Bill Jackson, Co Founder, CCO, Boss Fight Entertainment!! NGDC 2016!!

Bill Jackson, Co Founder, CCO, Boss Fight Entertainment!! NGDC 2016!!

and virtual reality represents the next frontier of platforms I'm bill Jackson I'm the chief creative officer of bossfight entertainment yes me and two other founding partners we've worked together for a long time all the way back to a company called ensemble Studios where we worked on Age of Empires kind of a well known game we saw an opportunity in the mobile gaming market we've worked together so long I think we just said why not and thought we could bring something special out so we created a game called dungeon boss how did you feel when it became so huge in the industry it's a huge hit now yeah we were really happy with the success that it's had and felt great about it and it's just continues to be something we work on and make make as great as possible we have a lot of fans do you have anything else yes our next game will be coming out next year I can't say exactly when we've been working on it for a while I wish I could tell you more but we have a publishing partner and I can't but it's it's not a real it's not a role-playing game like dungeon ball so it's something completely different and it's pretty awesome except for what you just oh great so is one of them so let's see one I'm in a band called the presumptions and I play the bass guitar which nobody cares about that but it's awesome I race cars for fun that's really what I love to do if I'm not making games I'm probably on a race track trying to go fast and let's see I speak almost no languages fluently but I can kind of muddle through Spanish if I have to my final question for you is what's your favorite part about the convention oh the Commission it's been fun so far I think it's meeting all of the other developers it's great this industry is worldwide it's really cool to come to a totally different region of the world and realize there's a lot in common with everybody and all the same things we're trying to solve what advice do you have for people oh great question so I don't know when I was trying to into the field I wasn't so sure there was even a field it was just can you actually have make a living making games that's definitely something you can do so my advice to people is just go for it just if you want to be in the game industry figure out what you love to do because we need artists and we need programmers and we need designers and then just pursue it with all your heart and go for it they definitely have a chance for sure now the entire point of this entire convention what do you think of virtual reality and what do you think of its impact in gaming so I haven't yet worked in virtual reality but we've been investigating it so here's what I would say about virtual reality virtual reality it represents to me just another new platform I've been very very fortunate in my career to work on a lot of different platforms and virtual reality represents the next frontier of platforms there's a lot of problems that have to be solved and we need young talented energetic and passionate people to go figure out solutions to all those interesting problems


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