24 thoughts on “Billy Graham 2018 – The Speech That Broke The Internet – Most Inspiring Ever”

  • Lion of Judah says:

    Part II is a 5 minute video that gives you practical steps on how fight and win against the devil. Link to full video:

  • Psychotherapy
    would be more useful to you and your I.Q. would not drop. You'll know that the
    bible is fictional and delusional and a killer. This video is trying to
    validate religion, which has no facts to stand on. INCEST, INCEST…INCEST: The
    stories of Adam and Eve, Noah's Ark and that women come from a man's rib are
    fictional and not very creative at all. It means Adam and Eve's kids mated with
    each other. When the bible "god" destroyed the world leaving only to exist
    Lot and his two daughters; the daughters got him drunk to rape him and become
    pregnant by father. Again, in Noah's Ark, for some reason the little
    "god" in the bible (lower key, of course) destroyed the world, the
    only family left was Noah's. Again Noah went around naked and drunk sexing his
    daughters and relatives-pure rubbish. God has never destroyed the world and
    there is no scientific evidence for it. God, the all-inclusive God that also
    embraces Muslims, Buddhists…Hindus, has programmed life through DNA and slowly
    scaled life up evolution. God is both Creation and Evolution. Pork's insulin is
    different than human insulin by one amino acid. When humans were not able to
    make their own insulin because of diabetes mellitus type I, they used beef and
    pork insulin that kept them alive. Now through recombinant technology, we can
    produce human insulin.  Our DNA is 98%
    the same as that of the Chimpanzee. 
    Therefore, we have a common ancestor. When are we going to teach our
    kids the real beginnings, the Big Bang? Religion has not given us any morals. To
    the contrary, it has exploited us and separated families because a person must
    “put God before family” meaning that a family must be of the same religion.  The latter really sickens me because God
    would not do that.  In a family, one
    person cannot be a Jehovah and another a Jew without rejecting or hating each
    other. All warring in history and the Middle East has been due to
    religion.  Hitler and a Pope conspired to
    kill 6 million Jews. Christian George Bush at the sound of the trumpet killed
    over a million Muslims though his little bible reads, “you shall not kill; you
    shall not lie” to your nation. 
    Christians committed genocide in the Middle East and against the
    American Indian. America is Indian Country. Gandhi said it very well: “I don’t
    like you Christians; you are nothing like Christ.” There is nothing more to
    fear than when a person says, “I am a Christian.”   What
    is bothersome is that most, over 90% of heterosexual couples, the husband
    fantasizes or is actively entering his wife through the anus. So why not leave
    a naturally born gay child alone.  Why
    would you attack a child for being black, gay or have brown eyes? Why men with
    testicles try to make laws against a woman’s right to her reproductive choices?  The catalyst that drives religion is the dime,
    avarice. God has no need for the dime. Jesus was a good Man but because he was
    illiterate, He never left us words of wisdom like the Greeks, Plato and others.   Science has illuminated the educated mind
    that religion is all fiction of the worst kind.   If we find old versions of the bible, it
    makes the bible less valid.   Can we stop
    teaching our children the Adam and Eve fiction and begin to teach them how a
    butterfly gets from Michoacán Mexico to Canada through three generations?  The message is passed on even after the mother
    butterfly dies for its progeny to continue a specific journey.   Religion has no facts to stand on!  Can we bury the bible forever now that science
    is here telling us about God’s creation in its true form?

  • This guy was a great salesperson of religion. He died with 15 million dollars in the bank. The bible has no facts to stand on. Religion can make you dumber than dumber. There is no hell; there is no heaven; there is no judgement day. Jesus has been dead; the dead will stay dead. Gandhi said, "I don't like you Christians; you are nothing like Christ."

  • 6:38 is where my head has been for years now, and I am tired of it. I've sinned in ways I cant find to forgive myself for, and I feel like I dont even deserve to pray to him anymore. Today because of this video I pray I can find a way to break the chains of this wrong mindset. Ive turned to the bottle instead of God for too long. I need Church back in my life instead. I need to open my Bible that is collecting dust on my shelf instead. I need to return to prayer again instead. Pray for me please everyone.

  • the Bible says the Firmament seperates the waters above from the waters below. water above equals blue sky. the Sun Moon and Stars inside the Firmament, equals no space. he put the earth on its foundation as his footstool means the Earth does not move. there is no space only 3 heavens like Paul said. if anybody brings you something different than what the bible says let him be accursed. like always look at scripture dont believe me God bless

  • Munro Viviers says:

    Facepalm. Bullshit and lies… Read the books and compare it to reality…. simple! It will cure all delusions

  • Jordan Dillard says:

    My mother abandoned me at 8 years old . My day was mentally abusive and verbally abusive towards me through my entire childhood . My heart and this world convinced me that I needed to change my body through the transgender movement . I sought many times for hope that God rectified this and it was right but God showed me through his love that I don’t need to change myself . I don’t need to be something I’m not . I spent several years in a broken dark home that was falling apart piece by piece . Only one light in that home and it was a small table lamp I had in my room . I remember having a fridge that was non functional , the ceiling was caving in . God knew I was set in my path and I was set in my sinful ways . God knew I needed love more then anything and he wanted to show me in his own way why the things I was doing were wrong . The one person I couldn’t bear for them to know was my 89 year old grandmother who loved God more then anything . She never knew because I was so ashamed to bear the thought of her finding out .i kept telling myself through the transformation I would see her the next day or call her because I know she loved me and her grandchildren so much . My time ran out October 11 2017 . She passed away and I had so much remorse and guilt that it almost overcame me . The day of her funeral I didn’t go because I was ridden with guilt . I was laying in the grass in a field with the sun shining on me when I heard her whisper in my ear and I could feel her presence so clearly . She whispered “ honey I know . It’s okay I love you . You will always be my boy “ . That was the first time I knew Gods love and the effect it had on me . In that week I stopped hormones and everything and for the next two years I kept going back and forth because of satans charm and temptation. Last summer I was sleeping in a 2000 Ford Taurus no high school diploma or anything . Now I drive a 2019 Nissan , wonderful job , second semester of college passing grades and Gods love is beyond more then I ever imagined . God saved me from so much dark moments of my life . I’ll never grateful enough for the sacrifice Jesus made on that cross .

  • I have been healed by God before. I experienced a raw miracle. I was healed of a brain tumor!! Thank you Jesus!!

  • Khanmesalak Wisonamai says:

    Dear God I'm so sorry for my sin. I wants you to forgive me Lord. I won't repeat again forgive me Lord. I'll follow you n I'll love you forever as you love me.

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