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31 thoughts on “Beyond Beautiful: Reese Witherspoon, Eva Longoria, Elizabeth Banks & More | Entertainment Weekly”

  • The word Spirit Animal isn't offensive to anyone! why do native Americans feel they own the name Spirit Animal when in fact it goes back to Norse mythology as well it's arrogant of them to think they can just own something just because it's apart of your culture!

  • Whenever I hear a white person say “articulate “ wen describing black people…I cringe …white privilege

  • Some of the best movies are based on books written by WOMEN. secret life of bees, the help, big little lies, Carol, pitch perfect, girl interrupted, etc

  • Really appreciate the layers to this. And of course sets and Hollywood is unsafe for women if a woman is sometimes the only 1 in the room. I want all the women in Hollywood to carry tasers and record their conversations.

  • Really wish I could hang out with Kerry Washington. She’s snarky and honest in such a laid back way. This is more relaxed and I think better than the Hollywood reporter round table. I think it helps these women are a bit older than some of the actresses on the round table so I think they’re quieter, self composed and more certain.

  • María Gabriela Blanco says:

    Did Kerry Washington's name took TOO much space on the title in order for you to write "& MORE" instead? I find that very rude from you, it'll be better if you removed your company's name instead of this amazing woman and actress, thank u.

  • Dylan Bystedt says:

    It's kinda ridiculous to put all that food out, considering all of the audio they're recording – meaning no one could eat.

  • It’s not the fact that she’s taking over the conversation, she’s just a naturally person talkative person and there is nothing wrong with that. You can see in their faces that they are genuinely listening to what she’s saying and it’s not like she’s prohibiting anyone from saying their piece. I just think everyone is reading into it a bit too much

  • Xolisa Mahlakahlaka says:

    Also Elizabeth Banks (who's name I didn't even know) talking about being under used when not a single question was pointed directly at Kerry. The interviewer is such a let down. She shouldn't do this again.

  • Xolisa Mahlakahlaka says:

    Over a year later and Kerry Washington's name is still not on the title. You guys had a conversation about leaving women out of conversations and left the black woman off the title?!

  • Thobeka Dladla says:

    I know I am late for this but this video was published in 2016, after seeing the comments below clearly people have noticed that Kerry Washington is the only one whose name is not on the title. Yet ya'll haven't even edited the title. Her name is not more!!

  • Shrena Seals says:

    I just tucked away cash to come see the movie about the untold historical fiction. I have a passion for culinary and hospitality but this table has sparked an interest into working on a set… show me the ladder and I just might climb.

  • ugh… biased conversation. Bounced back and forth between the blonds, Kerry jumped in and out with almost zero recognition of her existence (the life of a black woman), she is also missing from the title, and Reese (love her) just keeps talking…. haha.. craziness

  • This is awful. They have done nothing but bitch and complain about their field and social issues. Disaster. These females should be honored and thankful they are doing what they do and of their very very very high paid careers. What a mess!

  • isnt the title "Beyond Beautiful"In itself a little sexist? Not like an all male version would be called the same thing… just sayin

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