100 thoughts on “Blue collar boom vs. socialism or the swamp”

  • Richard Thomas says:

    Smeagle here has clips of Biden "Quotes " Saying Dumb things ,If he had clips of Trump it would have taken his Entire Show

  • You lose you job today, you lose your Healthcare.
    You go back to school, will cost you more as a graduate.
    But not under Medicare for all, and not with 5 more tuition free.
    And is not socialism. Unless Medicare, GI Bill, welfare, housing S8, is socialism.

  • Cheeky British bloak,
    100 of the fortune 500 companies are paying 0 taxes the incumbent president has forced big business like Amazon to channel income streams through Ireland financial systems and paying 0 taxes.
    Texas minimum wage workers earn 15 thousand dollars a year
    Texas minimum wage workers are paying 1500 dollars taken out of their checks before they receive it.
    Jeff bezos makes 7 million dollars an hour
    Jeff bezos pays 0 taxes
    Is that fair?
    Most Americans think Amazon should pay their fair share of taxes
    Most Americans want universal basic income for all in the form of the freedom dividend
    Politicians should do what we send them to Washington DC to do!
    I don't see why you are so against the freedom dividend,
    Your country has twice the amount of money going to its citizens
    They give you money, we get billed.

  • Aside from politics "sleepy Joe" should seriously start thinking about seeing a doctor for his forgetfulness, if he hasn't done
    So already. It seems to be getting more and more of a problem for him each passing day. I am hoping for his sake that it is nothing more than dementia or Alzheimers.

  • Wait, so in the past we tend to shift between two polarizing views. We can't trust the government so we must trust the businesses. We can't trust the businesses so we need to trust the government. Now it is getting nastier cause that was never the best situation, but now we also have a swamp being placed in such a way to influence how we shift between the two. Someone has figured out how to influence how we shift our views, in their favor. It has let all three scary things grow really big and scary.

  • Hows your 401k doing today? Last day this Picard wannabe can spin Trumps "great economy". Unemployment will probably be at 10% come election.

  • jackery moogk says:

    Both Clinton and Obama had to fix the republicans (trickle down) economy. It has never worked. When will we learn. The short sighted selfishness has always been a disaster. Wake up people !

  • It's not hard to see how the democrat news medias lie! yeah right in front of our own dumbfounded faces! that means anything that's important for us to hear we will never be able to hear it!.

  • Buddy Reynolds says:

    Democratic morons trying to give credit to Obama. Ok Bama economy Boomer sure he did. Trump found the magic wand……

  • Truthseeker Digging Deeper says:

    Barry the Kenyan was a complete buffoon. C_A trained and schooled. Just did what he was told to do. Had no business sense, no negotiating sense, no money sense. Just a community organizer/socialist. Tax and spend. Worst offense is having Quid Pro Joe as VP and Eric as Wingman.

  • James Martinez says:

    How do these idiots lie like that with a straight face. These are the same so called journalists that are working in collusion with the Dems and the globalist corporate boardroom members to take down the economy. That millions of ordinary Americans will suffer doesn’t matter.

  • Yeah right… Obama waited 8 years to bring a real change to the lives of people but now all economy is due to Obama.

  • Patricia Morgan says:

    If the economy had been good under Obama, the American people would have seen it!! Obama just can't accept that he was a loser!!

  • ChristianCentury2000 says:

    Some excellent comments from Steve Hilton. We must also pray for our country! Our leaders and political parties need to stop fighting and hurting one another! We must pray that they will then work together to solve important problems! We tend to think we can solve our problems without God's help. And, we are wrong! We need God's help every day with an attitude of appreciation and gratitude, humility and meekness.

  • Christophe Blanchi says:

    Poor Trump snowflake… he did not inherit a good economy and he failed to do anything to help it. Nothing is ever his fault ever.

  • watchman56able says:

    I have come to the conclusion that those that hate Trump will never be swayed away from that hate. Those that support Trump will continue to support him no matter what the leftstream media says. Trump is doing a great job and the haters will not give even the smallest credit to Trump. That will not change.

  • In truth we trust says:

    "Blue collar", "Shillton" ?
    Poisoning the land, air and water by deregulation doesn´t sound very "pro worker"…
    Nor do giving the rich the best tax-cuts…Ad Perpetuum…
    The most corrupt admin to date? Nah…
    "Positive Populism"…My behind…
    Promising easy solutions to complicated problems…Sounds silly to me…
    And you´re working for US most elite, globalistic, foreign and rich news outlet…
    Can you spell disingenuous ?

  • The fundamentals of the US economy really haven't been as good as people have been made to think they were. Trump's tax cut for billionaires actually made the US economy worse off! Tariffs and trade wars are what set off the Great Depression! US manufacturing output has been declining since July 2019 – long before Covid-19. Trump's fake economy crashing = billionaires used tax cut for Pump and Dump = Goldman Sachs stealing taxpayers dollars! Having Goldman Sachs (Mnuchin) in charge of treasury, a failed MSM talking head (Kudlow) as economic advisor and Mike Pence in charge of Covid-19 response is a recipe for economic catastrophe! Helicopter money = all the taxpayer QE money Mnuchin/FED is burning up in the markets. It increases the federal debt and creates more inflationary instability! It doesn't disappear. It goes in the pockets of 1% Theft from taxpayers and future generations! ​Bernie's financial transaction tax would help stabilize markets in crisis as well as raise revenue to reduce deficit and debt. America needs Medicare for All Canada has contained Covid-19 so far and US has it circulating undetected. What's the major difference? Public funded healthcare!! Bernie would be better for economy than Trump or Biden! Bernie's policies would increase mobility in the labor market as well as incentivize entrepreneurship while lowering overhead costs for small to medium sized businesses as well as for individuals. Alot of people aren't giving Bernie an honest, fair look because they've been fed Koch brothers propaganda by MSM including FOX for decades. All of Bernie's platform would actually be really good for the economy! It would be so much money that people could keep from what they've earned working!! And they'd spend almost all of directly in the economy! The US as a whole and all of it's people would be better off!

  • Obama is a socialist; he wants the average American to be equally poor as his neighbor, except for him and the other so called "elites".

  • Prior to President Trump my income was below $30,000 and last year I cleared over $70,000. You tell me who is better for the country. I am now a Republican for life. Never going back to the failed policies of the Democrat Party.

  • Glitch in the Matrix says:

    Anyone that believes that Obama had anything to do with our country recovering from, well Obama and bush, has their head in the sand. It's so convenient that all good things happening now are Obama's doing. While everything bad under Obama was Bush's fault. I don't stick up for bush, he is just as bad as Obama. Just different kind of bad. Trump is the best thing to happen to this country since the "fall" of the nazis.more specifically the end of the war.

  • Bother … Obama’s minions are still at it …. what a joke … we lived under the O for 8 years, and it was dismal.

  • Bringing manufacturing back to our country was what was desperately needed & thank God, he brought Donald Trump ( A Capitalist) to us and we’ve see the difference!

  • Michael Seymour says:

    this is not impartial….this is an agenda …and YOU sir…are the ENEMY of the working class ….nothing but a paid up advert for the republican party –
    a closeted , right wing , enemy of the working class ….and friend of the parasitic , share market wolves of wall st. You epitomize every bad trait of human behavior . And as i said….not even close to being an impartial source …as GOOD news programs should be.

  • Bernie has some really great ideas, unfortunately most Americans o are frightened of social programs.small steps are needed.

  • Of course a "good businessman" has fixed the U.S. economy, Trump said that 20 years ago . The Democrats have squandered our nation's wealth and peoples, since after World War Two! Obama is irrelevant!

  • we all know it doesn't ripple effect like everybody is trying to say they just don't like Trump and that's all there is to it they're not going to give him any credit for anyting ?????????

  • silly out of touch loony liberal yuppster white collar "college edumacated" demonRATs are anti-amerikan, anti-Trump pro obummer dummys!!!!

  • Wow ,is it false brain freeze,obomanation gave tied up goverment,he put so many tie's in business ,we were doomed,first thing trump did was open the mortor that allows job's,bye getting ridd of ties,for every one done,,, 2 must be undone,,,who fixed the machine,trump did,obomanation wanted the engines broke,that's his doing's,these people have to be brain frozen,wake up.

  • Trump is winning because he is for the the very forgotten that's been neglected for decades and That is why he already won 2020!

  • 'Administration officials will present the President with options, which will include financial assistance to industries affected by the coronavirus and the oil price crash. These measures may include cash injections, tax credits, payroll tax cuts, and tariff reductions on specific Chinese imports,…' Donald Two Faces is a classic SOCIALIST………

  • So this is just how we should think it is ok that our cost of living is getting way too high because we have more jobs?

  • Their going to get Biden on the ticket, choose his VP, if elected they'll claim him incompetent, and get the President they truly want. I'm going all in, it a perfect democrat strategy…

  • People ignore many factors. They don't want to admit. obama's failures. They never will.

    Where I live jobs are everywhere.. with competitive pay now. But reliable employees seem to not exist here…
    Under obama… the only jobs were part time(as in 12hrs max)…full time was hard to find. Now not so much(obamacare was to thankful for the barely part time hours. If you averaged a certain amount of hours a week…employer's were required to offer health insurance(28 hrs I believe).

    If you live in an area where the economy isn't doing well..look into policies in your area and who is in charge in the local'll tell you why.

  • Joanne Butcher says:

    Obama said that the economy would not grow under Trump but the economy did grow under Trump. Obama is being a hippocratic by taking credit for something that he condemned. The whole Democratic party and their followers are a bunch of liars and evil racists people and the foolish liberals media. I can't stand a liberal white or black person.

  • I'm not even American & watching this is glorious. Trump is the best thing for the world, he is setting an example of the success of capitalism, a principle which should be adopted everywhere.

  • What a piece of stat wonking. ALL those stats used could be worked the other way more effectively. Narrow focus with little substance. Good RaRa piece.

  • That was some very useful analysis, successfully undercutting those using the averages to gift the current benefits to the Obama Admin. Thank you!

  • Gabriel Valdes says:

    So the gdp and jobs numbers are the same and the debt is on course to double. No wall, no healthcare deal, no end to the trade war, or any other war, cant dave coal or oil. I give credit to the president for pumping the stock market but these numbers are average at best. Let's be honest.

  • Omg. Having China make our medications there. Really, might as well have Iran, Russia, North Korea make them. You get it government FDA, what the heck we got PHARMA here, why do we have our meds made by people who want to take us down.

  • Gabriel Valdes says:

    This guy cant read charts and is short sided. It's all about the averages because people dont just live and work for a year. We were promised 3 to 6 percent gdp, and a balanced budget. We got three and we are supposed to be impressed. Using the fact that we are this late in the business cycle is a weak argument because the president said this would last forever. He's had 1 good year. Good, not the greatest.

  • ?? Keep Calm & Trump On ?????. This will also backfire on the CORRUPTION of the SWAMP ‼️. Good time to Pay ?Attention America??????

  • anne-marie Andrews says:

    trump family of grifters and thieves all working in the whitehouse running your life, giuliani's son works as sport liaison costing taxpayers $95,000 (not costing ukraine, costing you), inept an untrained trump junior and ivanka (who gets her line of goods made in china) eric trump does not work in the whitehouse that i know of but eric's brother-in-law does.

  • anne-marie Andrews says:

    melania is building a brand new whitehouse tennis court on the tax payers dime, you may see a picture when it's completed but you will never be invited.

  • Russell Stephan says:

    Hate to tell everyone, but corporations don't pay taxes.


    Do rocks pay taxes? No, but humans certainly pay property taxes where rocks reside.

    Corporations are virtual entities. They don't breathe, work, take vacations, raise children, retire, or as shocking as this seems, pay taxes.

    Real people pay taxes. The three real groups of people involved with a firm are: Shareholders, employees, and customers. Shareholders foot the tax bill through lower rates of return. Employees suffer through thinner wages. Customers pay more for the goods and services they purchase.

    So, guess what? If you invest for retirement, collect a paycheck, and buy goods and services, it is you which pays every single penny of the corporate tax bill.

  • Americans are still waiting for Mexico to pay for the wall, we're still waiting for bigger and better Healthcare than what Obama had, under the Republicans in the 80s we watched 600,000 people died of AIDS epidemic, now the commander-in-chief is saying do not worry it'll all just go away and look at what Wall Street did. Obama handled the Eboli crisis without Wall Street even moving at all. Maybe America is just catching on to all of the bleach blond news anchors at Fox News telling lies.

  • Let's remember every Republican House and Senate voted to let General Motors go bankrupt., but Obama did Cash for Clunkers and bailed out General Motors now they are a big profitable company.

  • With your satistics on tax breaks is why we have no money to build any new infrastructure in America, tax breaks tax breaks tax breaks, still the middle class will pay for all of the bridges in highways as company owner billionaires pay nothing for their products to be moved on our highways.,,, God knew when you were 20 years old that you should go bald and here you are bald end of story.

  • It' true president Trump only helps the rich, and All Americans are the rich. Help yourself and thank a Marine, you commies.

  • Jimmy Carter was the first president that send our jobs overseas back in 1977 and president Ford is the one who banned our oil from from the United states and everything went down hill every since

  • How soon do people forget? Obama numbers were like the phony polls in 2016 look at the numbers for those who gave up looking for a job when Obama was in charge. Look at who got that bailout money, was any for you? Their lies are sickening to real America.

  • One thing saved the economy during the Obama Administration and it is something he's adamantly against…FRACKING

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