Book: Fox News Chief Roger Ailes Offered Employee $100/Week for Sex

Book: Fox News Chief Roger Ailes Offered Employee $100/Week for Sex

and upcoming book says that Fox News
Chief Roger Ailes offered an employee a hundred bucks a
week extra for sex whenever he wants it yeah raw story has a write-up about the new
biography a Fox News chairman Roger Ailes and it alleges that ales often insulted
his own on-air talent and offered at the minimum one employee money for sacks during a
contract negotiation the New York Times reported that a section of Gabriel sherman’s book
%uh nails is going to talk about his offer to producer Randy Harrison that he would
pay her an extra 100 bucks a week quote if you
agree to have sex with me whenever I want this is from from when ales was actually an executive
at NBC not at Fox News later he served as an executive at CNBC and then in 1996 he left to eventually
launch box news the book also talks about an
incident which is denied by box news back in 1995 in which ales allegedly insulted another NBC
executive David Savla says laugh by using a phrase that
included the words little Jew and profanity this was backed
up by an independent probe ordered by the network but now it says
lab who’s the head of Discovery Communications says that it didn’t exactly happen that
way the funniest thing about all this Louis good whether the charges are are true or
not I don’t know it seems that the book is very well-researched interviewing
something like six hundred people for the book box news put out a statement saying
these charges are false well we haven’t read the book the only
reality is that the author was not provided any direct access to roger
ailes and the book was never back checked with
box news because of course Louis if you had asked
Fox News about all these facts they certainly would have admitted to
all the crazy stuff roger ailes did before working for them that’s hilarious year with I if you ask
me back checking in box news archive an
oxymoron right that’s the funniest thing the fact that boxes upset someone didn’t back check
things with them that’s one of the funniest things I’ve
ever heard bet you put you back checked things that are on parts box
news he don’t back checked things with box news I’m interested in seeing reading the entire book Random House
says that they are not fully stand by the book let’s take a break remember that stitcher boating for the David
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