kind of good evening tracking the trance of chicken she's got a Lula yep tonight still to come on the six one extreme weather we're gonna be speaking to professor john sweeney from the knuth university with temperatures closer to 70 degrees by Thursday Scott's our new meteorologist heading into the weekend test to identify gifted students last year the district switched to a test that takes into account more factors than the old test did Jason alright a nudist is driving his neighbor nuts he for first to do some yard work in his birthday suit we could see a big dip in the temperatures in just a moment Friday I did say dip there you go that's why let's just let's just see something real quick online so I decided to join in um Mic Check Mic Check one two three can you hear me out there and it's just safety first always guys but TDOT trying to make things a little bit easier on all of us for this holiday as we all get out and about today again no lane closures that runs through 6:00 a.m. tomorrow we'll get you up to speed on everything you need to know about this holiday travel coming up in the next few minutes still some stubborn overcast here over the city look at this he's totally checking out the camera mark yeah oh my gosh I might need a little more time for this weather segment just to because we have a little visitor we think the heaviest rain though sets up to or north through portions of central Massachusetts so I have to give a close eye on that and we just said the sprinklers go on here so we're gonna send it back to you guys oh you got to tell somebody to turn those two ha thank you very much so having a few technical problems era with with with paestum but I think he's but his earpiece back in so we can go back to you Pastor call you now and met Megan make you me Megan messy is definitely here actually standing by and we'll have a lot more to say without her tongue being tight hey my tongue gets tied this morning well say south of i-70 and east of i-15 bless you actually I just know that those who know we're going around a little bit and I'm guessing allergies could be picking up and in fact the rest of the Metroplex still tracking clear conditions on this Wednesday Wednesday morning I think it's so sad when you're thinking it's Wednesday and then you realize it's only Tuesday so at that I'll just toss it back to y'all one more day that week the last time the Superbowl came to this area there was a variety of people that performed that you had Tina Turner that in did the like pregame show you also had a couple other people like ingly in in glaze a lik 3k in glaze yes I got that right now Enrique Iglesias 10 til 8 let's get it over to mr. Chuck Rhodes see as Charlotte's most experienced traffic man Oh or we can get it over to Page failing who's enjoying a croissant hold on let me get the shift and destination they say was a necessity that was the cruise ship maybe tomorrow let's talk to the expert in wind direction around here and that would be me alright let's discuss a little bit about what's gonna be happening as we head into the weekend some big changes from Rizzo – Rizzo we've got you covered here's Christine hi everyone all right now here's Christine come on bring Christina all right here I am all right and you are taking a live look out of her you tease campus this morning Vol fans fired up about the farts 49 days and see it's so young I know that Tom Cruise right right Tom Hanks Tom yes [Laughter] send Wilson it was a volleyball my cruises in those and your balls getting mixed up not that kind of balls Emily [Laughter] and see when you want your face smooth don't turn to diaper cream it's full of zinc oxide but the other potentially pore clogging ingredients are not good for your face had no idea some of these things were actual things people did yeah women go to all sorts of extremes men have no idea right women we don't want to but paste in that video yep way do a Butt Paste you put it under your eyes for like a wrinkle what concealer is for yeah it doesn't get rid of the wrinkles it just hides them yeah [Laughter] I made a friend this is Reggie Reggie is an 11 foot high yeah he's so nice look at uh oh there he is Reggie is 11 foot Python here at the Eco vivarium an Escondido known as the living museum the place that you can touch and hold and interact with reptiles just like Reggie right here come out come out where you going where are you going I waved I waited this girl before the car starts stop no no and then she's like what what just go and hide behind a TV monitor there are like six cameras in here and I didn't know which one he was talking about even though this has been the choreography wonders come on by while you're at it I mean just it's give mine for good measure just come on up here see in what you do is you stop and have a cup of coffee with me come on sorry I'm do I smell okay good deal I'm not used to being over here though oh well sorry yeah take the long way back if you like I guess let's take whatever way I want yeah I'm sorry Brian no it's entirely fine okay let's see what's happening right now with our weather I have some peppers right here I know a tree yeah yeah producer Dana is insisting that we try these out I think what purple is I've never tried a purple pepper supposed to be the hottest one folks so we're gonna go for it we're gonna do it he's gonna come he's gonna go ahead and okay kill you bite my heart is actually this tastes kind of like a green pepper like this was really a bad idea mm-hmm mine's not that bad my hot but this is hot but not not the hottest pepper uh I've ever had okay it's your face turning red are you fine as I'm sweating your nose running yeah oh my gosh my tongue is on fire well well well there we go we're we're gonna try and get compose ourselves here and this is a great one woman in Maine is taking art to a whole new level some artists sculpt with clay others use marble but one woman from Maine has decided on a more earthy medium person is trash is another's treasure well there's a woman in Summerville that sells arts and crafts that she makes her own home that takes that thing to a whole new level and after becoming something of a viral sensation in the past few days following her stint at the common ground Fair we had to pay her a visit tell us what it is Kent moose poop everyone takes a crap everyone goes to the bathroom so everyone can relate to that and every the terms that I use to name these products or everyday terms that you know people are used to hearing and stuff so we just kind of you just try to you know combine the two to come up with something halfway decent that's funny you know for example the first thing that we make now instead of a cuckoo clock see this is a poopoo clock and what we did see is we took them turns and we crammed them in between the number there so that's 1:30 2:30 3:30 now over here we make fecal people and depending upon the shape of that middle turds right there we can do with big boobs or guts or butt so long legs a short leg see because there's no two turds that are ever like you ever seen a turd the two turds alike no the turds are all local we just go out and track the Moose and and wherever the moose are they're gonna take a crap and I have found that when a moose takes a dump you walk about 50 yards in any direction and they take another dump and when a moose takes a dump they'll crap out between two and four hundred turns every time they they take a crap so it's like I get five bucks a charge for these things so I get jumping right up and down I get excited when I see a turn get on there and that's all life turds are on that on that page right there with the prices and click on them and then get to me and let me know what you need for turds what is happening seriously yeah this is the best story we've had I take it back you're not getting the lidocaine's this is your Henry your mic is open you're not in the studio but just FYI yeah I don't see wicked but is it sure what comes next but you've decided to up her game and take her loose poop art to more people to purchase her unique art crock oh it's almost 5:30 what do you say that I what's the brother looking like I did I don't under I don't understand I was I do really appreciate art but that is some crap er it's like an SNL skit do you ever seen or heard anything like that in your entire journalism career [Laughter] unbelievable and four months people are me like oh I don't remember anything else you all said all day I just remember that the story about the woman who used this moose poop as art you can find it I guess we thought they were nuts from the tease we were surprised to learn that's what she was using for someone you don't like or a nine-year-old boy yeah that's the audience perfect all right we are joking it was all worth it just to have you read that yeah all right let's talk about our weather we are tracking some cold weather this morning and the weather is not gonna stink later today I've more coming up oh nice time is it on the poopoo clock [Laughter]


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