Best Tracer Skin? Overwatch Anniversary Event Box Opening

Best Tracer Skin? Overwatch Anniversary Event Box Opening

maybe here we go my first box what do we get uh golden stuff I need that skin but I have no coins I didn't want to do this man but I need that skin all right let's go come on hit me up with a skin game let's go what do we got here uh no oh god one blue what's this mysterious it is can't deny that one blue again uh yeah kind of lame two blues all right here we go something juicy what do you offer me Oh hot blue a boy treats one blue portrayed one blue Oh disappoint I agree oh it's your purples I got that one was this oh yeah yeah yes Winston oh two blues where's my legendaries dude I was this I like that that's nice three blues uh portraits and coins oh poor two pebbles is that wait did I just get an on a voice line yet dots are talking come on one blue and no one blue a duplicate what's this sweethearts ah when marimba rhythms start to play dance with me make me sway come on it's about time you hit me with something good game come on a card come on what are you going yeah I know right what the this is at the games trolling me dude no way just a portrait something a put that's what I need right now like the game is telling me everything that I need to know no way I mean I don't really like this skin that much nice kind of it I don't maybe it grows on me it's kind of like a Power Ranger I don't know like initial impression of the skin I don't like it that much but as I stare at it maybe maybe I can accept this into my life I wonder what the salt looks like I don't know guys I think I'm gonna have to use this in-game to see what I think of it and what do you guys think of it alright last – lets go give me that trace of skin baby No hey dude last one whoo how much do they pay for this alright fine I got I got a thousand coins from that I think I spent $30 I kind of remember now holy I wonder what these guns look like in-game I don't really like the look of the gun that much on here but they might look good in game but the skin itself I friggin love this skin it looks so good I hope the guns uh-oh these are weird they're really small they're a lot smaller than I thought they would be they look so strange they're okay though and the skin looks so cool that I think I can deal with it actually then being small is good because technically I can see more of the screen right now I like when she flips them about as well they look good when she spends on 3v3 Locke how elimination reward one Lu box ooh Black Forest okay went around your Hera's can't be picked again by you wow this map looks awesome even from the spawn room oh it's so pretty there's been no map like this I really like where the am I going Oh don't hurt me bro where's our this maps really confusing I just woke up I can't aim no mercy oh these hurricanes are so small to like the tiny dude this map is so cool though I love this map I want to explore all of it it's just so nice so I guess though that their team can't pick the same arrows again because they won with them which is kind of cool it stops people from just picking road hog and winning cuz uh road hog has always been kind of in 3v3 as you can see but now we can't pick road hog again oh this map is so nice okay so when you win with a hero you can't pick it again which means I can now play tracer really really like this map can I go through here oh you can break it lets go cool oh that's badass oh how do you get up there then oh I love this dude oh you can just climb the uh you can climb the tree that's walsim I love this map it's so well designed it's beautiful and if my bum looks different oh I have some of that I I love this because it's been no map that has like more natural-looking assets like climbing up that tree trunk did I get anything else I don't get got any other skins I did however get a Winston the most mail and see if these guys like this oh yeah get now boyo they like it dudes they're big fan another one in my left but I can lie to myself that's okay oh god this map looks amazing I think Oh diva I think they've got diva I've got diva that's not good for me same IANA is gonna get a spicy if she gets out we kill her easily because you know I got the zap on a dude I can't miss yes all baby get away from me make we don't need your devil ass on this beautiful map ruining everything god it looks good guys come back there's no help packs you dead there's no way you possibly win this because a recall she's anted of the she can heal anyway what's not what's this go bag nice I love this map it's so good let's see if we can get something from this box I also love the idea of not being able to use a hero again so people are just running like road hog soldier Anna or something like that every round it's a really good idea one last box guys let's go come on please oh well my fella I got a bunch of money that's good anyway guys this is my initial jump on the the anniversary event I'm going to be doing some more videos today on this including one of you one as well checking out the new maps and probably more of the new skins and emotes as well so thank you for watching this initial video and I'll see you guys in the next one peace dudes


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