100 thoughts on “Biden’s struggles drive Dems deeper into panic”

  • Khuong Nguyen says:

    The system is rig and this is proof look who the Dems have chosen, despite having much better choices…. They are playing to lose, they are in on it. Think about. Who they pick last time…? A loser. Playing to lose… They might have their turn next time..

  • I think the dems realize that they have no one that can beat Trump so they are burning Biden so they don't waste a better candidate this time around in hopes of winning 2024.

  • Zac Vanhouten says:

    Funny how the left complains the country was founded by old racist white men but yet there two candidates are two old racist with mean who want to ruing America. It should be against the law for someone like joe Biden’s mental state to run for president and there less to be term limits

  • Cissie Pierce says:

    This man is obviously suffering from dementia. His wife and the Democratic Party should be ashamed of themselves for exposing him to the media in this condition.

  • Sentry service Service says:

    Now him and his wife are trying to do a thing Sunday to praise a couple family’s staying inside lmao ? . Ugh it’s over joe

  • Everyone knows there is something wrong (dementia) with Biden. The only question is when the DNC will pull the plug.

  • Calvin Freeman says:

    Only a fool would cast a vote for this bumbling buffoon…” I’m Joe Biden, and I’m running for the U.S. Senate”

  • Biden can’t even function in a five minute interview and he is the leading democrat to lead the United States? Is this really a scene out of idiocracy you?

  • I have to admit that Biden is terrible but he looks like a genius compared to the Orange Pig. Hey you Fox pigs…. how's it going…. I hope all you pathetic, bible thumping losers who voted for the Pig in Chief, go to church this weekend, then go to the gun range, without masks and then reap the vengeance that God will rain down on you… you make excuses for yourself that don't make sense and blame everyone else. God is coming for us all and you idiots are the first in line…. May you rot in hell.

  • Has everyone forgotten about Tulsi?
    If we had a Democrat President I think she would be better for the country than Biden or Sanders

  • Steve Mascella says:

    This guy's family and Dr shoulda stepped in and gently told him he's not fit to run for president – or any public office. He's not all there.

  • If we have elections, I will still vote for him. It sucks that the corporate state found a good little employee in Trump. So long as he keeps making them richer, they will keep him employed. Poor people have no leverage. Democrats want to loose so they don't get blamed for this mess.

  • Bend Me Shape Me says:

    ?Lets have a contest to come up with the next “o’Bidenisims” before he actually does…I’ll start…”LOOK THIS COUNTRY’S GONNA HAVE TO DO WHAT IT CAN’T DO TO DEFEAT OUR FRIEND THE WUHANS” …or… “LISTEN I WAS RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT BEFORE I WAS SENATOR AND WILL BE AGAIN”

  • Robert Patterson says:

    25 % enthusiastic. The more Biden talks this number will plummet. Who could cast a vote for him and feel good about it ?. The anti -Trump people would say the same thing about trump voters . Me , Im not voting. But Biden is so wrong. He is not with the program.

  • Anthony Shackley says:

    Most celebrities playing on the current 'climate' have given up and said they are fine… hope they are semi-OK. Bless.

    Biden has gone past his sell-by date. They gave him a nice room with books in the back and some internet and they feed him.

    He'll be alright. He'll never be president though… they won't let him out!

  • Uh, take a look at the traitor in chief: presiding over the worst month for the dow in 11.5 years, ALL TIME high # of unemployment claims, a botching and bungling of the Cvirus…..but yes lets worry about a few stumbles Biden makes. Kinda like "but the emails". Hows that maga thingy working out for ya america???

  • Joe Biden believes in New World Order. Bernie Sanders walked in the civil rights marches. There is no debate. Biden cannot be allowed to keep flip flopping. Biden spoke his support for New World Order, which includes Microchipping (RFID/6G) biometric interfacing of quantum dots.

  • WOW!!! so in FOX land Trumps gross, negligent mis-management of a Global Pandemic takes a back seat to Joe Biden flubbing a line. You FOX idiots are the stupidest people in the world. Many Americans needlessly lost their life directly because of how Trump handled COVID. Not one single othr media outlet except FOX is even talking about Joe Biden right now.

  • If you were going to give away other peoples money, wouldn't you at least give it to your own country's poor? Why would you pour it into illegal foreigners who have never paid anything in – recipe for disaster and great way to fritter your company's finances.

  • He strings a bunch of words together that have no connection or meaning. He needs to be sat in front of a TV and watch cartoons.

  • CharlieWaffles says:

    What are the odds decrepit joe picks Hillary as his running mate and then keels over right before one of the debates? Lol

  • Eyes wide open says:

    It is obvious he has dementia. I can't understand why his family and the dems are letting this go on. His wife should be ashamed of herself for not stepping in. Only thing I can figure is money talks and he is just a front for their VP candidate. Trump will still win no matter.

  • Matt Montcalm says:

    Every business is firing their employees and then taking the federal money for themselves to stay afloat….

  • Hannity Hannity, deep down inside your little rotten soul, you know it's the end for trump so, stop trying to fool yourself, and the idiots who voted for trump that he has a minute chance of being reelected. I know you're bound to loose millions of dollars but get a grip, grow up and move on.

  • vincentrich - Banned But Not Forgotten says:

    Wow. That's cringeworthy. I don't have anything against Joe, but that's just cringeworthy. The most major topic in years is happening, and he's had all of this time to script a response, but that stumbling, fumbling mess is all that he could get out. Shame on him and his PR people. Trump's going to annihilate him.

  • Why can't his personal physician see what's going on with Joe? Joe's antics used to be funny. Now it's sad. Still not going to vote for him.

  • Rabbit Skipper says:

    Lol. Why would Biden have to explain a plan, when the clown Trump takes no responsibility and leaves it all up to the states. Lol. I can't wait until the bodies pile up more, and it's because of this weak president.

  • He says the only way Biden isn't going to get the nominee is if there's some kind of catastrophe with him.. you mean a catastrophe like having dementia??

  • If Biden is struggling this hard on the campaign trail, how could he possibly handle being president? He cant. He would be a puppet of the DNC. Biden as president is the entire DNC in the oval office. Would be the downfall of American values.

  • M C.S Fleet Sevice says:

    Rethinking my comment donate the campaign money to elect this guy.
    To the virus !!!
    (Take notes want to president maybe you will have a fighting chance.)

  • Howard Mayberry says:

    Biden should be pronounced "bitten" as in the dust. This guy is seriously losing his marbles. Has the modern world ever been in a such a debacle ?

  • How on earth did biden make it this far into the process? Weve known hes a creep for years, and his mental faculties are clearly failing. I dont want a socialist like bernie in the WH, but biden is clearly mentally unfit for the position

  • I did understand that Biden wanted the US to send in medical experts in the early days of the virus, something Trump TRIED to do, but Biden is acting like it was never even thought of before him.

  • “Dementia Joe” is fading. Democrats need to look at who he chooses as VP because that VP is the real candidate. But Dementia Joe is never going to get that far – Trump is going to win decisively.

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