Bongino: Most of media refuses to call out Schiff’s false claims


100 thoughts on “Bongino: Most of media refuses to call out Schiff’s false claims”

  • This whole country is fake now. fake unemployment numbers, fake inflation numbers, fake money, fake whistleblower and fake media. All they are doing is dividing the country even more. Civil War 2.0 on the way

  • Many Americans, such as myself, are simply fed up with PC culture. Just plain had enough of it. You are right Dan, that is why Trump is our president.

  • I think Rudy Guiliani Needs to be put on Suicide watch (wink wink ) PROTECTIVE CUSTODY.
    Rudy knows too much I can see many people being very nervous and concerned about what he knows and what he may tell to get himself some Immunity. ( remember Epstein ).

  • Mattias Kasparian says:

    The theater is becoming all too tiresome. Folks in power on the left need to be stripped of any kind of authority immediately. They stand to tear this country apart even more than it already is. If the media had treated this president fairly this divide would be hardly mentioned. But because of their distain, hate and unwillingness to except the 2016 election in blind hatred, ignorance and wild distain they swing for the fences to try to tear the president down. All the while the population sees their lies for what they are and,See them for what they are. Liars of the highest degree with no moral representation except for that thirst of power which they feel leaving their lips as they break the lies that they’re supposed to uphold to ruin the greatest social experiment in the world. They must be stopped!

  • Do you think it has anything to do with his sister being married to sorros' son. Maybe that's why he's getting away with so much???

  • Caveman Tactics says:

    Can't wait to get on the Cruise ship and not watch any TUBE. Hit the Reset & come back to our Clients to Continue our Training Courses.
    Everyone needs a Reset From all this BullShot

  • Gardian Angel_B4J says:

    Well what's not fake is Tribulation Trump is a lying criminal and he's going to commit suicide real soon rather than go to prison. Merry Christmas 2019 (Maybe). Trump's suicide would be America's best Christmas present for the last 100 years.{ Of course I'd prefer Trump to resign and take Pence with him and just submit to prison or the loony bin……but he/they won't… the hope of God fearing people is that Trump will commit suicide.} You trumpanzees need psychological help. You need spiritual help because you are running off a cliff like a Rev. Jim Jones acolyte ready to drink the cyanide laced kool-aide in his Guyana Compound . In many ways….you are already too far gone. If you can repent, I suggest you do because you are on your way to hell soon. Obama and Trump were the test and 100's of millions of American's failed God's test by supporting these evil degenerates. God will laugh at you. I can hear him laughing now. Whole cities will be destroyed economically. Millions will lose their lives. We are in the Tribulation and nothing the government can do will stop the destruction that will fall on all those who "took the mark of the beast" by voting for Obama or Trump.

  • The Democrats are already falling back on the theory that "We can impeach without a crime."

    All the Democrats think they have to do is vote the President out like the British Parliament votes out the Prime Minister.

    The Democrats are in the wrong country.

    They should be in Britain.

    Or Somalia.

    Or North Korea.

    Or Venezuela.

    Or Iran.

    Or under the PLO.

  • Go aboard the modern renditions of Columbus’ ships to see how much courage and skill he had getting them across the Atlantic Ocean . Viva Italia -Viva Espana

  • All the NBA members players and executives must denounce their USA citizenship and move to China and live under China's laws. This would be very good for the NBA. They can become citizens of the great Dragon and embrace all that China gives its citizen.

  • I guess being accused of a potential eyebrow raising request equals a high crime worthy of being impeached. It follows that being accused of being a rapist equals actually being a rapist. What country is this?

  • Whistleblower does not exist.. wake up….Schiff the frog face took inspiration of Wilhelm Tell, Jara da Cimerman…name it..none of them existed…just fairy-tales.

  • As far as Columbus goes.
    If only the perfect people through out history were given props for doing a great thing. There would not be an historical figure on earth and history would not exist. Only know one perfect man to walk the earth and that was God. Everyone else is flawed. Everyone

  • You have to remember that Schiffless is the same Schiffless who had "irrefutable evidence," that he refused to show anyone, to prove Trump colluded with Russians. And now we are supposed to believe anything he has to say? If anybody ever needed to be investigated, it's comrade Schiffless.

  • I love watching you guys, but there is a lot more going on than you guys are talking about like man-made fire and flooding all over the world. Storms in the oceans and people without electricity.

  • No, you moron. Hardly anyone in the time of Columbus thought the world was flat. Jesus Christ, but some of these people are stupid.

  • It’s all hear-say by the whistleblower and Adam schitt makes big things out of small things! Adam schitt doesn’t want to work for the benefits of the American people! Adam schitt want easy money, he is working for his personal interest and getting paid from taxpayers money! How come adam schitt is not charge yet of his crimes? Law makers are law breakers, nobody is above the law!

  • Настя Холодная says:

    >> There was no quid pro quo…

    Wait. The transcript clearly shows a quid pro quo. What is this stuff about?


    (I will pray for them)

  • Another Dem hoax. Like Russiagate, and Kavanaugh. Totally fabricated out of desperation…using volunteer, fake "witnesses", "whistleblowers" and fake"dossiers".
    The Dems are shameless and quite frankly, traitors.
    What they are doing should lead to their arrests, but we all know it probably won't.

  • MrMentalflossed says:

    Bonginos a joke , his time on-air how many times has he called out Trump for ANYTHING?
    None of these clowns do so to now listen to this idea that the other media is somehow partisan is like listening to a 400 lb man tell his petite wife he wants a divorce because she gained 10 lbs

  • MrMentalflossed says:

    I need something from you THOUGH. …. case closed, the whistleblower is irrelevant trump provided the evidence against himself on live tv the next day.

  • And FOX "News", refuses to report on the 50 American nuclear warheads stored at Incirlik Air Base in Turkey (just 70 miles from the Syrian border), which Turkey has threatened to hold hostage if sanctions are imposed. Oh yeah, they are too busy "reporting" on "witch hunts" and trying to be pithy and amusing to be bothered with real news.

  • They "Wag the Dog" to put forth their left agenda. All fake news like the Syria video lie. Just like the movie, "Wag the Dog". It is as though they conspired with hollywood on how to manipulate the electorate. Soro's told us his cronies were going to do this back in the early 2000's. See my video complied about Soros and hear him outline this strategy with his own mouth.

  • The Democrats unvoted for, behind-closed-doors coup attempt is falling apart right in front of our eyes—now Shifty Schiff does not even want the so-called whistleblower's testimony. And they don't even have the vote to impeach—30 House Democrats from Trump-country district will NEVER make the political suicide of voting against their voters to cancel democracy.

  • Paramino Jorack says:

    A whistleblower must have an identity and come out to public testifying what he/she knows. Dems and fake news always use anonymous sources for everything to libel and slander Trump.

  • Mary Nicole Fox says:

    If the Dims want to take away American history why don’t they take out slavery from the history books so people stop feeling like victims?

  • the media is rather arrogant. most of their ratings are from TVs that nobody watches (airports, bars, nursing homes). their ability to disinform and persuade is gone. only threats remain

  • Now, after Trump threatened to sue Pelosi and Schiff over this bogus Ukraine “investigation” this weekend, Schiff is saying that they “don’t need the whistleblower’s testimony,” that they’re just going to “rely” on the “evidence” in the transcript. Would this be a “transcript” that Schiff pulled out of his rear end or the transcript of the phone call, that proves his claims of “criminal activity” on Trump’s part—that he made before he even read the transcript—to be a load of crap?

  • So what is it going to take to arrest everyone behind this high crime in our Country, they have been commenting acts of treason since before Trump was ELECTED BY THE PEOPLE and continue to do so, the evidence is there, for crying out loud lock them all up, STOP PLAYING POLITICS WITH THESE TRAITOROUS CRIMMELS!!!

  • Dale Rhode Hard Luck Cowboy says:

    I can see why Native Americans are bitter about Columbus day and I agree with them…We, as a Country, have abused, used and ignored Native Americans…This has to stop!!!!! Too many continue to suffer in silence and that is a shame on us!!!


  • so most media has done well, because it is easier to convince someone of a lie, than to convince them they have been lied to. Mark Twain said something similar , fairly doubtful human nature has changed that much. so Schiff made a malicious slanderous twisted statement, and most of the press carried it, unfiltered to the American public. now, how pathetic a lie it really was has to be sheltered by more pathetic lies, sad really…..

  • just so we are clear on whats happening the president who did not win the popular vote who fox news polls states 51% of Americans believe he should be impeached and removed from office… dang that adam schiff why is he telling the truth so much… btw he just paraphrased what trump said sorry he didnt read it word for word and i cant believe the quid pro quo thing is still a thing when Giuliani is now under investigation and this will spread to the president… thats gonna be alot worse for him… and trumps people working with campaign fiances to force a ambassador out by trump thats whats gonna sink him

  • Yes Pres Trump is always winning no matter what the Democrats are bringing on. The Leftist journalists and Jeff Zucker, owners of CNN and other networks, do not want to expose corruption in high places and are helping Obama and the Democrats to achieve their evil agenda in using nations like Russia and China as their playgrounds at the expense of America and the American people.

    God is greater than the Democrats and the Left journalists who support wrongdoings and go against Pres Trump who is backed by God (Romans 8:31). There are serious consequences in God's system whether the wrongdoers like it or not. We are seeing God's system at work today before our very eyes (Luke 12:2). The Bidens cannot escape God's judgment for the wrongs they committed. That is why their hidden wrongs are revealed to us in the last days. The Lord Jesus says in Luke 12:2, "But there is nothing covered up that will not be revealed, and hidden that will not be known."

    HUNTER Biden is a failure for a grown up man like him. Hunter has no value to guide him in life. His father, Joe Biden, is a failure too with Hunter's upbringing. Joe Biden tries to help this useless son of his but unfortunately in the wrong way where there will be consequences. It doesn't matter why China decided to go with Hunter Biden over more experienced subject matter experts, e.g., Goldman Sach etc.  Going on camera to explain Hunter's business connection and resignation, those were just poor excuses that the Bidens came up with for damage control purposes to deceive those public who are without values and a functioning brain. It only deepens Joe and Hunter Biden's wrongdoing.

    If the Bidens have values like the Trump's family, they ought to know that they should not be corrupt from the very start. Again, they have no values. Pure excuses for their wrongdoings cannot clean away their sins because there are serious consequences in God's system whether they like it or not. We are seeing God's system at work on those who operate in the dark, today, before our very eyes (Luke 12:2).

    Joe and Hunter Biden are godless. They are serving the devil. Now Joe Biden is pressing for LGBTQ equality act which isn’t equal at all. Joe Biden and his son keep repeating their sins. Apparently, there is no internalizing nor any learning in their lives because they are corrupt, dishonest and manipulative liars, deceivers and falsifiers just like Satan, the father of lies (John 8:44).

    Democrats and Adam Schiff, the greatest liar of the Democrats, are always trying very hard to right their wrongs (sins). Democrats need to wake up from their infantile stupidity to side wrongdoers, like Barack Obama, Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton, blindly. To right a wrong never works. God's judgment will come around and He cannot allow wrongdoers to go unpunished because He is a just God and a just Judge Himself.

  • can fox just tell the truth for once no wonder shep smith could not take it anymore… what these guys are talking about is proven to be false they have no idea what schiff knows and what the witnesses told the committees… so why are you saying he told us nothing so he knows nothing ….hes not gonna say anything until he has evidence and there is a formal impeachment vote that way fox cannot spin it… jeez guys im a republican and im embarrassed for how much butt kissing and propaganda fox news spreads when fox news knows nothing about whats going on…

  • Schiff, you can run but you can't hide. The American people are going to remove you and many of your Communist Democrat comrades.

  • The Lyin' Sack of Schiff: "I should have been much more clear". Hold on a sec, doesn't that sound a lot like Schiff-for-Brains telling America for the past 3 years that Russia Collusion was right there in plain sight??????????????????? Yes Schiff, you should have been much more clear, because right now……your story appears to be full of Schiff. Just sayin'

  • When's Magellan's Day? The only reason there's a Columbus Day is because the govt. was trying to make Italian Immigrants feel more included in the American culture. It was total propaganda. So what's the difference if there's an Indigenous People's day? Native Americans figure more prominently in American history and culture than Columbus ever did yet there's no acknowledgement in the US?

  • The DemoCraps are well aware that the majority of the general public just see the newspaper headings and make their minds up on that, not questioning things further. Unfortunately their unfair, cowardly tactics, for the most part, work. This is even more reason they need to be hammered for their actions

  • @5:56 Every country on earth was created as a result of human conquest! When the distant ancestors of modern-day Native Americans came over from Asia on the Ice Bridge during the last Ice Age we know Australian Aboriginals had made it to the Americas and had settled there for more than 2000 years …Mass graves were found with Aboriginal skeletal remains in Peru near some caves with Aboriginal cave art which told a story of a great genocide! Human beings have a dark history as our world evolved!
    Columbus and his crew made a huge contribution to the world as explorers and there is nothing wrong with acknowledging that…Just as the ancestors of Native Americans found their way to America….because both moved human evolution along and thank god we no longer treat fellow human beings without rights and dignity!

  • Wilson Croft-Malcolm says:

    How can the US possibly ever listen to Adam Schiff again… absolutely sick of Adam Schiff and all his colleagues 🤬

  • The left doesn't know our history so they make up their own.. ignorant bastards….. I detest blatant stupidity and the left is the master of it……dems should be ashamed except I don't think they know how……

  • marianna hope-clarke says:

    Have to turn down the sound when shifty speaks …so many lies coming out of his lying mouth …can’t stand to hear him ….

  • Even if Biden's thumb-screwing of the Ukrainian gov't to fire the prosecutor had NOTHING to do with Fredo Biden's strangely lucrative ($50K / month) board position at a Ukrainian oil company, it's still an abuse of authority, and needs to be investigated. And when does Schiff-for-Brains face consequences for his lies? Even the left-leaning Washington Compost has condemned it, and reading that so-called "parody" into the Congressional record was reprehensible.

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