Best Content Marketing Examples - April 2017

Best Content Marketing Examples – April 2017

hello welcome to April 2017 best content marketing examples roundup first we have a really powerful experiment from Heineken the beer brand carefully selected each pair of people ensuring they had polar opposite views then the pairs bonded by building furniture together before their conflicting opinions were revealed to each other closing the question where you go or stay in discuss your differences over a beer great work secondly I wouldn't know but apparently a car journey does wonders to get your baby to sleep so Renault created the dream cradle which simulates a car journey in cradle form gently rocking your little one back to the Land of Nod then there's the shores the very clever ad from Burger King designed to trick your Google home and Android devices to explore the what the burgers ingredients by saying okay Google what is the whopper burger the ingredients copy and wikipedia was edited especially by the ad guys to its campaign so the information you get is exactly what the brand munchies appear slightly immoral but a daring move by the fast food chain finally billboards are back and what look like a regular watch advert Samsung and Israel showed us the style and function of their new gear s3 SmartWatch the unsuspecting public and even got them involved from yet and that's hopeful wrapped up check out our previous videos or hit subscribe below and we'll catch you next time


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