Blood-curdling reconstruction of Jack The Ripper’s Most SADISTIC Crime Scene – BBC

Blood-curdling reconstruction of Jack The Ripper’s Most SADISTIC Crime Scene – BBC

Mary Jane was the only victim
to be murdered indoors. In her room in Miller’s Court, the
Ripper had the time and space to realise his very
darkest fantasies. When detectives discovered the body,
they sent round a photographer. We get the first, and only,
photographs of a Ripper crime scene. They’re truly chilling. But they’re also a powerful
investigatory tool that we can deploy today. By using the scene-of-crime
photographs and the really detailed notes taken
by detectives who were there, we can recreate the murder scene,
in detail, for the first time in over 130 years. We’ve built a full-scale replica
of Mary Jane’s bedroom to help understand the Ripper’s psychology. Peter is once again helping us
investigate the murder scene. So, tell me, what was Miller’s
Court, a flat or a house? No, it was a ground-floor room
in a block of over a dozen flats. We have a photograph of the outside
of the building here, taken on the day that
Mary Jane Kelly was murdered. OK. Mary Jane Kelly,
what do we know about her? Well, she was about 25 years old. And so she’s the youngest
of the Ripper victims. What were her movements
on the day of her murder? Well, we know that about 2am
she goes out and she’s seen with a man, and that’s the last
sighting we have of Mary Jane Kelly alive. And remember, this is the height
of the Jack the Ripper murders. There’s a heightened
police presence. The newspapers are going crazy about
covering the Jack the Ripper case, and there are wanted posters
all round Whitechapel saying, “Beware Jack the Ripper,”
and he’s still prepared to kill. This is an exact reproduction
of Mary Jane Kelly’s room, built to scale, and the furniture
is placed exactly as it was found by the police when they came
through the door after Mary Jane Kelly’s death. So, what is it exactly that you
would look for when you first come into a crime scene?
In a modern-day investigation, detectives would be looking
for traces of DNA, fingerprints, shoe marks or even tiny microscopic
fibres that could have been transferred from the clothing
of the victim to the killer, or vice versa. But, of course,
in 1888, none of this exists. No. So they would have been completely
reliant upon the visual signs – what was the crime scene
telling them? Was there any sign of forced entry?
No sign of forced entry. And, in fact, the police had to
bring an axe to break down the door. So presumably the Ripper
was invited in. And there was absolutely no sense
of this, at first glance, being a murder scene, is there?
No, and that’s strange. I mean, I’d sort of expect
that there would be clothes strewn across the floor, and the furniture
would be upturned, but, in fact, the clothes
were found perfectly folded, and Mary Jane Kelly’s boots
by the fireplace. She was clearly comfortable
in the company of this man. So, what does that say
about the Ripper himself? Well, it tells us that Jack
the Ripper, at least initially, was a very plausible punter. He could put the women at ease
but then, of course, in relation to Mary Jane Kelly, this
is the first crime he’s committed inside a woman’s room, and, frankly,
he’s in no hurry to leave. Dr Thomas Bond attended the murder
scene and made detailed notes, which we are using in our
reconstruction. But if we follow his report and say
that the heavy blood staining was there, and, of course,
the pool of blood was found underneath, it indicates that her
body’s been moved somewhat from the point at where I would
contend she was murdered to this side of the mattress. And why would that be? Pulling
the victim away avoids him being covered in blood, and allows him
to pose Mary Jane Kelly. He then begins to dismember
the corpse, and place organs around the room. The question for me is,
why does he dismember the body? It’s messy, bloody
and time consuming. And we know, therefore,
it’s incredibly unusual, whether we’re talking about murder
in 1888 or whether we’re talking about murder today. I mean, there
are something, on average, like 550 murders each year
in the United Kingdom, and only a handful of those murders
would have any form of dismemberment at all. And the dismemberment cases
that I’ve come across, invariably, that has been done in order
to transport or otherwise dispose of the body. But that’s not
what we’re seeing here. And I think what we’re seeing
in this murder is just simply he’s got time to be with a dead
victim, and he’s exploring. He’s allowing his fantasies
to be fully flowered. For me, the other significant
and striking feature of the murder of Mary Jane is just the ferocity
that the killer has focused on her face. She was described
as a pretty woman, wasn’t she? But then when the police surgeon
describes finding her here, he said that her face was gashed
in all directions and that her nose and cheeks
and eyebrows and ears had been partly removed. All of this is shocking, but it is a
massive disfigurement, isn’t it? Yes, and, of course, to attack
the face is to attack the very being of the victim. So, what can we determine about his
psychology from this room? Oh, we see the absolute limits
of his misogyny. When he’s got time to be alone with
a dead woman, he disfigures, he dehumanises.
Mm-hm. He obliterates.


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  • Very interesting. This does beg the question, however, that the same person killed Mary Kelly as killed the other victims. The "plausible punter" that the young woman invited into her room may not have been the same fellow who carved up women twenty years older in the streets of East London. Given that the victimology is entirely different and that the MO is similar only if one assumes that the killer was "escalating", I find it not unlikely that Kelly's murder may not have been connected to the others.

  • “It couldn’t have been an American because neither of the two witnesses mentioned the accent”
    “I think it was the polish guy who arrived in London a few years earlier”

  • Charlie Rum old boi! says:

    Such a disappointing programme shedding no new light on the crime. Claiming Kosminski was the ripper was so tedious. He certainly had nothing to do with the murders. Scotland yard could not link him to any of the murders and was only considered a suspect due to some very spurious and doubtful suspicion made by a senior police officer who should have known better. He was a harmless lunatic. Very, very disappointing.

  • "They had to break down the door with an axe" but no mention of the broken window next to the door where you could reach in and open it.?

  • Here’s some facts: the big bosses of both investigating police forces each released a book in their retirement, about Jack the Ripper. They both said they knew who it was but were unable to arrest him. They both said it was Francis Tumbletee. One force even sent men to America (where he went after last murder), but they couldn’t catch him. When he died, he had some very cheap jewellery in his possession that matched the description of jewellery that the victims once owned. He was wealthy at the time of death, so these stood out. He also collected female reproductive organs and had examples.

  • Feeble BBC TV special that claimed 2 have ID-ed the Ripper but it was all very weak & feeble! This case will remaim a mystery because lack f dma – it was all 2 far back 2 make a real ID.

  • I am always surprised that in all these programmes nobody in any reconstruction has ever mentioned that in the middle of the murders was a horse slaughtering yard with men skilled with very sharp knives and with one of the victims being found in the very gateway of this yard. I don't think that this was a coincidence.

  • This is a messed up assumption but this is inspired by Sálo: The 120 Days of Sodom. I think Jack The Ripper had a kink for dismemberment and other forms of violence and torture. I do not believe that kink simply means sexual gratification, I just think it means finding gratification in general. Jack had a thing for going after prostitutes and beautiful women. They all came out as grotesque figures with their faces all messed up. Perhaps the reason these women (Mary Jane at least) were so calm and controlled was because they wanted it as well. They wanted to die, to look disgustingly gory, perhaps it enticed them. Jack The Ripper had actually fulfilled his fantasies by killing these women. To see blood gush out from the delicate and fair skin, to see what's inside such gorgeous bodies, to destroy their beautiful faces. This entire thing could have probably been ruled as assisted suicide.

  • another motive for cutting up the face is that he is a victim of abuse. Perhaps a mother or older sister that had demeaned him or physically abused. It's even possible that Mary reminded him of his abuser and part of his fantasy was getting revenge for the years of abuse.

  • Why do ppl like this think they know everything about Jack! No one knows Jack, he could have been a local butcher, Baker, Doctor, or a simple farmer who comes to town…. and why do we have to see and hear the gory details of these poor ladies. Their legacy is that they were murdered! Why r ppl so fascinated with these deaths? Did these ppl who study this not have something to contribute to society, humanity , anything? They don’t know these women, their thoughts , their habits, their minds at the time of their deaths. Look at this guy spray painting blood…I will not watch anymore of this crap. Shame on u…leave them in peace and oh guess what guys…I am 100% sure Good Ole Jack is dead ? too…

  • There are so many people with vested interests in the identity of Jack The Ripper remaining up for debate that even if some kind of watertight evidence were to appear ( not that I believe that is possible) it would never be accepted or believed by all.
    There are so many books out about this character and every few years or so a new theory surfaces as to the 'true' identity.

  • Reithian public service broadcasting at its finest, eh? Really the kind of stuff UK viewers would be sadly deprived of without the license fee. Pathetic.

  • Why do they refer to “him”. Nobody was ever caught for the crime. Thought the BBC was a paragon of political correctness and factual journalism, so they should refer to the killer in a gender neutral form right? Nope ??

  • Some people believe that she was actually killed by Joseph Barnett her former room mate and someone who actually cared for her. Some have said that they tried to make it look like the ripper. The killing seems personal like someone that was known to her. She wouldn't have been afraid of him. So maybe she actually wasn't murdered by the Ripper or Barnett was the Ripper.

  • i kinda believe the jill the ripper theory, that it was a nurse/midwife there under the pretense of providing an illegal abortion. the fact that the scene shows that the killer was invited in, clothes folded neatly on chair beside the bed before the murder lends evidence to this..maybe? to be leaving dressed as a nurse covered in blood would not arouse suspicion either.

  • Oh fuck me dead I just clicked on this at 12:30 in the morning didn’t expect to see those pictures but hey it’s probably my own fault

  • the clothes being folded and her in bed suggests she was sleeping at the time of the murder, the only person to gain unforced access would been her husband who hated prostitutes, and had a fight with her 10 days before she was found dead

  • Utter rubbish…. Yet another theory of so called " experts" saying " well all the evidence and theories… Blah…blah…blah point to " "……. " ??

  • George William Waddington says:

    if no one know how jack the ripper is why do we automatically assume it's a man… jack can mean Jackie for all we know

  • Such a tiny room with very little space. How he murder someone without her screaming and anyone hearing. So interesting.

  • Soham Bhattacharya says:

    What an incredibly superficial analysis.

    I was hoping that they would really deep dive into the psyche and motivations of Jack the Ripper.

    But all they did was, without much hypothesis just use buzz words like "misogyny" "dehumanize" and all that crap.

    Well no shit Sherlock! He was a serial killer who targeted female sex workers.

    It's no big reveal that he was inhumane and misogynistic. SMH.

  • Misogyny? Really???? So he didn’t do it because he thought it was amusing to the police would find her like that and he wouldn’t be caught..or because he was having fun mutilating her body and whatnot…ok

  • are you serious?? did you really need to recreate a whole room just to come to the conclusion that jack the ripper was psychopath? feel like you couldve just looked at the picture…

  • Rain &Rainbows says:

    I always thought that maybe Mary Jane wasn't murdered by jack the ripper
    There were a lot of victims other than the canonical 5 who I thought fit the pattern more than Mary Jane did

  • Lady Shana Ryuichi says:

    Jose Rizal is one of the suspected Jack the Ripper as of what my history instructor told about it. Because of the initials, J.R. of Jack the Ripper that resembled with Jose Rizal. They think he was the Jack the Ripper because by the time he arrived in London, it was the start of killing of Jack the Ripper. The fact that Jose Rizal was an ophthalmologist, suspecting him he conducted an experiment by dismembering organs of the women he victimized.

    Correct me if I missed or misunderstood from it.

  • Damilola Olufiade says:

    You telling me no one in the comment section was a fan of merlin…. And didn't notice that the lady played morgause in merlin.
    "+Hope I spelled morgause right

  • ramcreign reign says:

    What if… Jack the ripper was a doctor in need of training.. Research thru actual bodies… And he went for live research instead of dummies…to gain more knowledge of the human anatomy… Perhaps an aspiring surgeon but turned into obsession…

    A doctor turned psychopath due to obsession with experiments and research…

  • Michael Gallagher says:

    They said Mary Jane Kelly had six bothers and one sister didn't turn up for funeral in Leytonstone in st Patrick's graveyard and they said a Jewish seen a royal carriage out there.

  • Paul Mackenzie says:

    All they've done is repeat themselves throughout this whole video and they've discovered absolutely nothing.

  • What's the real point of this? The Ripper has been dead for years it's not like his going to be caught now and brought to justice

  • What's with the bizarre caps lock click-bait title? It doesn't quite have the same affect as the panel show type

  • I don’t understand why you would think he went home for a new jacket.

    He took lots of risks.

    People would also notice he had a bigger washing that weekend ?.

    Let’s just agree that the 2 men was the same person and he stayed alone, at least for a period anyway.

  • If Jack started off as her client, it would be natural for her to have taken off her clothing to some degree (the neatly placed shoes and clothing folded on the chair. He could slit her throat, take off his own clothes, mutilate her, then use the water in the basin to tidy up, so his clothes were not bloodstained.

  • Knoxville Hermit FREE Movies, Music and More says:

    Nobody ever talks much about the fact that Jack the Ripper was a serial
    cannibal who was interested in internal organs which he took. He was
    not just a standard killer.

  • Knoxville Hermit FREE Movies, Music and More says:

    Nobody ever talks much about the fact that Jack the Ripper was a serial
    cannibal who was interested in internal organs which he took. He was
    not just a standard killer.

  • Terrible documentary. I feel they crammed 2 episodes into one and they'd picked their person before they'd even started. Fine, Kosminski is a good suspect but they never checked or even mentioned Cross/Lechmere who was the only person ever seen with a victim by himself. He also lied on numerous occasions to authority, lived and worked in the area, plus was around that time of night and his job involved knife work and would be normal to be seen covered in blood. I'm not too sure who did it, but I think we can point our finger at least three of four good suspects and it's a pity this doc' didn't run the same techniques with these people.

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