42 thoughts on “Boris Johnson makes first Commons statement as PM – BBC News”

  • Go on Boris salute speak the truth do what's right for UK….that's the MP with balls and British back bone again GREAT BRITAIN….great that the muffling wingers were put to silence even school kids behave better. Learn some respect and stand with good MPs and people and all will follow

  • Amazing. Great Britain, you gonna go down this route, huh? we got a planet melting down, and the lordz and ladiez and dukez are gonna double down on the Trumpian fascist flair? WOW. thats sad. Lissen, ol chaps. WE GOT SOME EUROTRASH STANKIN UP OUR OWN HOUSE RIGHT NOW, so Uncle Sam is a little distracted, Patriots are waking up over here. we aint hep to being the FOOTSTOOL OF MONARCHS. PATRIOTS GETTING CAN O WHOOP-ASS OUT OF THE CUPBOARDS, BRITS. Loyalists by the score over here

    So JOLLY OL' get your crowns and lords under control, please, ever do be so polite,
    its all about those bonds of friendship we thought we formed with you when we drove the fascist hordes from your eastern flank! Come on, Brits, be good chaps and deal with your crowns, wont you?


    Im still holding out hope for the spirit of CHURCHILL TO OVER TAKE YOU.

  • Peter Hedlöf says:

    Good news for Boris ! London gay clubs serves Banana Daquari all Summer at happy hour Price. Nevermind the warm air when Boris can cool down in THE heart of London slipping a classic drink.

  • NO. islam phobia Mamou says:

    Look Boris….. He read last night Churchill Speech….. Boris ad Tat speech, England Must Pay Big Checks…….. Reparations in Africa and Caribbean ….. Our people who suffered for Colony….

  • Sumedh Raghavan says:

    Does being a British MP come with a bad haircut or do they all see the same guy?

    They need to all go see a black barber. 😂

  • This guy should be in front of a judge not rewarded to be prime minister for lying. We do not learn from history. Politicians are not accountable for their frauds and lies.

  • Gevorg Van Armenië says:

    His grandfather was a Turkish journalist, who was killed by kemalists for his help to Armenians. God bless this man's family. I think he wil do al to recognise the Armenian genocide.

  • for once he seems promising, this is a new side of Boris and so much energy and so many things on his agenda right from the smallest things, attention to detail. But not to forget these are just words now actions will speak louder. Also, why is everyone comparing him to Trump? Boris doesn't plan to kick people out of the country and separate families? so let us not do that..

  • Y'alls politics are so much better and more entertaining than ours lol. I am happy for you all, that you have someone leading your country who is excited and enthusiastic about your country

  • Jordan LongNight says:

    Why is there so much yelling in the background while he’s talking?

    The real Trump would never allow that 😏

  • I don't know much about The Commons, but what's with the drunk as hell "yeeeaaaahhh" after every sentence the PM says? Is that like an agreement or an opposition?

  • Nice for a change trying make a deal but prepared to walk away if it’s not good enough. (And means it!)
    Love this enthusiasm from Boris telling us that we are good enough to walk away from Europe.
    That we have so many things going for us and we should not feel week, powerless, dependent with E U.

  • Saicharan muthyapwar says:

    Open the doors to international student and let them be allowed to work after their post study,it will make Britain economy in better way!! Let's make Britain great again

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