Birmingham artist sells ‘bad’ doodles for charity – BBC News

Birmingham artist sells ‘bad’ doodles for charity – BBC News

They’re really bad drawings sometimes I use
my left hand. A parent wouldn’t put it on their fridge over the space of few years, I was I guess
inundated with people wanting free drawings I thought maybe I’m
missing out on a trick there’s something funny to be done here so I started
giving away what they wanted free drawings one of my followers explained
to me that he was ‘a big ass of fan’ of mine. he’d like a drawing so I drew him, my big ass fan that kind of goes together there’s the
kind of childish drawings you get some money for a Children’s Hospital
I thought well, that that’s that that’s the best way I can do it I’m trying to think there’s a famous Picasso quote ‘it took me four years to paint like Raphael but a lifetime to paint like a child’ people are going to a fat-Shame my cat on the internet you


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