27 thoughts on “Black Holes, Event Horizon And Gravitational Waves”

  • einstein is not important, only knowledge is! if we celebrated knowledge instead of people, i am sure we would have much more einsteins, and it's not like we dont need them

  • GSA New Physics says:

    There are no black holes, no event horizon, no ripples in spacetime/gravitational waves.Also, there are no gravitational time dilation. Time dilation can be explained without Einstein's theory.Einstein doesn't understand on the basic astronomy.His hypothesis on GRT actually is invalid, it cannot be tested by any means.There are st least 5 logical fallacies of special and general relativity idea. Logical fallacy on the heart of general relativity: Einstein's equivalence principle.
    A curvature spacetime is nonsense. Now we have a valid astronomical data from 2017 solar eclipse in USA that proves spacetime is fiction.

  • Barry Hughes says:

    What are you talking about? Have you seen the raw data from this eclipse….a set of dots spread about like currants in a bun. Made to approximate a line , presumably by the method of least squares. Black holes, dark matter, gravitational waves …….where's the empirical proof? We don't know mass distorts space, space is nothing until a coordinate system is imposed upon it by those wishing to do so whereby it then becomes a construct in which ides of length , width, height are defined. Spacetime is a mathematical construct, a theory ….not a fact, not a reality. How does so called spacetime explain " tidal forces "such as those depicted near a black hole? This is case of Newtonian gravity whereby forces are proposed and imposed due to mass , not curvature. There are no forces per se' imbedded in spacetime as far as I am aware. Objects or masses are supposed to follow straight lines in curved spacetime, this being the case then how, and by what mechanism does an apple fall to Earth othogonally to the spacetime curvature?This appears to be a " theory " waiting to be overturned by a more sensible one.

  • Thom Stormcellar says:

    the only black hole is the pupil of one's eye to store the light in one's mind. close your eyes and tell me I'm wrong.

  • Thom Stormcellar says:

    if a star's core was that dense in the first place, it would implode instead of explode and if light can't excape a black hole then quasars aren't possible. Anyhoo, here's the deal. Shake a can of Coke. Bubbles man, bubbles.

  • Demetrius Anderson says:

    You would be facing the outside of the Event horizon ( The last inside the space of the beginning ) when falling inwardly but at the singularity point ( when the first becomes last and the last first ) you will be facing downwards ( now being inside the first of the past in the end ) not realizing The switch had even happened.

  • ok, every time someone explains a black hole to me it's subtly or completely different…idk…black holes are extremely hot but heat can't escape from them…Super Novas are created from black holes and eject immense energy but nothing can escape a black hole passed the event Horizon…the net result of a black hole is the symbol for "infinite" which doesn't exist in reality…physics completely break down inside the event horizon but you wouldn't know it…?

  • Dougie HawHaw says:

    Mass is like chocolate and the planets and stars are like fruit n nut, we live in a big chocolate bar, chomp. to be honest I haven't a fxxkin clue but hey.

  • Chet Pomeroy says:

    Much of what was said here reminds me of some of the things Carl Sagan mentioned in his 1980 miniseries "Cosmos."

  • Peter Rodgers says:

    The unified field theory of physics entitled ZERO RELATIVITY by Peter Donald Rodgers is far superior to General Relativity. Go to

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