Biggest Esports Announcement Ever? | Custa News Network

Biggest Esports Announcement Ever? | Custa News Network

winter wonderland overwatch League
2020 moves and the biggest announcement in overwatch League history
this is Custa News Network First things first we got winter wonderland we
got new skins the most important thing that everybody cares about with
overwatch we’ve got doomfist skin obviously my favorite character I’m
gonna crush with him that’s actually such cool skin he’s like an ice Viking I
guess is sort of what they were going for I’m not really sure and then we have
budget office probably there like they wanted to make the Lich King and then
like we can’t be exactly like the Lich King so you know Lich King with toes is
sort of what we’ve got right now then we got the Rat King I don’t I don’t know
why Reaper is the Rat King it doesn’t really make a whole lot of sense
junk route would have made more sense but I guess junk rats already got a
couple of cool skins but that’s actually really cool I like the whole design on
top of that we got old ancient snowy McCree I guess we got may who was still
may I guess so I you know we got we got some good stuff we’ve got some good
stuff obviously we’ve got the snowball event coming in and then Antartica as
always so make sure you do go check them out buy em all before you know time runs
out so I’m gonna buy em all mainly doomfist because you know I’m a god so yeah
check it out on top of that we have the new patch notes coming out we’re off of
the PTR now we’re into the main game obviously I think the main thing that
came in was the while you wait now one of you queue for games you can you do
skirmish custom Games Workshop all that kind of stuff it’s gonna be really cool
to be able to sort of waiting queue because that’s not of like being the
worst thing especially for pro players you know the basic update with all the
heroes shields in the ground I know how lujah back to goats I mean you know not
double shield so we’ll see maybe double Sheol to stay maybe at White you know
it’ll be interesting what happens so I watch League starts February next year
so we’re gonna need two months to work out the matter so we’ll see on to
overwatch League news it’s happening we’ve vitalizing
says people are coming in and out we have Jake retiring he’s been a staple
for the overwatch league since it began you know he gave a huge twit longer he’s
been streaming a lot sort of going in depth about what happens so you know he
just sort of said you know playing is just a lot of work and you know he’s
really wanted to get on to other opportunities
I’m sure knowing Jake he has something lined up so it’s gonna be sad you know
he is a big brand brand and big brain of you know the Houston Outlaws so be
interesting how they do without him but you know festive luck to him in his
future on top of that though we have pine you know unfortunately in the
overwatch League we didn’t really get them as much big boss playing as we
really wanted you know he was in the first season came in popped off there
every now and then on the Makri on that widow just you know 360 no one else ever
had bigger balls than pine and that’s why everyone’s gonna miss miss him
seeing him go obviously my excel has so many incredible dps players you know
plants going on to bigger better things we’ll see so congratulations to him for
you know a good career and which I’m like alright so this is old news but you
know we haven’t done a CNN since Blizzcon so we’re trying to bring it all
back together and obviously we go all the way back to overwatch to got
announced cool cinematic the cinematic I cried I don’t know about you I’m just in
tears bawling in the fetal position in the crowd of Blizzcon it was awesome we
got to see you know a couple of cool characters come out here and there we
don’t really know a lot about them yet but overwatch 2 was announced the basics
of what it was for you that don’t know it’s a PvE kind of mode you know you and
three other friends are gonna be able to play this like storyline stuff kind of
RPG style which is gonna be fun I actually got to play it at Blizzcon
which was awesome I played the PvP mode not the PvE mode but there’s just some
general changes to it as well we got a we got some UI updates it’s like they
you know how everything slanted you know overwatch they’re like you know what
we’ll make it complete in UI by making it square so everything’s now square
that made things smaller they made things bigger the change the hotter them
a couple of things some really cool changes here and there
not too much to the competitive side of it but something different for sure so
I’m looking forward to when that comes out in the future we’re going back to
the valiant roster though okay so billion I’m sure many of you have
noticed that we’ve made some big changes they found out but you know through some
weird sources to begin with sighs joy and Mariah teased the worst
but we had some changes we have space crib and a Jill leave I know I cried
again there’s just been a lot of crying in this off season we had space getting
trade to the gladiators traitor and then we have driven a Jill going to
Toronto and you know I’m glad they went together those guys cutest couple I’ve
ever met so I’m sure they’re gonna have a great time in there you know Julie’s
gone home to Canada Korea I guess is Canadian now as well so
you know it’s gonna be awesome for those guys I really looking forward to seeing
what they do next season with that said we also had a lot of players come in I’m
sure you guys have seen the announcement you know we may have leaked something
again oops but you know we got a lot of really cool players we got a really cool
team coming up in this next season we maybe have some we’ll see keep an eye
out for everything that’s going on make sure you’re checking it out everyone
it’s gonna be good trust me it’s gonna be good so I’m looking forward to next
season it’s gonna be fun all right now we’re moving on to our last you hate to
see it segment ever on CNN and the reason it is like this is because this
you hate to see a segment is I am retiring I am moving on from being a
player on valiant in the overwatch league it’s done it’s dust that I’m
sorry it is your fault obviously so it’s been an awesome two years started on
Dallas you know did okay and then I joined by it we’ve had so much fun we’ve
had successes we’ve had you know failures and we’ve had our ups and downs
but it is being fun the whole time I’m gonna really miss being a player it’s
been such a cool experience you fans are awesome supporting me all the way this
isn’t gonna be the end of me yet I’ll be around don’t you worry about that but
for my days is a play it’s over so i’m janie joining the jake and pine
crew so thank you very much for everything
yeah hate to see it apparently now I have to watch a video so if it’s
anything like the Dennis and Walker one I’m probably going to cry
so just we’re gonna do this in one take so everyone yeah be careful let’s see
what we got strong Scott you can do this oh no it’s curved I’m gonna cry Scott
what I even started man you’re such a cool dude and you really certainly would
have meant to be a leader of a team and admit it it’s so easy to be around and
you know coming from Florida it was really tough but you’ve been around
there and you know just being there for everybody I meant the world so I’m
really gonna miss you the team’s really gonna miss you but we
all know that whatever you do next you’re absolutely gonna kill it
so good luck whatever you do man oh my god ow hey a tricky things been with
boys departure Scott obviously it’s being like a big inspiration for myself
and the Italian community all around and all around like just a really good
friend so they just had to see to pull him in but whatever gonna do next you’re
gonna kill it good luck bro I just want to say we’re gonna miss you
of I remember just about a year ago when the first show we kind of came up with
when I started was custom news and that was based on how well you were on camera
when I shot a something when I was at the overwatch league called behind the
screens that I don’t think anybody watched I miss you and at least you
don’t they hear me do the weird Australian accent to you anymore already so I’m gonna keep it short and
sweet every time I talk for way too long but I just wanted to thank you thank you
for showing me what it means to be the best TV I could be coming into practice
every day with the open mind ready to improve ready to learn I learned a lot
from how you carry yourself as a player and your leadership qualities as well I
just want to wish you good luck as well good looking what you do next I know
it’s gonna be big things so good luck bro
my god all gone I wish back in favor backing
thank you so much for everything you did for us in the past year you’re gonna be
truly missed and I don’t know luck to you again I’m really really gonna miss
you so wings out and enjoy your retirement
oh yeah man hey Scott just wanna see my relations and when you’re not here I
will be sitting in your chair because I’m going to miss you I just assumed
you’ve been doing this this whole time it’s god it’s David you might not
recognize me because I’m usually behind a camera but I’ve been making custom
news for the past few months and I just wanted to say thank you for our honest
you bro I didn’t know what I start this video because we’ve been teammates for
so long now that mah bitch comes to my mind and I just wanted to say thank you
for everything that you taught me thank you for being a big brother to me thank
you for always looking out for me you know whenever I got down in scrims you
were always there to pick me up you’ve taught me things that I could
never learn anywhere else bro so I know whatever you do is give you major thank
you so much again and good luck for everything bro oh god Jen she’s here is
she yelling at me castas retiring yes so you mean that I don’t have to like
listen to make sure he’s not she’s free Jim is free go on Jen that’s fine just
make sure he’s wearing the right peripherals or so he doesn’t cut off his
stream or anything like that okay you can fix this in Pro Street yeah
Scott congratulations on an amazing career you have been an absolute asset
to not only the valiant but just our brand and overall and overwatch League I
know whatever you do next you’re gonna do amazing at it because you were
trained by the best okay I did learn a lot from Jen she’s also he’s one too
with you oh god ah where you went to the next but I’m not you’re gonna do great
because you’re one of the nicest person I know and you’re gonna bug off I love
you buddy local style oh no my best friend forever
and I never forgot you take that brainy so don’t forget me – really really
handsome me know you and you’re not bubble oh you heard it you heard it
going down in history not babo we’ve done it whoa that’s all I wanted to do
in life okay everyone couple of videos it’s fine it’s over it’s done
oh no it’s print Kennedy also known as Custer eSports personality of the year
did you win that award I I think it was the one it was like the internal Kawata
actually okay well you want a pretty good award in that good whoa I was
trying to make a joke you put it down in a much more somber mood Josh but
Congrats Scott on retiring yeah on retirement so old you’re like we
survived memories in the awards League involved Kosta when he was benched for
Kuki that’s a good one that was fantastic
what was the other one that’s a diamond and whatever you’re gonna do I’m sure
you’re probably gonna smash it mate maybe it’s it’s the potentials there
you’re the potential yeah we’ll see if you meet it you know and have fun in
Australia yeah doing what like yeah useless
oh man that was that was awesome thank you very much Mike Hawaii just didn’t
have anything nice to say in the video you know just melted okay fine the
Wyndham stage for you and I have been around for a while yeah dad are you
proud of me how do you do this how do you beat all it’s great I have a share
you know that’s it you want a chair we need a chair for the old man I’m good I
got the name Chad posed like son listen it’s been two years but I think I can
finally say now you’re Lucifer yeah that’s terrible that’s why every time no
seriously though thanks for everything over the past you know two seasons it’s
been such an amazing experience having you
when we did the Dennis of Elko or stuff I know you cried at that too but I
didn’t cry I just right next to you I can see this but you know I honestly
didn’t know what it would be like not having you on the team and now you’re
actually not on the team so feelsbadman you really hate to see that’s the whole
point in the same way yeah I’ve never done this before so but tis just no but
you know I think the best way is some of that thank you sir just being a great
friend for all of us that’s the play though
give me a hug dad you know just sort cleared Tasman didn’t send anything to
you so that Street as my we’re gonna have a chat which is mom coming for you
oh that was a lot all right thank you everyone for everything all your kind
words except the bread and sideshow obviously I love you all every teammate
player everyone played against you have all been awesome it’s been such an
awesome experience say to everyone in the league for just making competition
awesome as I said this isn’t the last of me I’ll be around come check me out all
my socials I’ll be talking more about everything that’s going on so much love
you hate to see it and as always and forever this is all your fault okay so
it we get yeah so give me that okay take as much as I can here okay all right I need the mic anyway now
that after the data dance dance


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