48 thoughts on “BlackFishing: White Women PRETENDING To Be Black On Social Media?| Thee Mademoiselle ♔”

  • Thee Mademoiselle says:



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  • Y0.gurl_tatiana _ says:

    These are the same bitches that be shaming our culture and skin color! They don’t know the struggle we go thru each mf day. ??‍♀️

  • I just want to ask and any one can reply to me , okay so I’m Dominican and my skin is very light and I have super curly hair and I don’t think as myself asblack I think myself as Hispanic and hella people are sayin Dominicans are black and I don’t look black tho I am Dominican and my hair is very curly but my skin is light asf so ??‍♀️ I’m just tryna figure it out

  • I'm black right and most black girls bleach their skin to look lighter we also where White women's hair (wigs), and we see nothing wrong with it
    Why can't White girls also darken their skin if they feel comfortable in it, black people should be happy that people love their skin to wanna have it too
    Let love lead

  • This is 100% facts finally someone that's sees it, I been saying this for like two years now, they been stealing us…yes I said steeling us!!!

  • I hate my skin colour but only because im i get sunburns really easily. Like so easily that i can catch one in winter (already did)

  • Laura del Villar says:

    Everyone complaining about if they are black or white
    Man trump is yellow, so what is he now sympsomfishing?

    Let’s all love the way we look and respect how others want to look too, and if others want to pretend something that they are not then let them be ( at the end of the day they will be the ones regretting their actions, and hopefully they will learn to love themselves ♥️?)

  • Jailynn Blake says:

    She is speaking faxs. Because white girls were on the top of the list and now black is coming on the top . Black facing is not cool . SMH

  • African Treasure says:

    Dear black and white girls… my mixed race curly hair( which you achieve via perming / weaves) and light brown skin( which you achieve via bleaching/ tanning ) is not you costume.

  • Black is not something ppl see as a new standard of beauty, they are not. White girls and mixed ones. YOU DON'T HAVE WHITE GIRL PROBLEMS YOU BITCH. If some one is for example half swedish and half brazilian she probably tans well and the tone is different. That BLACK BLACK skintone is smth that is not natural. But ariana grande, normal tanning. Maybe some ppl have issues in their mental healt but I think almost no one wants to have a huge noses, that afro hair or very dark skin and that huuuuge but with orange skin.

  • The 2nd girl, she’s a French tv star. And she’s not a white girl, she’s Moroccan, she’s arabic she’s already a little black 🙂

  • Some blacks bleach and want to be white. Straighten the hair? ??‍♂️ ? ?
    But why try to be black? Not attractive at all, definitely some mental health issues.

  • All these people of my race are trying to be black but are not carrying everything that usually comes with it like racism and being bullied for your hair I love yalls hair btw but I'm just so mad that they're doing this it's not cultural appropriation or appreciation it's just straight up being something your not and disrespecting everybody else along with it

  • I’m late to this but remember when I was in 4th getting laughed at cuz I got big lips and my lips were almost touching my nose and now everyone want bigger lips

  • Who are the people that are upset with her for looking dark? I hope they are not blacks. They are in no position to accuse others of cultural inappropriation. I wont say any more! Just think! Bleaching cream, fake hair and blonde wigs are big part of black culture today.

  • TheBlackBeauty J says:

    I love how she said "why can't someone be black if they want to be black?" And they can tan but when a black girl bleaches her skin because of oppression she is judged and hurt emotionally. some things we cant change about ourselves but they do as much as possible to be like us.

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