Boris Johnson calls killing of PC Andrew Harper a ‘mindless and brutal crime’

Boris Johnson calls killing of PC Andrew Harper a ‘mindless and brutal crime’

Well, the murder of PC Andrew Harper
is a mindless and a brutal crime and obviously all our thoughts are with
his family, his friends and his colleagues. But when I think of the bravery
that PC Andrew Harper showed in intercepting those criminals,
I think of the risks that the police run everyday to keep us safe. This is a very rare occurrence,
it’s an absolute tragedy that a police officer should lose his life
in the course of his duties and, of course, we will do everything
we can to keep our officers safe. But they are there to keep the rest
of us safe and that’s why we are investing in 20,000 more
in the course of the next few years.


100 thoughts on “Boris Johnson calls killing of PC Andrew Harper a ‘mindless and brutal crime’”

  • Ten arrested after police officer killed in Berkshire ►

  • One time British rule almost the earth planet crime rate was zero but now how these leaders of Britain ruel own country crime are very high even police office is not safe never mind the citizen bring the hanging back to Britain crime are getting very high other wise our little Britain futher is very dark ( r I p )

  • Brendan Matrix says:

    see you guys can disagree with me but this is why i believe officers should have service pistols for when their life is threatened

  • Did Doris forget to brush his bonce ……. chatting bollox about the 20 thousand … yet forgets the real facts …. braindead tory

  • FGS Boris ….yawn Get some more coppers and stop cutting the funding You say in 2020 you are going to spend more on policeing WE NEED IT TODAY

  • They should make the law more strict on teenagers and kids that do criminal offence half time they are hanging on the streets breaking peoples cars windows, throwing bins down and now killing its sick

  • Before you make unsustainable demands, think of it from the point of view of the government.
    Trillions in debt (Imagine the interest on that) and police that are more concerned with the internet then crime itself.

  • Yohan L.naraidoo says:

    i don;t think 20,000 is enough, i'd say another 100,000 and possibly massively increasing the budget of the police too

  • Let police carry guns… The only way to deal with savage animals. Rest in peace Andrew Harper! We are with you boy! 😢😢😢😢

  • We know that we have had a reduction of 20,000 police officers under the Tories, but perhaps someone could tell me what reduction in political/diplomatic/royalty police protection numbers has been in the same period? I suspect that it will be a big fat zero.

  • My mind still can't fully deal with the fact that this goof is PM. He's right about this though, it is absolutely tragic.

  • Talking to a police officer when I was in Sydney, he tells me if they took his gun away from him he would quit, need to arm the UK police with the new Glock 9 mm, how can the government expect a young cop to protect himself, all the thugs are armed, what chance has an officer got on UK streets, wake up and do it before we lose another one, cops are armed in nearly all countries, why not UK ??

  • Hey mr bj if you put back more police officers on our streets they may live longer.its time you start spending on more cops and not your silly ideas like wars in east.

  • Adding 20,000 more police officers that we lost a few years back under `Maybots` time as PM will make no difference to the increasing crime levels in the UK – As a society, we need to address a number of issues from youth crime to family breakdowns, drugs, single parenting, social housing, the chicken shop & innit mentality, how we record crime, poorly paid jobs, job opportunities, minimum wage, sentencing, ever widening gap between rich & poor, arming all police, re-righting many human rights laws, the legal system in general, bringing back the death penalty, pay per view corporal punishments (monies raised go to victims families as compensation).

  • Apparently the death of over 130,000 people attributed to the conservatives austerity policy isn't mindless and brutal

  • I found pepe in my bap says:

    The police are crooked as a wizards stick. The only reason they investigated was because someone rich phoned up, if they were working class they wouldn’t have investigated.

  • Well cut backs in the police force ..shouldn’t have been allowed.
    The undesirables know that police numbers are low.
    This only encourages low life to do such things .
    More burglary’s,mugging,stabbing,etc.
    The tories trying to let society run on its own devices..Leads to this sort of thing…whilst they save Huge amount of money for vanity projects.

  • The only profession travellers have is stealing from the rest of us. If we get in the way, and if they think they can get away with it, they will happily kill us. This is a community of sociopaths .

  • Dietrich Mikowski says:

    Time to arm all police officers! Stop listening to wishy washy liberals who think it looks too intimidating!! Too many officers and members of the public are getting hurt because our law enforcement are unable to react with enough force!

  • OMG! What a farcical speech! This Government doesn’t care about the public,police officers or any of us and thats a fact.
    Prison is no longer a deterrent for criminal but a life style…….our Government is a complete joke!

  • California Dreamin' says:

    As the police investigation into this tragedy is unfinished, I'd like to know if "murder" prejudges the investigation ? Is Boris speaking in his capacity as PM, or a reporter from the Telegraph ?

  • You need to sort out your 999 call centres aswell.. A call can take up to 6 mins report and 1hr and half to deploy police. The law should be 30 second call. 2 mins police on scene. I suggest you get more like 100,000 more police

  • Johnson even tried to score political points ",sad person" during the interview,by saying the police force is to be strengthened without admitting he and his fraternity where responsible,for the cuts in numbers, My condolences to Andrew`s wife and family.

  • I say bring back the death penalty, but don't bother with expensive lethal injections, just get a machine that cuts their head off. You could weigh it down so it'd be quick and easy.

  • Disingenuous coming from a lying racist xenophobe who is responsible for the current environment of hatred & intolerance we all live in

  • I watched a documentary on prisons in Scotland recently and the conditions are great. They can buy cigarettes and smoke inside – that’s more liberty than a free man. Some people deliberately commit crime just to go back into prison. Crime isn’t dealt with correctly in the UK.

  • Why call him Boris Johnson? He's the PM and the news should and always has referred to PMs as 'PM'. The Guardian just doesn't want to give him the credit because they're a bunch of mindless socialist hacks.

  • It’s easy for him to get in front of a camera and say this. Don’t get me wrong what they did was wrong but he’s making the poor poorer, lowering the tax for the rich, shutting down youth centres and making new prisons and then saying “well we’re putting more money into policing” it’s not about that!!! Look at what you’re doing to our middle class and lower class people.. and you wonder why they do the things they do or turn to the things they do. Turning us into animals bruh.

  • Train and permanently arm all the police force and bring back the death penalty for murderes and pedophiles. build new prisons and isolate every single prisoner they should not be given anything more than books to read in there cell and have zero contact with other prisoners

  • He shouldn’t have been alone….. without immediate support…..
    Theresa May’s legacy from a strong and stable govt…..
    Don’t hold your breathe, apparently historical child abuse is not worth looking into so we will be in the same place or worse 5 years from now.
    Strong and stable….. clinging onto power and unelected…. and smelling more like a remainer as the days go by…..
    The apple can never fall far from the tree, when the tree is rotten….
    Just like Grizzly Maxwell……

  • This seems suspicious to me.
    Bozzer needing to garner public support for spending BILLIONS on more police.. mmmm… 🤔
    I remember when our govt faked the Lee Rigby comedy of errors to manufacture public support for spending BILLIONS on foreign WARS…
    We never know what to believe anymore….

  • 20000 police officers is not enough more like 40000 is the number required in order to crackdown the scumbags,have more police patroling towns and cities that should be a deter potential threat

  • The government as betrayed the British people & the police for a generation, the damage & the divisions caused by politicians in our once great nation will take years to repair i have no confidence in Conservative or Labor to make our streets safe & our Police protected BREXIT PARTY FOR ME ALL THE WAY.

  • colin minhinnick says:

    a society where teens row up without consequences for their actions. whilst London has been turned into streets of blood, let's not forget delinquent youths are committing serious crime around the country. and weak courts are handing down inadequate sentences fro thieving and assault. so it finally takes a MURDER for the authorities to sit up. watch the suspect get off on manslaughter……………

  • The Tories will place Mrs Harper on Universal Credit.

    Mrs Harper will have to suffer year after year after year of inquiries –
    10 people arrested?
    13 – 30 years old?
    How Fkin perfect. This will go on for 30 years.
    This stinks.

    2 days is enough time to release the results.

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