Bitcoin creates while Gold destroys, Bitmex email doxing, Euro isn’t for savings, Argentina, Q&A!

Bitcoin creates while Gold destroys, Bitmex email doxing, Euro isn’t for savings, Argentina, Q&A!

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weekend Bitcoin on Friday we had a great guest on and we went beyond Bitcoin we
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weekend Bitcoin a lot of people talking about it I mean it was a little
different than our usual show but hey man this is a big space we gotta we
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beyond Bitcoin show was yesterday that was Saturday check that out also
everything was linked to below hey I wanted him today I was going to do a
show called I rather own aetherium than gold silver or any so-called precious
metal now I decided at the last minute I’m not gonna do that I’m just gonna do
my regular show right now but I’m gonna do that show soon maybe tomorrow maybe
later today who knows again I’m in Australia so it’s a completely different
day here so I got the whole day so I messed up but yeah there’s there’s a
little preview I don’t usually give previews like that but we might get
something a little different here just bit I’m no fan of pressure
medals and the whole mentality around that the the the issue I see is in order
for this to become a a gold centric world we’re gonna have to go backward
and what I see going on in this world is incredible innovation and the world is
just changing because of Bitcoin and we have a guy here like gerald Celente I
mentioned this guy before and why people I mean people are just addicted to his
doom there are just some doom and gloom errs that love stuff like this title the
greatest depression stage one that’s his latest video the greatest depression
were you know we’re entering the greatest depression stage one and he of
course he says the buy gold and he’s made so many wrong predictions over the
years but but but the classic tone of what guys like him say is that in order
for gold and precious metals for it to work for to really work to really get at
some bang for your buck we’re entering the greatest depression and the reality
on the ground the reality on the ground is a lot different than we’re entering
the greatest depression we’re entering a Golden Age of innovation and the whole
world is being flipped around by technology in a very positive way so if
these guys have been talking about depressions on the verge of depressions
for years and years yet we people getting these technological innovations
and quality of life keeps on going up people people go into greater and
greater but they have more and more things 80 percenters to keep getting
their stuff and there’s the world there’s a morning suit lines it’s just
we’re living in a modern age where for there to be a greatest
oppression it’s not even really possible anymore because of the comforts created
by technology so that’s why I say gold destroys and Bitcoin creates because in
order to get to this gold centric world look what would you have to have it’s
not progress it’s not progress at all but the reality on the ground is that we
keep on progressing with so many things we didn’t used to have the internet when
they were crying about the Great Depression that we were about to have
and how gold was about to take over so you could be stuck in that world in that
old world where you’re just waiting waiting for bad things to happen and
you’re just missing everything the internet was created social media was
created so much was created so we are we’re it’s big point is way beyond it’s
creating a whole new realm I’m holding around the whole new way of thinking
which is just it just surpasses the old wedding that we used it’s an evolution
it’s an evolution now I’m gonna compare that here a second I got a link to an
article about what killed the newspapers Google or Facebook Google didn’t
actually kill the newspaper advertising markets Google replaced it with an
entirely different market it’s the same money but Google isn’t in the same
market as newspapers it instead created its own market and brands decided that
was a better place to be and that’s the way I see a Bitcoin you’re okay with
it’s creating something entirely new something that can they could not really
be defined previously and this is true with all of cryptocurrency
we don’t know what what’s gonna be innovations that are going to come out
of Bitcoin in all these other these altcoins accelerator I can go buy the
all coins Bitcoin is is the winner it’s it’s but that there are gonna we’re
where no one could have predicted icos okay just that no one could have
predicted the Google advertising model years ago okay but what Google did was
just completely redefine make it and made its own industry didn’t read
the fine industry and name newspapers completely obsolete so just just think
of that for a second and there are all these traditionalists to say this is
what you know you got to be able to feel all the money you gotta be able to feel
it gold Islam look all these traditional but that’s been totally upended by big
it’s we’ve totally read the fine and so III don’t know III do not want to be
stuck you know the smart boomers out there there are smart boomers out there
they talk about theoretically why why it should work why gold should
work why theoretically this should be what what value is and they are missing
something very important how the real world actually works 80 percenters don’t
care they don’t care about the mathematics behind gold okay they don’t
care they keep spending spending spending and the Fiat system keeps
growing growing and growing so you’re you know theoretically the gold Umar’s
yeah there should have been a depression there’s should’ve been this that and the
other but people don’t live innovation keeps happening financial innovation
that you don’t like that involves massive debt and massive money printing
it keeps on happening that’s the reality a ground and people accept it people
love it and now if you don’t like it you can get in the Bitcoin what are you
getting the gold but the whole Bitcoin technology is really just creating a
whole new paradigm the whole I caught it an overlay it’s just something that we
will not will look back one day and will be able to describe it better it’s hard
to describe the you don’t have the words to describe the future in the present
but once we go once we’re far into the future we can look back in the past and
really explain what happened and you’ll see Aaron
so you know smart do Murs you might be smart guys but you’re not in motion
you’re way down for your your Gerald gerald Celente
I mean would you rather be part of the Gerald cilenti’s of the world of the
innovation in Bitcoin and and even beyond again I said I’d rather have a
theory ‘m than gold and we’ll talk about that in the future show So Ra Ra 803 G
said gold bugs think money needs commodity value when it is clear money
is the thing acquired specifically not to be used for its commodity value but
to be used to exchange in the future yeah exactly so I mean they could okay
the commodity thing is theoretically theoretically it’s very true but don’t
on the ground people don’t care that did its paper paper dollar bills that it’s
it’s not a commodity hey it’s Bitcoin to the ministers hey
hey bitcoin party people pound that like button for the bitcoinmeister yeah thank
you big way to the moon I will be meeting you in person in a week November
oh well now it’s yeah and well November the 10th I’ll be meeting you on November
the 10th all right so another another guy out there Morten left the a he left
this he contacted me he sent me a DM I wanted to share it with everyone hey
Adam I enjoy your show every day they make sense hope you enjoy Australia if I
may come up with some thought from my head Andreas is an expert on technology
you’re an expert on system understanding it’s only the latter that will get you
rich I want to get rich just like the rest of the 95 percent of the population
of Earth I want to get rich only the dedicated 5% Western spoiled wokes
on earth would say that blockchain is more than just money there is no just
about money as you accidentally pointed out recently love it yeah thank thank
you very much it there is there is not jump it’s not
just money money is huge and so it is great to be to be spoiled and say hey
this is uh let’s let’s do the let’s put everything on the blockchain here it’s
it’s not just about my no it’s if money is the most important part of what’s
going on here with this blockchain thing and
with Bitcoin but but I will say something you mentioned system under
understanding and yeah I would say to tie it in the way I was saying that I
think do MERS have little system under and they just have theoretical
theoretically you should be able to dig gold should be this should be the way
that it works and on the ground it doesn’t work and 80 percenters when you
when you’re thinking about systems 80 percenters they’re not logical at all
and and they have a big say in what is in the system so you gotta take them
into account when determining what direction you should go in and have to
do the opposite of them but the key to keep them in mind so and found that like
button first of all we I wanted to bring up a fellow big coin er out there Thomas
of the world crypto network and people he I mean he clearly he’s he’s a spender
he spent his Bitcoin over the years okay but he has created a a resource that
everyone can access for free and that is the world crypto Network
yeah his archives are great he you know he does shows what he does shows he has
to all sorts of guests on there he’s debuted so many people like Tony Hayes I
mean he’s contributed so much to to the ecosystem and yet and right now he’s got
something on his Twitter he’s asking people for contributions and
he’s done this before and people are calling him a leech people are saying
why don’t you have any Bitcoin you know you’re terrible get get a real job
they’re saying and I just want to point out that the all of you were thinking
you know the people who are ripping I am I suppose I’m are just trolls and stuff
but he does have a real job in the new world and everyone is still used to
fitting in having a traditional way of life and everything but we’re this is a
new world here and this is his job and the way he funds his lifestyle is by
asking for donations he wants sponsors for his channel for and it’s a
legitimate it’s a legitimate uh endeavor I mean you could watch all the old
videos anything it’s very legit he’s not like some bum
begging on the street people are trying to compare it to that Sri so yeah he
spent his Bitcoin I’m offended by selling yeah he did that we’re not all
the same I don’t agree with Thomas on everything but he’s a legitimate dude I
met the dude in person before he’s a nice sky and does he again does he do
everything the same way does he believe exactly but I believe in Bitcoin oh and
that’s the beauty of Bitcoin but I just want to stick up with a guy because
they’re people that are just immediately ripping on it just and that’s that’s the
way of Twitter saying he’s a leech leech all these vicious words to call Thomas
of the world criminal network it’s I mean they this is where the big boys
play so no he has a real job he travels around the world he has a rural crypto
network that’s his real job the way it’s funded is spikes through advertisers on
YouTube he’s not making for FERC for the lifestyle me maybe he’s got to cut back
on expenses to whatever but I mean Stefan Molyneux he does he not had a
real job the stefan molyneux not have a real job because the way he he a hundred
percent funds his endeavor which is YouTube videos is that asking for
donations so that’s what Thomas is doing um its andreas the best with money I
mean is it is it wrong is it not everyone could be adam meister with
their freaking money and safe and have a strong hand okay not even and this is
what morton was before him Andreas is a freaking genius
is andreas a great money manager no does he does he contribute a lot yeah he
triggers a lot and so that Thomas does also and weak but and but a thing to
remember here is you can’t be a technical genius like andreas and you
can be you know creating content like like Thomas does and doing what Thomas
does but it’s it’s good to have other skills also you cannot just bury
yourself in technology and you cannot bury yourself in the theoretical you
cannot bury yourself in the theoretical you do there is a reality to this world
and you have to set yourself up in the reality of this world and the current
reality is is that the Fiat system works the US dollar isn’t going anywhere
big there’s the Bitcoin overlay hold it don’t try to complicate it if you study
it all day and you don’t actually own it and what you do or it you spend it
you’re not going to be financially successful you’re just not and so I mean
is being financially successful for everyone no it’s not for everyone it’s
not forever but I I think it’s I think it’s a huge thing again the people say
the money is that’s a huge part of up of the whole Bitcoin overlay system and the
technologies that are going on in these money so you can theoretically talk
about it for free and but I say try to live it try to live it so and try to
hold on to it that that’s my advice to Andreas and Thomas you know maybe cut
down on the spending of the Bitcoin once you get it but hey then if you like what
they contribute contribute to them and maybe you know give them a little tip
and say hey maybe you shouldn’t spend you know calling people leech and so
yeah I don’t fund my whole uh my whole thing here my whole production you know
I enjoy getting the donations I enjoy the super chests I enjoy all that stuff
but it’s not a necessity for me in life
because I have saved because I really am living this by and whole thing and lit
and cutting out all my expenses living a frugal lifestyle getting the mote bang
for my buck wherever I go I planned this out pretty
well so I’m not in a situation where I have to spend Bitcoin thank God thank
God all right moving on what we’re talking
about a lot of things wait a second man bitcoin was using the Bitcoin group as a
platform for socialist ideals well you know this is the thing he has he has
some guy named Bitcoin socialist on there Thomas is a liberal guy he looks
out on Sanford I mean he’s from that at California and you don’t have to agree
with him politically and I don’t agree with him politically I’m he he’s a
different outlook so he keeps running out of money yeah he keeps running out
of money because he has these socialist ideals and whatever
III don’t he’s a nice guy he’s a nice guy
and I think we can breathe productive and saying hey maybe maybe these
socialist ideas that you have talked about that they’re not working out you
shouldn’t pat on your big Bitcoin lifestyle based on this and you’ll have
more reclaiming but be the other way that he has more Bitcoin is just by
asking foreign people send it to him you know if you want to sponsor him over
there response erm over there he he’s willing to take advertising stefan
molyneux it is not you know we all have different we all different priorities in
life we all have different that we all have different convicted he’s very he
has conviction toward socialism I guess or for his political beliefs I think
it’s it’s more important to have a to base your conviction around uh I don’t
know savings for me you know the system a productive lifestyle system but that’s
what my conviction is around then and it’s really core beliefs that it’s
important to you know not to be wasteful not to to really think about your
financial decisions to not be frivolous with
expenses and you know and not everyone thinks as hard as a buddy you know about
what they did people people want to live a whimsical lifestyle you know oh that
looks good I’m gonna go buy it I’m gonna go there you know there’s there’s some
people that are that are impulsive and they like tool it but again my value is
you know turning your brain into something that this is not impulsive
long term thinking long term thinking is a core belief of mine and it’s not just
a belief it’s something that I live and so some people they don’t do that they
might talk about you know saving and holding and everything and they’re just
not able to do it now what do we have here eight this is a Peter Schiff was
talking about I’m not even getting whether he was talking about but Vijay
had a great a great reply it creaked a crypto backed by gold entirely missus
the reason Bitcoin is valuable but you don’t understand that reason nor the
reason gold is no longer money trust minimization all right that that is a
very a very good reminder out there also I mean we are in a we’re in a modern age
now where everything is digital you know we have to worry about confiscation we
have to worry about you know if there’s something physical you can make a fake
version of that you know you can paint a rock gold okay and the gold is not its
how do you get rid of well I’m going to talk about that but no it’s with the
Bitcoin you know you’re getting real Bitcoin when you get sent a Bitcoin okay
and it can’t be unconscious capable etcetera how might I mean that this this
is not something that shift in understand but I’m glad real Vijay
pointed that out rhythm trader says bitcoin is gold that this is this a
better explain Bitcoin is gold that weighs nothing takes up no space and
can’t be counterfeited or seized it teleports instantaneously anywhere in
the world you see he just said a lot better than I
I found that left bun that’s why I wrote it down so I wouldn’t have to try to
explain it once your tree no scope said do you think after the next bull run
that some of the big corners you have met will quit their jobs and donate a
hundred percent of their time to developing the clean user interfaces and
other things no I don’t I that’s it that’s an interesting question you
phrased it very interesting do you think that after the next full run some of the
Bitcoin is you have met will quit their jobs I do think that that will happen
yes and donating a hundred percent of their time to develop no I don’t think
they’ll donate their time I think they will develop clean user interfaces and
other things for profits okay how about that I think some some big pointers out
there after the next bull run they they will be comfortable enough in you know
their long-term planning that they won’t have to work right so-called regular
jobs any more nine-to-five jobs anymore and they will start other projects that
deal with Bitcoin well the enemy will be they’ll be capitalists they prot they’re
not donating their time they’re going to be creating new innovations and they’ll
be charging it for and good for them and good for them
charging at Bitcoin hopefully Zak Bandera said Bitcoin is gold that chicks
can’t wear is jewelry oh you think so you think they can’t wear this jewelry
that’s that’s a business opportunity right there make Bitcoin into something
that chicks can wear that rappers can wear wear something they can you know be
flashy you make your treads or make your your hardware stores they’ll device
something cool all right people some remember play this
at QX but this is this is taking long here let’s talk about this big next
thing that happened big next sent out a mass email and they forgot to BCC
everyone so everyone saw everyone else’s email address so they basically dots
people this is a reason everyone should be using bisque if you for some reason
have to sell your precious Bitcoin or if for some reason you have to turn your
light coin into or other altcoin into Bitcoin you shouldn’t be going to these
good these exchanges and giving all your personal information because they can
learn use your personal information just like that and this it’s an it’s an
advertisement for bisque try out bisque are you uh big time traders out there so
but this guy says I ran a quick certain who’s this crypto math says I ran a
quick search on bit next emails and on one of my databases and I’ve gotten
quite a few hits do you guys think I should email the people I found path
passwords for so yeah this is unfortunate there’s already a lot of
passwords then then that some of these guys have bad passwords that that emails
are out there or their their emails are already associated with other passwords
and other slices have been hacked so now they can people say oh that it’s bad
people say oh they’re also bit next users so now I’m gonna hack into their
account steal their Bitcoin there this really brings up a lot of nastiness of
the space so if you’re using one hit Big Macs or something don’t keep any coins
there don’t use the same passwords from oneexchange to another try not to sign
up for these exchanges that ask for all this kyc nonsense what’s this rhythm trader says Argentina
central bank just restricted the purchasing a bitcoin with credit and
prepaid cards as of today this comes less than a week since the same Bank
restricted dollar purchases by citizens just $200 per month alright the rate the
writing’s on the wall there but most Argentines they won’t do a thing
they won’t do a thing that there’s obviously huge capital controls coming
they already have capital controls they want them to be stuck in the peso and
some people will just be happy I’m gonna just scream and whine and say oh oh we
need more social we need the government to print this
more pesos to take care of us well the 20 percenters if there are any and there
are some there they’ll just get in the big coin or they’ll getting the dollars
now get you something better but the writing is on the wall there’s no shock
they’re not hiding anything in Argentina what they’re trying to do here with the
new socialist government that’s taking over from the one that wasn’t so
socialist this is so that this is the beauty of Bitcoin when the right is on
the wall protect about your wealth in Bitcoin you can get into it you could
still get into it you can get into dollars and then get in the Bitcoin or
something just the writing zoomable but this most people talk a big talk talk a
big talk and then when it’s time for some action then the government will
take care of me oh this is this won’t be as bad as last time people keep falling
for it over and over and over again and that’s why these systems can keep on
going I mean every time Argentina’s go bankrupt how many times they’ve had
Piper that that’s super inflation how many times but the people keep buying
into the Argentine peso so again theoretically they should all have gold
now they should have all gotten gold in 1983 right right gold bugs they should
have all gotten gold but they didn’t is that people like convenience so if so
extrapolate this to the United States all the people saying all hyperinflation
is coming to the u.s. dollar people are gonna stop believing in the US dollar no
they’re not it keeps going so sure it’s inflating away and it’s out there it’s
not hidden that the u.s. dollars in inflating way but people want to keep
buying their houses they like their welfare dollar it keeps it keeps working
for him and but you don’t have to play that game you don’t have to you get in
the Bitcoin you don’t have to play the Fiat game I stumbled upon a site she 256
dot org it’s done disrupt the blockchain space with diversity we fundamentally
believe that blockchain technology will shaped
our future finance future financial and government structures and and as such
it’s crucial that those building these systems are representative of the global
diverse population which they intend to serve ok you want to be you want to be
diverse if it’s not hurting me fine I don’t have a problem of people
trying to make the industry but guilting people into it and saying oh you’re not
you should have more you should do X Y Z no or you’re evil no but I mean if you
think this the space should be a bit more diverse and you want to create an
organization that it makes it so be my guess run your business that way you can
run your business anyway so good good good luck to them I don’t think it’s uh
it’s not something I’m getting by like I think we should get the smartest people
that’s what we should do and naturally all sorts of diversity will comment if
the smartest people come here let’s just spread the word so I think them credit
for spreading the word they’re trying to spread the word or they trying to spread
the word to everyone now they’re trying to spread the word to minorities to
women etcetera but at least you’re honest for the word okay it’s not
hurting me it’s not it’s not hurting me at all so go ahead and that and that’s
the that’s the world that’s that’s the Bitcoin overlay okay if someone can be
interpreting big4 in a completely different way with our peace with
socialism with diversity if it’s not hurting you then they let it let them do it
and you should you know if they try to hurt you somehow then they’re the ones
in the wrong they’re they’re the ones that are wrong definitely but hey we
could we can all live in this space there’s there’s all sorts of ways of
interpreting it and may the best interpretation win all right one two
three no scripts at bitcoinmeister right now the majority of Bitcoin holders are
men do you think that’ll hold true twenty thirty fifty years into the
future nothing is stopping women from getting into getting into it but they
choose not to I agree there there are no barriers for anyone
the Bitcoin now there’s certain organizations that are reaching out to
people good for them we’ll see them right now
ninety-five percent of the people in the space or men I would say it’s about 95
5% maybe it’s even higher than that so in 20 years from now it’s not gonna
be 95 percent now it won’t be 95 percent will will it be equal men and women ever
I mean I don’t know like in the traditional finance system it’s more men
it’s more men than women it’s just the way it is I mean men men kind of tend
toward uh finance but if women want to be in finance they get me in finance and
this is um I mean let’s boil down to the basics here it’s a it’s a newfangled
savings account on one level so there plenty of women that know about savings
so they’ll get into plenty we’ll get in plenty we’ll get in when they realize
that but I don’t know the statistics on uh – are there more men in the savings
accounts that women were savings accounts I mean I know that plenty of
grandmas out there that love savings accounts shunka ducks if economist – how
much bitcoins should new comers get to be well-off in the future or what should
they aim for I just saved twenty three to one whole
big one whole one but what would you say why here I get aim for one that’s a real
simple love that’s why this shows comes with one Bitcoin show in for one that
should be your first goal but then after that you got to ask yourself a question
in the in the long-term future how many how many Bitcoin do I need to be a
millionaire that dad that’s a sit that’s a really because a lot of people were
Fiat freaks to be a millionaire that doesn’t mean to work how many and that’s
and how soon do I want to become a millionaire that doesn’t work so you you
you yourself you come up I mean you get together do the math on this thing and
then I I did this I did this map this is the math I did when Vinnie lingham was
saying making bold predictions about Bitcoin in 2016
I said how many Bitcoin do I need to buy to be a millionaire very soon and you
know if any is correct and I bought and then I got that many Bitcoin and the
rest is history so so some people have to see you think yourself I want to be a
Bitcoin I want to be a millionaire in 2024 how many Bitcoin do you need to be
a millionaire 2024 and so get that many Bitcoin now there’s another way I mean
you you could think longer term and III brought it up before in a year 2036
they’re only gonna be 56 Bitcoin minded a new Bitcoin mind a day so if that in
that in that world of 2036 Bitcoin how many Bitcoin do you need to be able to
be relevant only 56 or repeat new ones are being mined today
I mean think again how many Bitcoin that’s how many because it is it’s a
save as a count on the most basic of levels so for your retirement to be
comfortable or to be semi-retired or to have or to have a certain level of
financial freedom how much savings do you need you have to think of then how
much Bitcoin do up do I need how much Bitcoin will translate into that fiat
value in the future and what date that there you go so I mean it involves a lot
of Turkey it takes long-term thinking and
long-term planning but the easy answer is just aim for one at first so at least
you know your pace of acquisition you know how quickly can you save one I mean
that’s a good measure that’s a good measuring stick right now how how fast
can I save that first one and then if I think I need ten to be a millionaire in
2026 and that’s what I’m gonna retire then how quick am I gonna be able to get
that ten how much how much do I have to store away every month in order to get
that ten in the Year trondheim just throwing out random numbers out there I said we talked about the seed
diversity we talked about okay I talked about bisque
oh yeah well Pantha says unsurprisingly the exposed bit Mex mail list is being
used for referral link shilling because well it’s a list of degenerate gamblers that’s funny house of people and they’re
probably getting some pings to there people are selling their their referral
links to other exchanges and probably uh clicking on them hey this is where the
big boys playing it if people want to use referral links that people want to
buy into that thing and gamble more on other exchanges I mean you’re gonna do
you’re gonna learn it you’re gonna learn the hard way there III have a save over
spend dude save over gambling bit-bit next series the the people that are
playing around there and then you deserve to lose their email they don’t
deserve to be doxxed at all but they are doing something risky over there it is
quit gambling it’s quite a gambling up mentality over there on the pit Macs are
on all these exchanges and now now their email address is Republic and they’re
getting all sorts of referral links as I’m sure some of whom are clicking on
them alright let’s talk about Christine Lagarde who everyone says is like the
devil or whatever they try to blame all their problems on her and it’s hilarious
she says uh we should be happier to have a job didn’t have our savings protected
said miss Lagarde I think that it’s in the spirit of that monetary policy that
monetary policy has been decided by my predecessors and I think they made quite
a beneficial choice so she’s straight up saying that yep you shouldn’t be using
euro the Fiat of the European Union for
savings and we’re not and we’ve been printing this thing non-stop and if
you’ve been using it as a savings mechanism well you haven’t been able to
attend a lot of value sir keep a lot of value it is for spending and we want to
encourage people to spend they’re not hiding anything right there they’re not
hiding anything she’s not the devil Fiat is not for savings the dollar is not for
savings the dollar is not for savings if you’ve got some bank account and you’re
getting you know point one percent interest it’s it it is for spending so
the 80 percenters are doing the correct thing with their with their fiat they’re
doing the correct thing with your yeah and so she HS she says that’s the
monetary policy if it has been decided by her predecessors so they’re gonna
keep on doing it they’re gonna keep on printing the euro so you can complain
you can call her the devil or you can wear you can see or it can’t last the 80
percenters aren’t gonna keep on spending they aren’t gonna keep on going going
into debt no they are so you can complain you can worry all about the
theories as much as you want and you can say this theory is so wrong it’s so
wrong they won’t be able to keep up printing money it’s so wrong I’m just
gonna wait for the collapse with my gold or you get the Bitcoin and just stop
complaining compete don’t complain that this is a digital world and that it that
Bitcoin will benefit from these policies Bitcoin will benefit more than anything
from all these pop policies because he’s not falling apart they will be able to
carry out their policies people will keep spending their euros and their
dollars they will keep printing the euros and their dollars that those
countries are gonna have an are good they’re not gonna be they’re not gonna
fall apart where people are gonna have to technology is gonna disappear and
you’re gonna have to have a gold rock to go get your water out of the well or
whatever that’s not a the the money circulating the Fiat circulating is is
funding the technology the people are demanding with their Fiat smaller
smaller phones greater greater technology they’ll keep on getting it
and you you if you want to preserve your wealth you preserve it in Bitcoin and
go so uh yeah she’s not hiding anything at all there with that statement I know
it sounds it sounds bad it’s not it’s it’s unfortunate that uh that the
central bank’s you know that’s the system those central bank’s control
monetary policy of countries deal with it and they don’t they and they’re not
into savings and they’re not there to protect your savings that’s the whole
point behind Bitcoin you’ve got to put you back control your own private keys
dude you can’t rely you can’t go crying and say oh I was running on the Fed and
the ECB all these years me and fled the way my bank account it’s not your keys
you you got to decide you can’t just blindly follow what what the what your
country says is the right thing to do with your money you take care of
yourself you take care of self with all right to Val dagger says you going to
the Grand Canyon when you’re in Arizona no I’m not it’s not it’s it’s a huge
state and it’s the Grand Canyon is no one near Tucson at all no weren’t nor a
near Tucson and I never even I’ve never been to the Grand Canyon I drove I grew
across the country twice when I was going back to Baltimore I well I I drove
near Flagstaff and you can see the signs for the Grand Canyon that’s the closest
I got the Grand Canyon or maybe when I was in Vegas was that the closest I got
the Grand Canyon I don’t know I maybe I’ll go there one one day in the future
no plans to go to Grand Canyon anytime soon I’m relaxing when I’m in Tucson man
it’s it’s nicely they’ll be nice and won’t be warm but it would be for winter
in the United States it’ll be warm yeah make it’s warm no it’ll be more if you
look in the sixties over there all right so we got a guy this Joe’s gone long
anyone this is someone complaining Mike dudas saying so big trucks exchange is
going to list a token called BLT V by the media site block TV can someone
smarter than me explain why a media site needs its own cryptocurrency well no I
did it obviously doesn’t need that they’re just trying to make money
that you know 80 percentage we’ll buy it it’s a way to fund themselves and it’s
basically an ICO and I said why not why not let them do that
let let the people innovate that way let people print their own money let make
their own cryptocurrencies it’ll just reinforce that bitcoin is the
only one that does not centralized on that on that level and who knows what
they might come up with I think if if media if you know it would be great if
Thomas could uh print his own cryptocurrency but will be wrong with
that he could still be a big like that maybe he would get my you know have had
a Thomas point if you need Bitcoin that badly now he he might say well I’m not a
I’m not walking okay good you stand for that that’s awesome right there
but is it suggesting is this suggest he should be free to do he should be free
to do that but we’re currently in a world where you do anything close to an
IC o—- your government United States government might have some words for you
but I as I have said before with the and it doesn’t hurt me it doesn’t hurt me if
this media outlet is producing their own their own coin but I’m here you’re just
speaking the common truths just saying no it’s it’ll go to zero eventually if
Rob’s me but who knows let them experiment it’s a total gamble so you
don’t thought you people are going to buy eighty percent are gonna do what
they’re gonna do there’s many distractions this is where the big boys
play we’re gonna have distractions we’re gonna have all sorts of innovations
we’re gonna have things totally fail and blow up there’s gonna be all sorts of
opportunities for people to gamble so stick with the Bitcoin I say that is the
the purest answer that is out there in this space and you can hate on the other
stuff I say just wait around and if they fail they fail and try to try to tell
try to educate people as best as you can but it’s not your obligation to educate
people okay some people are going out the will you mean not everybody needs a
mommy in in the crypto world okay in that not
every crypto mommy is you know some people can be crypto mommies if they
wanted but this is where the big boys place so people are gonna find out the
hard way with some of these projects now if there’s a stay a total scam out there
it’s it’s helpful to to just nicely say yeah pick an app not good all right
but with block TV producing their own token that’s not a scam I mean that’s
just it’s not Bitcoin it’s a centralized cryptocurrency but it’s it’s you you
should know what you’re getting into it at this point there you’re investing in
their their future maybe but or they can just run away with all of it – because
it’s centralized and that’s just the way these private blockchains work or
whatever you want to call alright that’s it i am adam meister the bitcoinmeister
the disrupt meister remember if you subscribe to this channel like this
video share this video check out the links below found that like button to
follow me on twitter at Tech pop look so have this mustache
wow I talked about the theory and a gold thing you know another show soon that
that’ll be interesting all right click on the squares and maybe
there’ll be some more flashback videos coming soon I got the archives to what
we do and recently see


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  • You don’t have to be into doom and gloom to own gold. If you are nearly 100% invested in bitcoin that’s great… except on the off chance bitcoin fails. At that point, gold is the only sound (or hard) money left in the world. Gold is a hedge if bitcoin fails. Maybe this is why Trace M. still likes gold. Also, gold is completely “off-chain” which allows for “off-chain” transactions. The world is large enough for gold bitcoin can exist together. Both assets have unique properties.

  • Wow' that Stache.. Much wow…. Can't wait to see it in all it's Glory once it has matured into a full Blown Handle Bar…. Not just a "strong hand" this man is going for a "Strong Upper Lip"

    I love You Bitcoin Miester' just pokin' fun…. Don't you dare shave that masterpiece.

  • Reality says gold will be useful in the coming teq boom. I still like having a small fund of gold and silver. But btc is the main asset im stacking . Stack sats now or miss out.

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