilian figure. He will say to the British people that "we must make sacrifices!" (like in WW2) "but in the end we shall have freedom!".. etc and he will win the election and there will be a no deal Brexit. The U.S will then come in to "help" (economically colonize) UK.

  • Not possible for a new deal in the time we have so it's Mays deal minus the backstop and political suicide for Boris brino isn't acceptable

  • If there are tensions in Ireland because of the wall then it is wholly Westminster's fault, no doubt about that.
    The EU need the backstop to make sure a border is set up properly based on the request of the UK to leave the EU, which includes NI who voted to remain. Until such time trade deals are agreed.

    I believe it is ultimately the UK's fault (actually only England) that the border is needed between NI and RoI.

  • These British military bases would have to close following independence and move south with Royal Navy ship building

  • de Pfeffel seems to be preparing for a general election while the remainers, and Labour in particular, are divided.

  • Hes done what teresa may should have done 3 years ago. Declare no deal and if the eu choose to give a deal we accept then consider it. If not the no deal.

  • As the EU has to work in the interests of all its member states, the UK works in the interests of its member states and leaving the EU is for the benefit of the Majority, rather than the few.

  • Pearse O`Donnell says:

    "2 mature politiacl entities"!!! Who does he think he´s kidding. The UK has been everything but a mature political entity during the past 3 years. Johnson is waffling – he´s saying things that are either untrue or unfeasable ….or worse still both.

  • Democracy will win out and we will leave the EU! Let’s all give a big thank you to David Cameron for ensuring the People(including the Scottish) had a chance to vote on such an important issue! Well done to all those Brexiteers who got out there and won the vote! 17.4 million wonderful people?

  • Guardian News says:

    Johnson refuses to meet EU leaders unless they scrap backstop ►

  • Brian Bartholomew says:

    @ Brian Bartholomew. Thanks for your intelligent comment. You have obviously given the back-stop conundrum a great deal of thought. Boris Johnson should scroll down past the trolls in order to read your comment.

  • He just has no chance of getting a deal or removing the Irish Backstop. If he refuses to speak with EU leaders he will never get anything. Johnson never had any intentions of getting a deal and will close government when he fails to get a deal. Incompetent comes to mind.

  • Why doesnt ireland leave the eu? Ireland could join uk to make a new kingdom! No border then. Only eu wants a hard border.

  • funny how this ole brexit thing has become all about the deal

    people in the uk had a reffenredum about leaving the EU not about making a deal

  • 2gointruth With Good News of The True Gospel says:

    It wasn't really 'a backstop' but more 'a safety net', which would have been safely removed through the deal made between the EU and Theresa May.

  • Semaphore Smith says:

    He wants hard No Deal brexit. That's why he couldn't answer when asked if he has a plan. He is fighting for Brexit Party voters

  • So, this is his plan, denial and creeping around the EU! As well as being a self centred, self seeking, lying, treacherous, adulterous buffoon, he is obviously deluded! Well the ‘aristos’ did interbreed in the old days if a chamber maid wasn’t to hand ?

  • Bla bla bla- and no solution. What amuses me, UK uses twisted logic, as trying to scare EU with no deal option to get a better deal, and believe, that EU tactic is same, as no no no will turn to yes at the end. But normal would be to listen other side carefully and consider it to be true. As EU said it would be no better deal, that mean that it is it. UK proclaimed no deal Brexit- EU heard you and act accordingly- preparing for no deal. And it should and would be border between countries under different law. What is difficult to understand?

  • Zinda Sk Rashid says:

    UK should learn from India how to secure its own territory, even by ignoring the US president. A lowly Nancy Pelosi lectured UK on Northern Ireland! Although nowadays they are known as FUKEW (Former UK of England & Wales)

  • What does he know about the Irish? He is not born in Britain and he is even not elected by the British people and now he knows better what democracy is and means for the Irish People and the Irish backstop. I can only advice the Irish people to leave the UK before a clown starts a Haloween-Brexit-Party in Britain with titanic success for the British people. But for the Irish people if they do not leave the UK they have to pay the Brexit-Party-price for the next 500 years whatever the costs may be. It is time as soon as possible to take back control of own country before Boris persuades Merkel and Macron to start a New deal, we all know a wrong deal. Stop Boris! Stop this crazy Haloween-Brexit-Party-Deal! Stop the Brexit!

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