Blind travel writer can ‘see’ BEES differently 🐝🐝🐝 – BBC

Blind travel writer can ‘see’ BEES differently 🐝🐝🐝 – BBC

I want Sara to try travelling blind. I don’t mean not using her eyes but, rather,
getting so close to things that her other senses take over. So I’m taking her to a farm, near the mountain town
of Camlihemsin. Mustafa is a honey producer and he’s agreed to show us
right inside his hives. He’s scything the way
for us to go through. It’s like as if
we’re off to battle. Mustafa keeps a million bees
on this home-made platform. I want to get Sara up there
to feel the bees around her. He’s an insane man,
who’s built a shantytown of bees in the middle of the forest
on rickety legs. It’s a death trap, mate,
it’s an absolute death trap. Once you get up…
I’m not going up on it. I honestly promise you
if you could see, you wouldn’t go up there.
Really? Yeah. Like, obviously, it’s safe enough,
these guys do it. No. He’s a very reckless man,
with a death wish. OK, so… Yeah.
That feels fairly solid to me. I don’t know what you’re
talking about. No, you idiot. Look, I’m going to show you
one of the spindly things it’s standing up on.
So, come forward with me. Don’t wobble it. The bees are
going to fall on my head. I’ve never been in a beehive before. I just want to go up
and see what it’s like. OK. I’ll wait down here. Right, OK. I’ll sit on this rock,
with these dead bees. MUSTAFA SHOUTS IN TURKISH OK. OK, OK, OK. OK. Mustafa’s honey is famous
across the country because of the care that he
gives to his hives. BEES BUZZ OK. Can I touch it? Oh, wow! That’s the honeycomb! Oh, my God, wow, this is amazing! I can hear. BEES BUZZ
It’s an amazing sound. I need to get Sara up here. Sara! Are you down there? Yeah. You’ve got to come up here.
It’s incredible! Is it? It’s amazing.
It’s like a motorway of bees! Is it wobbly? It’s not wobbly at all.
It’s absolutely stable, I promise you. Promise? I promise. It’s pretty stable.
No, no, don’t wobble it, you just hit the ladder!
No, I’m going to hold it for you. No, don’t hold it, don’t go anywhere
near it, just leave it. OK. OK, so I’m on the top rung
of the ladder. OK, can I give you my hand? No. Er, yeah, yeah, all right, OK. OK, I’m up, I’m up! Well done! That’s amazing!
All right, you can jump down here. I’m not going to jump
anywhere near this. Why are you walking so slowly? Because I can see the floor! And it’s a long way down. OK, what can you see now? I can see all of the wooden slats. It’s like a picture frame
but, instead of a picture in it, it’s got honeycomb and bees,
and they’ve built that. It’s amazing. Sara, you want to listen to this. Like, put your head
right above it… Yeah. ..and your ear towards it. This is them just doing
their business, aren’t they? Yeah. BEES BUZZ Oh, wow! Oh, my God! It sounds like a hub of activity. It’s almost like, you know
if you were in a big city, and you hear loads of people
all around. Oh, wow! Thousands of these bees
all together, working in harmony. It is a rare moment
when a sound is so powerful that it overwhelms you… ..but here, with a headful of bees, we’re both transported
into their hive. These are so beautiful. I wouldn’t even have come up here
if you hadn’t done it. Yeah. And if you hadn’t… I felt bad not
coming up, but I was really scared, but I’m so glad I did. Yeah. Yeah. I’ll always have done this now.
Yeah. I’ll always know
the bees from Turkey. I do believe you now.
Like, I think at the beginning, I didn’t believe
the thing about experiencing. I thought everything
would have to be completely described for hours,
until you had a picture, and then that was
the same as seeing, rather than there’s this
other way of just… ..feeling it… Yeah. ..and being inside it. Yeah. Like, today,
I’ve got this, you know, the shantytown
on the rickety bridge, but in each one lives
a beautiful nation of bees, and I’ve heard them buzzing, and I’ll have that picture for
the rest of my life now. Like, I’d miss out half the world if I wasn’t prepared to do things. I think lots of people
will think, wow, that’s a really strong-willed
way to live. I’d rather, like, try things
and get hurt than not try things at all.


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