31 thoughts on “BEST CNN FAKE NEWS EXPOSED CLIPS 2017! Don Lemon FAILS Trump Bush Trey Gowdy FAKE NEWS FAILS”

  • Tampa Dashcammer says:

    the biggest issue with CNN is that they don't let their guests talk whenever an opinion differs from theirs. They constantly interrupt, cut off and sometimes abruptly end interviews if people don't play into their agenda.

  • After Don Lemon's tiny brain implodes, ELVIS blows his own mind with a cosmic rock & roll wiggle-waggle of mayhem.
    Now THAT'S great YouTube.

  • Alain Anderson says:

    Dum Lemon with is echo chamber, four against one. I'll let you talk mean while I'll take all the time. Now you have 5 sec.

  • The mainstream propaganda machine is responsible for 90% of all the problems in the West, by making up fake problems… Russia conspiracy, wage gap, systemic racism(at least against minorities), etc. all that objectively false bullshit. The other 10% or more is our shitty, subversive public education.

  • Kris Jones Jones says:

    Sweden has gone from having the lowest crime rate in Europe to being rape Capitol of Europe in less than ten years.The concert they held where the few hundred girls were assaulted and some raped was actually a concert the far left organised and it was being hailed as the "stamp out islamophobia" concert.The most brutal rape in Swedish history was carried out by a pack of Muslim "refugees".A father took his daughter and her friends swimming for her 11 birthday party,one of the 11 year old girls was raped in the swimming pool.The government have even put up posters in public swimming pools,Gyms,even library's that tell Muslims that they must not rape women ffs,yes the government do cover it up as best as they can.Look at here in the UK,the Rotherham scandal (1400+ girls raped by Muslim rape gangs) the police were found to be negligent.In one cases the police where called to a house where they found a 11 year old girl and 5 Pakistani Muslim men,all men admitted to having sex with her and the police arrested the 11 year old girl alone.the police inquiry is on YouTube it's called "Rotherham pig shit" see the video it's unreal,

  • Don Lemon is talking out his ass sexual assaults is not the same as rape in Sweden. And rape in Sweden and rape in the U.S has the same definition. Lemon ass talker and his colleagues are filthy lier’s spreading propaganda.

  • Chris Faller says:

    The term Fake news wasn’t said by any other president. If anyone disagrees with 45 they’re attacked by him on social media and attacked by 45s revenues supporters. We can all tell that the majority of Americans have IQs less than 100 because if this wasn’t true 45 wouldn’t be in office

  • David Lagarde says:

    This is the problem with the left and especially the press, the moment you express an opinion that is not the same as their opinion they shut down. Reminds me of spoiled children.

  • Lol I like how he defined fake news as he was doing the fake news trynna make Donald trump look bad by saying how his family is taking all.this trips and making money…okay is it illegal ? Did they do something wrong?

  • Console MonsterX says:

    Don Lemonhead trying to argue the facts with the guy that was literally just there are collected them is priceless. LOL. He didn't realize how bad it was going to be for him. I'm surprised he didn't end the segment and kick the guy out. CNN does it all the time. As soon as someone starts explaining facts to them that prove them wrong, "Oops. It looks like we are having some technical difficulties." LOL. It happens all the time. But, he was so mad that he got called out on the fake news story they were doing that he literally cut the segment in that one. They didn't even act like it was a failure of some kind. He just cut him off for saying "this is fake news" And it 100% was. I don't think I've seen anything real from CNN that I can recall. They'll push gun laws but as soon as an AR saves hundreds of lives in a shootout, they literally talk about Trump and the fake collusion instead while all the other networks are covering the ending of a mass shooting. But they didn't want their viewers to see it because it was ended by a citizen with an AR.

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