Boris Johnson booed on Scotland visit | Times News

Boris Johnson booed on Scotland visit | Times News

you both the Prime Minister I can't stress this enough are completely as one on the fact that the primary objective of the government is to get a deal across the line my assumption is that we can get a new deal we're aiming for a new deal the backstop is no good it's dead it's got to go the withdrawal agreement is dead it's got to go but there is scope to do a new deal


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  • Pippy Longstocking says:

    Nicola Sturgeon is just awful, I felt sorry for Boris for the first time ever. It must have called for some serious anti-bac wipes.

  • peter stirzaker says:

    Another upper class Tory twat born with a silver spoon in his gob and talks with a plumb stuck in his throat surrounded by cocktail sticks…..

  • This woman is a hate monger. Her and hubby have it all stitched up. Delusions of grandeur. Strutting around Brussels like she's somebody worth listening to. More likely to stomp on her and her 5.5 million Scots. Suggest all those who believe in her should go read Scot Gov's export statistics. Time the s.n.p new which side their bread is buttered on. Sheer stupidity, that idiot Blackford is an embarrassment, cant even remember from one day to the next what so called statistic he's quoting on.Standing there in his powder blue suit, oh! dear he makes me cringe, 😣😣 . PLEASE !!! Someone shove an apple in his mouth and a brown paper bag over his head.
    Blackford !! You do not speak for me and every rational Scot I know.

  • The quicker Boris puts Nicola sturgeon and the SNPin there place the better, we pay the highest tax in the UK because of these fuckers get them out Asap


    For the record "The People of Scotland!"……… Let's for one moment take this in it's correct context or should I say in reality as to what that statement uttered by the "Second", oops sorry "First" Minister actually means i.e The members of her and her sycophantic,divisive and dare I say slightly biased nationalistic political party (Should really be rebranded as the S.imply N.ot P.erforming Party) with an almost sectarian led agenda…….{A Loud Gasp} What!…. I hear you say.(I have experienced this myself, so I do speak from experience, before I receive the party line response of "We are an inclusive and progressive party open to all!") combined with an undeniable sense of double standards for those within the party itself and on the fringes, who firmly believe as individuals through waving Saltires (Flags) and wearing Tartan at Independence demonstrations whilst adhering to the party doctrine that "I'm a member of the SNP therefore not only am I far more Scottish/Patriotic than those who aren't but I subsequently know whats best for our country and my opinion counts more than anyone elses ever could!" Because of these factors and not the other slightly more factual facts based on the real world we live in and not the Eutopian vision offered from their rather one sided and exaggerated perspective of an Independent Scotland! Do the Math People ! i.e Future pensions funding,Infrastructure deficits, ACTUAL not projected economic growth rates, not to mention overall GDP! At this point please don't mention "Oil Revenues" unless we're going to name Venezeula as Scotlands "Twin" Country, "Hola Y Bienvenido Mi Escoces Hermanos,Hermanas !") is the same old deluded and disingenious rhetoric used time and time again by Kim Jong Sturgeon (As I lilke to call her, also for the record for those who are unaware a former Lawyer…….I'll give you a moment to digest that fact, particularily when we think of a Lawyers somewhat tenious grasp at times on telling the "truth" in some instances, just a thought!) to further her party's cause and convey the impression too the rest of the United Kingdom and the world that every member of the Scottish population is steadfast and unanimous in their apparent inherent need for independence.

    This I can assure for the most part is not the case, as the 2014 referendum result showed rather clearly. Sadly though like most political leaders/dictators these days who don't get exactly what they want we "The Real People of Scotland" now have to endure the constant attempts to stage another referendum at the mere hint of anything that can be viewed as "Damaging or Prejudicial" toward Scotland which in itself is just an excuse for the SNP to once again waste time and money mounting campaigns and launching consultations rather than focusing on the real issues in this beautiful country i.e Housing,Health & Social Care,Education,Policing etc. (The list goes on trust me! I live here)

    I'll repeat this for those who are "hard of hearing" in the political and geographical sense SCOTLAND IS PART OF THE UNITED KINGDOM! Contrary to what certain individuals may say or wish to ackowledge, so please lets create some cohesion, pull together as a stronger more confident and successful group of nations for alls sake. After all I'm afraid "Our not so Glorious Leader!", (Kim Jong Sturgeon) forgets she herself was not duly elected by "The People of Scotland" but simply succeeded the role from her predecessor (Who is currently the main player in a serious criminal investigation. Remarkable also after having such a close relationship for many years with this man that she herself knew or had no apparent awareness of his predilictions and appetites, strange……..don't you think?, what's that I hear you say "Throwing the feline amongst the feathers or simply turning a blind eye for your own future political gains? As I'd mentioned earlier a party of double standards perhaps? Surely not?

    So finally if you've lasted this long, allow me to Thank You whole heartedly for taking the time to read my thoughts and opinions on the new PM, I'd also like to point out I'm not a "Boris Backer" (Please no Tennis jokes!) but rather than us collectively being influenced into judging Boris Johnson on his past lets focus on his future and also not on his words but his actions.

    Thank You once more from The Peaceful Hooligan a proud, Scottish,British Citizen and member of the UNITED! Repeat UNITED! Kingdom.

  • CauliflowerEars1 says:

    Boris is funded by hedge funds. They make money when economies fail. Who are they trying to sabotage with Brexit?

  • Encore1234567890 says:

    Boris snubbed the Scottish Tories and Davidson, sacked that cretin Mundell and then made a English MP Scottish office minister, and i hear next week he will be reinstating prima nocta, something wee ruth the mooth will not like……but on the upside watch as he single handily destroys what is still left of the Scottish Tory vote up in Scotland and sets them back to Thatcher era voting figures, so at least something positive from him being PM. lol

  • He's a Jew doing what a Jew does best… Sell snake oil. They should've loaded him into the torpedo chamber and done everyone a favour, except his hidden hand masters at the banks…

  • Warlord Lu Bu says:

    Why do you people boo this man? he is just the new mask for the real "rulers" of your country. So when the UK follows the USA into a war with Iran for Apartheid IsraHell's benefit, all of the deaths on both sides, will be blamed on this man, who will take it on the chin and then get removed from office, like the others… no justice will follow, neither will there be any change.

  • So a crowd of Scottish Nationalists booed him – hardly news. The fact remains, a majority of the citizens of the United Kingdom voted to leave the the EU but as a wee majority of Scots voted to stay Ms Sturgeon wants the result ignored.
    So if a majority of the Scottish electorate voted in an SNP Parliament in Edinburgh, the minority parties who didn't win could expect a hearing when they asked for the result to be ignored and another election to be called?
    Yeah I certainly hear Ms S> proclaiming "A majority is a majority"

  • Tory PM booed in Scotland? In other news, water is wet. Of course, more free money from the South won’t stop the booing.

  • No different to the way most visitors from England are treated in Scotland. A nation defined by its hatred of its nearest neighbour. Give them the independence they so desire now.

  • You sure they were booing for Boris and not their pathetic leader Sturgeon who wants to make Scotland weaker and even poorer by splitting up the UK?

  • Boris shouldn't waste his time. Let them 'remain' with the stateless peoples of the EU. They can hold hands and sing the EU anthem while flying the EU flag as their nations become impoverished provinces of greater Germany with economies weaker than Bulgaria and Greece.

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