Blockchain For Copyright In Radio – a VRT Sandbox Project (subs available)

Blockchain For Copyright In Radio – a VRT Sandbox Project (subs available)

Distributing and paying music rights is tough When MNM plays a song by Bazart the network has to complete a form and send it to the institution that manages Bazart’s music rights It determines Bazart’s earnings according to a distribution key Up to nine months after the song is broadcast Bazart gets paid Minus the costs, of course Can this be done faster, more correctly and with more transparancy? I believe it can I’m currently researching a new way to register and pay music rights For this I’m collaborating with professor Kurt Callewaert, Blockchain expert and student devellopers Tim and Pieter Why Blockchain? Blockchain is a promising technology that makes transactions safer, more accurate, faster and more transparant That way, artists can monitor their earnings in real time We analyse the contents of a full show on MNM From this we extract all used songs with their according lengths and artists Our software analyses that data and determines how the rights should be distributed Blockchain? It’s ehh.. It is an ever growing list of data – blocks – linked to each other secured by cryptography Every block contains date and transaction information which formes the basis for the next block The data cannot be altered without changing the entire chain MNM broadcasts about 330 songs a day On an annual basis that means 6600 thousand hours of music That’s a lot! reporting all those musical rights is very time consuming Working with blockchain can be a huge time saver and we can contribute to a better compensation for our artists We’re currently working on a proof of concept to create a finished product as soon as possible because today there’s a lot of talk about blockchain now we want to put it into practise and we might become pioneers in musical rights payment


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