Boris Johnson comments on plans to suspend parliament

Boris Johnson comments on plans to suspend parliament

As I said on the steps of Downing Street
we’re not going to wait until October the 31st before getting on with our plans
to take this country forward. And to do that we need new
legislation. We’ve got to be bringing forward new and
important bills and that’s why we are going to have a
Queen’s speech and we’re going to do it on October
the 14th and we’ve got to move ahead now with
a new legislative programme. Prime Minister, to do that Queen’s
speech you will need to prorogue parliament for several
days. You’re critics will say this is an insult to democracy
and deny MPs the time they need to debate and possibly
vote on Brexit. No. Well that’s, that is
completely untrue. If you look at what we’re
doing, we’re bringing forward a new legislative programme
on crime, on hospitals, making sure that we have the education
funding that we need. And there will be ample
time on both sides of that crucial October 17th summit.
Ample time in parliament for MPs to debate the EU,
to debate Brexit and all the other issues.
Ample time. Prime Minister, you seem
to have an ambitious domestic agenda but your
government does not have a majority, even with the
DUP it only barely has a majority. Should we take from
this that you are planning a general election before the
end of this year? No, all you should take from
this is that we are doing exactly what I said on the steps of
Downing Street which is that we must get on now with our
legislative domestic agenda. We may not even know by the
14th of October whether you’re going to get a deal and the
outlook could be quite different whether you do
or whether you don’t. So what have you got to
say to the public who are maybe concerned about
the economic outlook? Well we need to get on with
our domestic agenda and that’s why we’re
announcing a Queen’s speech for October
the 14th.


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  • Embittered Drunk says:

    This is a stunt I assume. I can't believe that parliament is unable to use all the mechanisms at its disposal to overrule the tactical suspension of an out of control Prime Minister.

  • The Guardian is now campaigning against Queen and country.
    Now the Queen is involved the terms 'Treason' and 'Traitorous' can be applied accurately.

  • Adam Price (Plaid Cymru) had the most poignant response so far: "Time to leave this sham of a democracy and start building our own."

  • Why don't you hold another referendom about whether a hard brexit should be done or if they shiuld continue campaigning for a hard brexit? The previous referendum was already decided but this one would just go into the strategy. Asking as an outsider

    the people rule UK , not 300 fannys in Westminster.
    The People voted LEAVE, NO DEAL.
    The other option which lost was REMAIN NO DEAL.
    Privately owned Bank of England will now again devalue the pound by printing more.

  • Federal bureau of investigation FBI says:

    I LOVE how brexiteers accuse the parliament of being undemocratic while this man literally temporarily ends democracy itself and they just all agree. Dear brexiteers, just because someone doesn't act like you want to, doesn't mean he acts undemocratically. Ffs get over yourselfs! How can you defend this man's actions as democratic while he literally ends democracy to have it his way? That's called a bloody dictatorship! It's so ironic to defend it as democratic just because the result is for your liking, that I honestly don't know if I should be angry or just laugh at you guys.

  • Federal bureau of investigation FBI says:

    Guess he has more in common with one failed german art student in 1933 than people initially thought…

  • He does not look convinced or happy at all does he!
    Has the look of someone adrift – he also seems like a puppet with the ERG, Farage and Trump competing to see who will pull his strings next, but having to wait until Dominic (be ashamed if he came to any harm) Cummings lets go!

  • Federal bureau of investigation FBI says:

    "Let's save democracy by ending it!"

    Germany 1933 or England 2019, whichever you choose apparently.

  • Dominic Cummings is a dangerous and calculated man. He reminds me of Doug Stamper in appearance while Boris is Frank Underwood. Today’s political move is of epic proportions, I can’t wait to watch the next!


  • Recent video footage of Johnson shows a man worried daft by what he’s been dragged in to… Rees Mogg has a lean and hungry look… oh and Gove is staying under the radar?

  • Boris better not serve up a reheated May withdrawl treaty. We don't want it. We want a NO DEAL. We don't want to be shackled to the EU.

  • Can’t believe the Uk were even convinced we needed a vote, no plan after brexit and people swayed on personal issues with no logical thinking on steps of how to go forward

  • Stephen Porter says:

    This one goes out to Jeremy Corbyn, the SNP and all those MPs that are trying to stop brexit…..😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I can’t breathe, I cant breathe, 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • The queen gave permission to suspend parliament coz she got a bee in her bonnet with what prince andrew is being accused of

  • Katia Amade Dibe Araujo says:

    Vão lavar a boca do seu presidente e seu país que só fede a mijo! Da Amazônia cuidamos nós, os brasileiros! Qual a moral que vocês tem? O presidente Bolsonaro é adorado pela maioria dos brasileiros!

  • Owen Jones pretty much sums up the current state of UK politics: "To allow a cabal of pampered public school hacks, whose only interest is the survival of the Conservative party and their own careers, and for whom this is all a rather droll and amusing game, to trash democracy like their Bullingdon Club once trashed restaurants in their tops and tails – it is intolerable."

  • WELL DONE Boris. Get rid of the current UK Parliament is a FIRST step in brining back REAL Democracy: A massive saving for the Treasury; the 600 odd no-hoper pollies will have to earn a living, pay for their Rent-Boys, clean their own moats, and hopefully realise they should have done the job they were elected for and not to feather their own nests. Well done Boris…Next, evict the Windsors from Buck House.

  • Ingrid Bullard says:

    I hope the BRITISH are not that DUMB and STUPID to not see this gentleman, BORIS JOHNSON, is the best person for the country's success and prosperity. Or are the people protesting, the offsprings of illegal immigrants from India, Africa, Pakistan, China, europe etc. I can't believe the BRITISH have become that stupid.

  • Do the British actually know what they want? They vote to leave the EU, they get deal after deal changed so they can leave in a reasonable fashion.. every damn change is vetoed and the leader finally throws her hands up in disgusts and says "do what you will, I dont give a flying F any more" and now all there is are protests about how the new leader is trying to do what the people of Britain decided they wanted in the first place… Its like watching a merry go round carrying the three stooges and it just doesnt stop spinning as they try desperately to get off…

  • The country is not going forward if you do not take the British people with you. Put it to the country, learn from Hong Kong how to do civil disobedience.

  • The Queen of Britain approved on 28 August , 2019 , the proposal of PM Boris Johnson to suspend the Parliament until 14 October , 2019. The move is read to enable Boris Johnson to shape-up and execute his Brexit plan well before the deadline of 31 October , 2019 by limiting Parliament’s ability to derail the same. Some days back , Boris Johnson had discussed the issue of Brexit with powers that be in EU and resulting thought for action was to find out an alternative to backstop. But further clarity seems to be eluding. On the whole , Brexit without deal looks to be also on the table , it can be perceived. In this context , it is apt to refer readers to this Vedic astrology writer’s predictive alerts in article – “ World trends in April to August 2019” – brought to public domain widely in March and subsequently on 5 April 2019. The predictive alert had said that a period of four months and a half from mid- April to August 2019 may call for more care and appropriate strategy in U.K. as well in relation to its vital matters with union of nations (EU) involving financial aspects also. The planetary impacts analyzed around month of May had suggested that the aforesaid major worrisome concerns in UK also could reach out to mid-October in 2019. The trend of events shaping up in that country suggests that predictive alerts of this writer were not off the mark.

  • Repulse theMonkey says:

    Is it all part of the Big Bluff? Result: EU offers slightly better deal, which Johnson can slide through Remainer Parliament, leaving us trapped in EU for another two years, before he is forced to hold GE.

  • How can someone who can’t even work out how to comb their hair work out how to sort out all the problems that Brexit will bring?

    This guy belongs under a circus tent. Not living In Downing Street. FFS!

  • Martin Ramsdale says:

    All MP's have had three years to sort this out they don't want BREXIT whether it's a deal or no deal so aren't they stopping not just the 17.4 million voters wish to leave the EU but our right to democracy too.
    Time the UK GOVT went ahead regardless of what the MP's say or try to do.

  • Domonkos Csáki says:

    you are naive people. He does everything for money not for brexit not for england and not for you all. He is wasting your time, space and money and you are cheering for him.

  • Check the Gaurdian news paper headlines , THE DAY DEMOCRACY DIED , haha the Gaurdian, you mean the day Boris kicked you in the Bollox , hahah, Keep counting genders , and your terrorist memberships. Hahahaha The Dude brings Britain home .

  • Martin Decamerone says:

    Well regularly that takes a week or 2, so do u believe he needs that five and it isn’t about brexit, if u cheer for him u know u cheer for a liar.

  • Naughtyus maximus says:

    I see snide Hammond is up to his slimy tricks again, sneaking jus t few main members in to pre select him, not the first time he's by passed democracy is it, print this in you lefty rag.

  • The one problem with democracy is you can’t get anything done decisively or quickly. Brexit needs to be delivered before the uncertainty does any more damage.

  • Bethany Fether says:

    Take our country forwards? Take it back into the dark ages more like lol! People who hate, vote for hate to happen to themselves. Set a timer, ignite the fuse… & run. That's what this is.

  • Priminster Boris Johnson I would like to see you fire the speakers of the palament Brecon he chouldnt take sides well we know he is Lebour baker from day one he's names as judges that is what it means speaker in the palament he is breaking the law in the politics industry first thing in tomorrow morning order to fire hem out of the palament you are the priminster and you have the right to do so more than that. ?

    Step 2. ? Gina miller Chould be Deported back were she comes from Offences she is staring the great Britain trying to split brother from he's brother she wanted to see Our blood running on the street of Britain that will never happen and Wat aloud it she enter the Cuntry elegal she got the British passport it doesn't means she is Britain's original it's unoing every one of the 17 milions who voted live with no deals if you looks in ours Britain law what say for eny one not original British and had passport at eny Times cause trouble or crimes must lose he's British passport and send back were they come from its well known yes she is a lawyer but it doesn't matter what position what jobs she is in besides that she already made lot's of money tax free under the table Gin miller Boris Johnson he's not on he's own other than that you are trying to be against our a Queens Elizabeth the Royal family to break her design it's big criminal's you are our a Queens have the right to order the home office for your departure from British Land complete with one way out it means you will never be able to visit Britain at all I can write a book about your story fakes in our Cuntry great Britain times for you to go back were you come from. ?
    Mo RAAD political madical sicoligest Judges on Google youtube International? Mo?

  • YES BORIS!!! Finally someone standing up for the majority! No one has any right to even mention democracy, until democracy has been served for the referendum. People saying that it is undemocratic to prorogue are just wrong. He is doing it in the name of democracy, it’s the most democratic thing he could do!

  • Jeremy Corbyn WILL be Prime Minister … Think I’m joking? Or a troll?.. Keep watching the news, my fellow countrypersons. Just keep watching.

  • You ppl are an embarrassment to this universe. Not only now in this time but you also were in the past. Be ashamed go hide under a stone. karma is coming for the UK

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