Boris Johnson promises to make Britain ‘greatest country on earth’ as he faces the Commons

Boris Johnson promises to make Britain ‘greatest country on earth’ as he faces the Commons

the old regime in exile the cricket at Lord's yesterday there's no normal changing of the political guard everyone around the table at Boris Johnson's new cabinet has pledged they will not obstruct a No Deal brexit won't bail out on the journey we are now committed all of us to leaving the European Union octobots dissent has been ironed out of this cabinet Boris Johnson hopes that means messages like the one we went to the Commons today to deliver will shift the European Union's stance on the withdrawal agreement with the British Cabinet that will risk and no deal breaks it I do not accept the argument that says these issues can only be solved by all or part of the UK remaining in the customs union or in the signal market the evidence is that other arrangements are perfectly possible my team and the writer on my return will friend the secretary say for exiting the European Union are ready to meet and talk on this basis to the Commission or other EU colleagues whenever wherever they're ready to do so the –use negotiator Michel Barnier emailed EU countries saying as suggested by Boris Johnson's rather combative speech we have to be ready for a situation where he gives priority to the planning for no deal partly to heap pressure on the unity of the eu-27 London mr. bono said must be told the EU isn't budging both sides sounded like they were waiting for the other to show signs of compromise before any talks could take place Jeremy Corbyn said the new government was hard right no one underestimates this country but the country is [Applause] but the country is deeply worried that the new Prime Minister overestimates himself labour he said would oppose No Deal and if he has the confidence to put that decision back to the people we would in those circumstances campaign to remain metamorphoses that took place like the final scene of invasion of the body snatchers at last at last this long-standing Euroskeptic the right honourable gentleman has been captured he has been jugular 'td he has been reprogrammed and he has been turned now into a Romania it is this party it is this party that is on the side of the people who voted so overwhelmingly in 2016 it all sounded like a dress rehearsal for a general election in which the parties are more entrenched than ever in the 2016 referendum divisions and now entrenched number 10 Dominic Cummings the mastermind behind the vote leave campaign not a traditional party man as one who worked with him in the coalition government remembers I certainly wouldn't use the word conservative about Dom I mean he's a radical he's a bit like Michael Gove a Maoist in some ways he believes in progress through a process of creative destruction there's nothing small see conservative about him an early election is really very likely now I think that the reshuffle yesterday in some senses was a clearing of the decks for that election and what you can see is the the strategy the strategy will be to basically see off the brexit party and to try and maximize the conservative share of the leave vote that's the strategy Don Cummings is back in the dining street that will be his strategy it will be Lyndon Crosby's strategy and it will be the new prime minister's strategy to win a fourth term but this time not as a modern compassionate conservative party but as a hard right Thatcherite conservative party brexit isn't about right or left because you've got people who vote labour who are brexit ears and people have her conservative the brexit is back in the Commons warning from the Welsh nationalists for Boris Johnson his political tactics can he confirmed to me which is his heart's desire leaving the European Union or retaining the United Kingdom because you don't have to pick one do-or-die [Applause] welcome back mr. speaker Parliament is now wizened for the summer some Tory's spirits were cheered not I think many of us are going to go away on our summer hold is full of dread and fear about what is going to happen because you think this autumn there's going to be a mighty clash between Parliament his government that could end in a general I don't see how there can be anything other than than a head-on collision in six weeks time this car will sweep back in through the gates of Parliament to update MPs on brexit progress and an autumn of even bigger political convulsions could be upon us Garry given reporting earlier I spoke to the children and families Minister Nadeem hawi I asked him what he made of the cabinet reshuffle so far I think what you've seen with Boris which I think it surprised many is the speed and precision of getting his cabinet together I mean many a incoming Prime Minister in the past or a shadow leader had butchered a reshuffle 4-billion promised today for education but the tragedy for him sure is that we knew this already and it just demonstrates that he is basically living up to his promises he's only saying I'm going to do what was promised in the last administration well he's only been in office for four hours and he's already delivering on that promise that's a good place to begin it had all the feel of new money and that is always the problem with incoming administration's is there going to be something new you need much more money than four billion how much would you like to ask him for as the chief secretary of the Treasury which is soon ak is on record this morning saying there is a twenty six billion head room if we get a good deal from the European Union I think you'll find the economy will continue but you'll be asking for a chunk of that well there's there is going to be a spending review in good time there'll be more money going into to the Social Care and high needs and of course education overall as broad Boris's promised do you see the verse two in the cabinet has just happened chance or this is a deliberate move by Boris Johnson to reflect him a couple the country I think it demonstrates versus ability to bring different talents together people who may have campaigned for remain Robert Buckland and Nicky Morgan and and amber rod and brexit ears cabinet is still a cabinet of toughs home it is basically that's not no but they are people who have either been privately educated or have made a lot of money soap so that so that the foreign secretary and First Minister was a grammar school boy the Chancellor was not privately educated and work last way from Rochdale the father was but they don't represent the majority either you look at the who else's around that the the table the thing that you can no longer I think say about the Conservative Party and we saw that in the final hustings in London that we are a party of just the privilege of top the truth is the overhang over all this is brexit and you're pretty happy on a no deal if it has to happen no I don't want to see a no deal I think you're against no I wouldn't vote against it be the best way to spread doesn't sound very principled I'm against it but I wouldn't vote against you have to listen to me John the best way to secure a good deal is to prepare for no deal because to be able to walk away is when you then allow the interlocutors to focus their mind as to move towards a chart a compromise position you're going to say that by the 31st of October it's possible to negotiate another deal what what we have to do is prepare the nation this is what Boris and the team are determined to do so that we are ready if we don't achieve a deal a fair deal for United Kingdom and a fair deal for the EU then we can walk away on WTO terms but in there brother in those terms there is still a nine-month effectively standstill which has already been negotiated 98 days and in that time you think you can negotiate a deal a deal that's good for Britain good for Europe good for everybody good for your constituents in stratford-on-avon it's unreal what can't do is negotiate with yourself which is we're having this conversation by essentially taking our own options away do what you should do is prepare the nation if we have to to be able to walk away on WTO terms this is the first Prime Minister who truly believes in brixton believes of yes it's a challenge but the advantages beyond wrecks it for this country you know with a disciplined cabinet behind that Prime Minister they I think will behave differently well you know better than anybody how austerity has really hit the poorest of the poor there's been great suffering as a result of all stretch apparently austerity is now over but you're going to have to do an enormous amount of rebuilding Boris is already committed to making sure that he closes that gap he's talking about our coastal town Scarborough and elsewhere where we have to as he put it physically bring them back into the nation they'll be able to share in this golden age that is to describe ICC this golden age well let me tell you the moment we deliver bracelet I believe I was I came from the world of business into politics I can tell you there's a wall of money waiting to invest in the United Kingdom because this is the best country to put your money to invest in that wall of money has priced thin brexit what our hasn't priced in is a jeremy corbyn government there will be clean drinking water from the planes will fly factories will be ready in business will be ready No Deal regs in Britain may be flying closer to a No Deal but Boris Johnson doesn't believe will be burned relax we've got it in hand appears to be the mantra if only business shared his view this Midlands food manufacturer is certainly proud of its British roots but they're determined to maintain their close ties with Europe – from humble beginnings selling meat door-to-door nearly 50 years ago it now has sales of 200 million pounds a year with brexit looming they've stopped investing for now but they're hoping the gates to the EU will remain open Boris Johnson has scoffed at bosses who warn that a No Deal would be a catastrophe for business and the economy but just take this one company here as an example roughly 20% of its 1,300 products currently sailed through into the EU with no questions and no checks but under a No Deal every single one of those products and all the thousands of ingredients that go into them would need to be checked declared and cleared first or they simply won't be allowed through so with day one of Boris Johnson as PM does that mean as a business he'll now cranking up your No Deal plans given his rhetoric yes I think we have to I think that there is a potentially high risk of a No Deal breaks it will be way more complicated Jason is second generation of the war family now in charge of running the day-to-day operation the complexity of doing business will increase a great deal because of the fact that the paper trail the testing products and so on the requirements needed to export an import will be far far greater than they are at the moment the food industry is full of complex just-in-time supply chains and the fear is it could all freeze up if we leave the EU with no deal mr. Lewis says he's as prepared as he can be but he's worried about others it's not just you being ready is it it's your customers being ready absolutely right and are they I don't think they are I don't think the customers already I think there's because of the uncertainty because we don't know exactly what's going to happen it's very very difficult for small to mid-size business to to plan it's not just businesses who are nervous one senior source in charge of the government's no-till planning has told Channel 4 News that less than half of the 150,000 British companies that trade across the continent have even bothered to register their details on the government's no deal planning system and if they don't do so by the end of July it'll be too late that's an assertion that Boris Johnson would probably dismiss as poppycock but he did admit today that more planning would be needed in the event of a No Deal we must turbocharged our preparations to make sure that there is as little disruption as possible to our national life and I believe that that is possible with the kind of national effort that the rich people have made before and will make again he might be confident government will sort it others see it differently businesses are concerned that government agencies aren't ready for a No Deal exit that indeed many of the practical details that they need in order to get on and trade aren't sources and they don't have the clarity on so many real-world questions like who can I hire will my goods get across borders is it gonna cost me more to trade this week's heatwave will no doubt soon peter out but for business the heat of a No Deal looks set to keep on rising well regardless of the fears expressed by industry about the impact of a No Deal brexit there's growing speculation that Boris Johnson will shift dramatically from years of austerity and go on a billion pound spending spree Sajid Javid will be expected to deliver that as the new chancellor so what might he do our economics correspondent Helia a Brahimi is here Helia what do we know about such a job it's instincts well they seem rather changeable he was always known as this arch Thatcherite so much so that he had a framed picture of Margaret Thatcher and every one of his offices he was one of George Osborne's key prodigies flag-waving for austerity at a drop of a hat but now he's become one of a growing number of Tories that have done this vote fast from fiscal prudence at any cost to spend spend spend and I think a further complication is that he presented himself as a remainer and yet here he is at the heart of a very hard brexit government so how much might he spend well here's the shopping list he'd like to see 20,000 police that'll cost about a billion pounds he wants to increase spending in education to the tune of 4.6 billion pounds he wants Social Care to be a priority we don't know by how much but the Oscars eight billion pounds he wants to show love to public sector workers and for every 1% increase in pay the bill is 1.9 billion pounds and Jacki this doesn't even include Boris Johnson's controversial promises on tax cuts which may end up costing 26 billion pounds any of thank you very much oh sorry I was just gonna say add to that that you know that the issue is that the government ends up spending before every election cycle so that gives you a flavor of what the Boris camp may be war planning for but the scale of what's being done it marks a radical departure from what conservatives have been doing over the last 10 years some economists are talking about such a spending an extra 2% of GDP and to give you some context Jackie the total cost of austerity has been 200 billion pounds a few years ago Labour's radical manifesto promised an extra 48 billion pounds and that provokes raised eyebrows from Tories everywhere yet here we are today and the Boris and Sajid show could end up matching that because 2% of GDP would add up to 44 billion pounds this time thank you very much sorry for trying to cut you off early now over to do for the longest time Motherwell was considered the epitome of a labor heartland it is still strongly working-class but nowadays a town with an SNP MP and 51% of people here voted for independence deeply embedded political allegiances have been broken yet the destruction of the steel industry under Thatcher when the 1200 strong workforce were told their jobs were to disappear remains a painful memory here and to be Ettore still seemed toxic but some believe that was slowly changing in 2017 the Conservatives went from 0 councillors to 10 LED locally by 27 year old Megan Gallacher mother was my hometown ham you know grew up here on my lathe for me I will always be escorted conservative and unionist and I do believe if you are a conservative no matter what part of the country you should fight tooth and nail for that Union how would you feel about bringing the new prime minister down here and walking around your your war does it work sure I think he'd been experienced but you know that's something that people do like a bit Boris Johnson is the fact that you never back spent a challenge and you think it would be a challenge I think it would be a challenge because I don't believe that you know people except I have a marmot character residency and I think he's got a lot to prove I do understand that you know the people of Scotland they may be a little bit you know and they have a few concerns but Boris Johnson but we need to be see what we do I believe in giving people a chance and I think we've got to get Boris the chance to you know prove to people of Scotland that his heart is here that certainly hasn't been proved yet and it's not difficult to find detractors what do you think of Boris Johnson no comment why or just get too crazy men weekly Z haircuts runnin America and here I feel quite sad you should think before t speaks and that's what what is me it doesn't hopefully you can do some good a pretty good I think you could be about heading into this man us but carelessly well what do you mean by dangerous it comes across about a nice voice it things which I'm thanking beggars thank you my flight you don't mean party but I know how many of the waistband style government work they include there's not any XY there's I think that it could be bad a recent poll by panel base showed the prospect of Prime Minister Boris Johnson could increase support for Scottish independence versus my grandson know that prospect is now reality so will his Premiership intensifying nationalism yeah I think it may push for Scotland independence and I think we may get at this thing yeah my few my friends already did not work well no worried but just I think numeracy independence come there in breaks as well he's young and all that and you really think it's a Scottish thing or Scotland and whatever but they don't know the big implications of everything I got a generational divide 2017 general elections saw a surge in support for Scottish Tories with a campaign focused on persuading those against independence to back them even if they didn't traditionally the fear for Ruth Davidson and the Scottish Conservatives is their efforts to detoxify the Tory brand and now being undone and II McIver worked on strategy for the party for many years Boris Johnson is exactly what the SNP wants a Tory to be he is rich he's southern he's posh he's a leave voter and he has a streak of English nationalism of item that is everything that Nicola Sturgeon would want a Tory to be and so conversely it's everything that Ruth Davidson doesn't want a Tory to be and as everything that Ruth Davidson herself is not that is the problem the solution he backs splitting off the Scottish Tories entirely first suggested back in 2011 it was dismissed by Ruth Davidson then and subsequently but it is quietly winning support are you saying that even if Scottish Tory MPs and MSPs are publicly holding the line privately they're having conversations about splitting away there is no question there is a conversation going on it's been going on for quite some time and it's been intensified since it became clear that Boris was going to win this leadership contest and the conversation is about how do we manage to keep ourselves alive in fact Channel 4 News has learned at least eight conservative MSPs are now strongly considering it Scottish Tories have shifted the political landscape before with this new prime minister they may need to reinvent themselves again with me now is David Duke hit the consider MP for Bantam buckin now you supported Mr Gove during the competition for leadership what do you think of Boris's first day I was really impressed with his performance today particularly in the chamber when he I'm I'm quite happy with the job I have to be honest which which the people are banned from buffing gave me just to be an MP just to be an MP right now yeah Fame of that how I mean if you look across cotton which after was pretty strongly remain how do you think that whole constituency of the country ought to be effective well in 2016 of course it's true that 62% of people who voted in that referendum in 2016 vote for the United Kingdom that I mean the EU but into e17 in the general election 56 percent of the voters voted for parties meet the main two parties conservatives in labor who at the time at least were committed to leave the EU and as time goes on but now three years on from the referendum result more and more people and I was talking to farmers at the weekend who were saying this very thing is we've been waiting now to leave for three years we just want the seventh day we just wanted to get on with it well let me throw you another statistic after 65% of Scots in a poll recently said their Hill Boris Johnson would be a poor or even terrible appear Prime Minister well I dunno I was what they call a boris factor north of the order they don't like him I think there is a there is a tendency for certainly the SNP and other opposition parties to characterize Boris as this caricature of everything that Scottish people don't like but as I've got to know Boris more I've discovered that he is actually that that whole optimism and energy and add purpose that he exudes is genuine it's on defend Union I mean what do you think of a debate over whether Scottish Conservatives should actually break away from the UK party well we are technically what a separate party but I don't think we need to be completely separate what is that we certainly shouldn't be emphasizing the need to be separate because that would that we fall right into the SNP hands of Scotland being who takes em who leads the party in Scotland I mean to what extent would she represent a rather different party to the one in Britain and well we're not that different than of course because we are conservative in unionists who are different over I mean that you've got Scottish Liberal Democrats got Scottish Labour you got Scottish conservative and unionist that's a meaning on the brexit issue though yeah Oh as Ruth Davidson herself said I mean we have to deliver on director because that was the will of the British people the British people in the United Kingdom that we are committed to remaining within and as Ruth Davidson famously said when it comes to fishing which is a very important fact that I mean it's the transe we're all blacks of the ocean now when do you think the really exciting moment will come when Boris Johnson actually visit Scotland it's something you hunger for absolutely I think part of the problem is Boris like many English MPs to the Scottish Lord are seems like something that's remote and far away the more exposure that people like Morris and other colleagues can have in Scotland I think they all get to know him and and thrust him the same way I did well I concede where your loyalties lie but a no deal breakfast surely even you would admit would be deeply damaging to the Union nobody wants an Odile brexit Johnson least of all as I said the one who's raised well at least he's but we have to prepare for an ordeal brexit in case that happens yeah both of the rhetoric before the leadership thing was you know he wanted it well the the the trees army herself said no deal is better than a bad deal thank you very very much he's been all over the news and now it looks like he's planning to get all over your Facebook feed to in the last 48 hours hundreds of adverts have appeared many of them the same but targeted to different sections of the nation is this simply what modern leaders do what they do when preparing for an election in a digital age well both this is all a bit of a test for the concern here they've got a new leader there try new things this is Craig Dylan's area of expertise here he is with Boris Johnson he's just finished running mr. Johnson's digital campaign for Tory leadership in fact Craig did the same to six of the ten Tories who ran to be leader they will look pretty much the same they are all the same there there are basically the same the only thing that changes is who is seeing them so the reason why you've done that is so that by running 185 of those different if we just put one ad out and it got say a million views you can't really figure out it's a little bit more complication figure out where those views are but by running that many of them if say one of them that you know you ran in say Essex has got a million views you know that this sort of content is working quite well in Essex in the last 48 hours more than 500 adverts have been published by the Conservatives tracking clicks helps work out which messages work well where and with whom so why if I was a betting man I would say there would be an election coming out it seems like the exact sort of behavior that a party would be doing if they were building up to a general election this digital strategy is nothing new roughly about seven million people one and a half billion digital ads that's dominic cummings mastermind of vote leave yesterday was appointed senior adviser to the Prime Minister and today was accused by labour of being behind the new Toria we're seeing a lot of the same digital marketing tactics as was used by vote leave so lots of different variations of advertising and using in some ways quite similar messages so it's about brexit and then it's also following up with other issues around the NHS and schools and things like that the Conservative Party say their new adverts are all normal practice and part of ongoing digital activity that Tory HQ undertakes throughout the year – I think Boris Johnson Boris Johnson albeit standard practice for the digital footprint that will certainly help with an election whenever that may be you


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    Boris 'the kipper' blojob would be disqualified under his own proposed immigration criteria as there are already a surfeit of know nothing blowhards with zero talent.

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    So, because an unscrupulous manufacturer who doesn't think his products 'ingredients' will meet EU 'standards' thinks Brexit is a bad idea, we shouldn't remain? Think there may be a little more to his motives though. Wake up Britain. Lock the doors to the users, abusers and ILLEGALS and open them to the real entrepreneurs as it ALWAY !WAS!

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    All the main stream media channels are globalists and by definition against Brexit. They are doing their best to frighten the British people into thinking they did wrong in voting to leave. Stand strong Brexiteers and accept nothing less than a no deal option. We will prosper. Mervin King even said this. We are British, we are strong and we are survivors. We will make it work because we will accept nothing less.

  • 10:31 "Let me tell you, the moment we deliver Brexit, I believe, I was, I came from the world of business into politics, I can tell you there is a wall of money waiting to invest in the UK because this is the best country to put your money, to invest in. That wall of money has priced in Brexit, what it hasn't priced in is a Jeremy Corbyn government."

    Show me the money Nadhim, we don't believe in figures on a bus anymore, especially now that liar Cummings who put them on has become an official adviser to Johnson. I think at least European investors would prefer a Corbyn government, so who are these non-European investors Nadhim? And please don't tell us they're from Russia.

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    How many true British people, that have to work in the uk factory’s, that have had no company pay rise, since the EU opened up. Voted out of the EU? I did. No offence to to EU people, as i would of done exactly what thay have done. But it has, run are UK wages down. Did those British peoples vote tip the scales, on the EU vote? I think it did. Are government needs to look at were the UK peoples problems are.

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    The first thing Boris needs to do is close all borders to immigrants and start to mass deport illegal immigrants

  • Don't cry channel 4 we are leaving without a deal and nobody can do a thing about it, there is not enough time to call and election because we will have left by law before it could be done and no Conservatives will risk a Corbyn government. They would rather have a no-deal because even if Corbyn was in power we would still have left the EU by law on the 31st October.

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    BBC brought their own big mouthed 'Re-moaning' town crier with them again, 'As Usual'.. Bias Bastards..How much do they pay them for shouting for remain? 🤣🤣
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    I've said this before: the U.K. should turn towards the U.S. for an even stronger economic tie. I currently live outside of Pittsburgh, PA and everyone I know is currently working and establishing a solid income. The Trump model has worked, which is no surprise since he comes from such a solid business background. Under Obama, things were a socialist mess. It took Trump just a few years to erase the horrific actions of the last pathetic, hapless, Marxist boob. The E.U. is a Marxist mess. Its fracture is a matter of time rather than theory. The U.K. should lead the fore-front of a new Europe that focuses less on "wealth-redistribution" and "equality" (both ideas that have had the complete opposite results) and more on growth and profit. This system, in its many incarnations, almost always has worked. Some fools call it nationalism. The reality is is that it's common sense.

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