Best Cambodian STREET FOOD in Phnom Penh | Central Market

Best Cambodian STREET FOOD in Phnom Penh | Central Market

Phenom Penh Cambodia Two hours after arriving here, we find ourselves in a police station being questioned for six hours our crime [throwning] the next day ten more hours of questioning They took my drone. They took my phone. Well. You know what they can't take my heart whether they like it or not We are going to make the best damn fool videos this country has ever seen Let's go. Today, we're in Cambodia's capital Phnom penh this noisy energetic city is home [to] what was once Asia's largest market. Hi,is this central market? Welcome to Central market built in 1937 the Phnom Penh Central market Draws Swarms of Travelers and locals alike and not even found a few fans the show today on the [best-ever] food review show we eat right quick This place has everything you can shop for clothes buy some fresh produces Haggle over jewelry or electronics you can even get a fish cut in half and you're only steps away from a deep hair washing But I'm not here [for] any of [that] I've been sent directly by the food gods themselves [to] find the best tasty [treats] this place has to offer [now] What kind of fruit is it? We'll try some yummy dessert Let's try that on this thing one of these and a few things I've never seen [before] [what] is this Step 1 find a joint that's Super busy with zero westerners You can see this place is super popular mainly among locals the whole place is [tech] even a person next to me either Where are you from? [okay] from Phenom Penh? why do you think they're like no no foreigners here? it's been under water for two days and this catabolic facility [or] Organ meats yeah, so [they're] a little scared foreigners are a little scared of the organ meats some of y'all think [you're] travelers But your food game is weak. Okay. You're afraid of food poisoning, or oh, I don't want to eat a chicken butt or a cow a testicle or Whatever this is. If you don't know what it is All you have to do is ask. First on today's menu and assortment of mysterious skewered organ meat. Is this intestine? Intestine looks like stomach, liver meatball and the next pork intestine skin Ear, oh pork ear. This looks like really like one of those hair follicle diagrams That's good [-] can I ask you what is your favorite one? Meatball oh, that's a lung Do I have lung? Yeah, this one. This one. Oh my god. I don't know that I've ever had lung and I thought it would be more you know hollow inside for that. We're just like where did the air go Somehow the Air goes in here and the animals can breathe they really all have a similar Smell and it's a bit similar taste, but I think it's all about the texture they all have like a different feeling Yeah It's good. Do you like the lung you like the texture? Yeah? Mmm, the lung has it's like chewy but not not hard so it's kind of chewy and soft at the same time so it's all About finding the texture that works for you. This spot is adorable. Next time you're at Central market in Phenom penh And you see these skewers. I mean they're about 25 cents to skewer. Give it a try you know What do you have to lose ? I Mean well aside from the obvious, but come on, do it you got to build up your immune system eventually From your restaurant, what is your most famous dish – I have a noodle soup and I have a fried noodle and I have chicken with the [steamed] rice and I have fresh spring rolls All of that sounds amazing, but I'm looking for something a little more next level than fried Rice or spring rolls This is […] my head Central market also has a huge seafood selection including whatever the heck this thing is. It looks like if you had a lobster and then Just cut off the tail and then somehow just the tail is alive still You got me eggs egg wow Tom okay, [hahaha] Thank you. Thank you. I'm finished that little guys will to live is strong, but for this next food. Well, it's too late How much is this one? This is five thousand Cool. We're cool Boo thank you Somebody posted on YouTube a while back saying that I should eat squid the thing is you know you've lived in Asia for way Too long when squid is no longer weird. It's just kind of normal now like even in Korean movie theatres They sell buttered squid and popcorn like you can get to it and popcorn at the theater in Korea and probably other countries, too so today she has barbecued up some squids and I'm I'm gonna eat them you understand how this works find out right I get the food and then I eat it But what happens after that? Nobody knows? I'm not even exaggerating it tastes really good and the little end you know you could call it like the little finger of The squid they're kind of crunchy and burned all they're all [Carcinogen] It's perfect tastes so good. I mean it feels so good it feels to N. taste, right? You are trying to slowly Get into you know travel foods. I'm going to try this new thing don't start with the coconut worm don't start with that But do start with some squids because it doesn't have a strong flavor It often just tastes like whatever sauce you put it in and the texture is you know everyone's had paula Mari so it's not that much different than that just without the breading [ah] Can I look at it? Woah, is this banana? What is that one? Like a palm tree You can eat a palm tree I didn't know you could do that. Ok we're going to try this because It always freaks me out when I see it because it looks like bars of soap So there are a ton of these deserts where you put the ice in the desert to keep it cool but also you get the crunch of the ice. It might seem a little bit odd at first. But If there's so much that's right about it. Okay again. She said this is Palm I don't know someone in the comments can correct me and call me an idiot But I don't know what it is for sure To me, It looks like a bar of soap, and I love the smell of soap So let's hope it's also the taste of soap what okay here we go [woah] oh I'm getting a little fish a little bit fish smell. Oh my […]. I'm so confused I just looked over and there's like 10 stalls of raw beef over here, and fish wow this is probably the most like meatiest Substantial fruit I've ever had. It's almost like the potato of fruit. It's just a little bit sweet from the condensed milk but the coconut Doesn't really add to any of the sweetness. Wow we found something kind of crazy guys isn't that crazy. What's your name? your name Sir Avian wow beautiful name, okay, sorry let me go down to your level Okay, no come back What's happening? I got why are you ready? So everybody like this one? Okay, well, thank you so much This is been Entertaining and insightful, I think we learned a lot do you agree? Yes? Okay, well could you tell me what is this one? It's named […] This is fried? ah oh everything is fried. I think Okay, okay. I'm pretty sure I've had these before that. It's just basically sweet fried dough But it is the texture is so perfectly chewy and Again, it's just kind of like a big piece of dough that's been fried, and there's nothing wrong with that. Inside is super doughy still So I mean it's cooked, but it's doughy And the outside is crunchy and together It's what God intended you know for us to eat It's probably my favorite dessert in Southeast Asia is that one right there. Wrapping things up with one final dessert. A classic found all over Cambodia – the fried Banana. There's a fried banana They've made it better. Okay. We got a batter and there's egg. There's rice There's coconut and sugar and that's what's coating on the outside of this banana. It smells Very Banana II and in a fried way very good Good It doesn't look like oh my God. I have to have that But it has such a nice exoskeleton crunch the best kind of Banana, Exoskeleton and then soft Sweet banana on the inside. it's hard on the outside and a little sensitive on the inside like me This is only a tiny fraction of the food available at Central market Next time you're in town. Don't be afraid to try something new and remember: don't think, just chew Happy Lunar New Year. I hope all your lunar dreams come true. Maybe throw me a sub or I mean or don't Whatever feels right, that's what you should do. Thanks for watching we'll see you next week. What's up from Vietnam.Piece


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  • Best Ever Food Review Show says:

    I'm back in Vietnam. The Cambodia trip was no doubt my rockiest so far and no, I didn't get my stuff back. The government still has my iphone 7 and Phantom Drone.

    We were only in Phnom Penh for about two hours before being scootered to a local police department. As far as I understand droning is not yet illegal in the city, but it's where we were droning that may have been the problem. We were near the Royal Palace. They don't like it so much when you fly a drone there. Six hours of questioning followed.

    The next day we had to wait an excruciating 10 hours in the confines of a police department to see what would happen. They told me finally that they'd be keeping my stuff and I'd have to go through my embassy to get it back.

    But why do you need to keep this??
    To make sure these images don't appear online.
    Yeah, good. Just destroy the memory card and give me my stuff.
    No, we need to keep it.

    Fucking great. We continued on to Siem Reap (much due to the amazing support of you guys) and I made an appointment with the US Embassy for the coming week, which came to pass a couple days ago. The options looked about like this…

    1. We'll get back to you (which means we won't get back to you).
    2. Hire a lawyer. Great.
    3. Cash is what makes things move in Cambodia.

    Well, I quickly exhausted option three after exiting the embassy, but it seems I'm getting the worst of two worlds. I mean, what good is a corruption riddled country if you can't pay people off. So I have all of the disorganized, confusing, slow bureaucratic process with none of the bribing. Sigh.

    The official I've dealt with along the way says I should be fine to get my stuff back through my embassy. The embassy has no idea why I'm talking to them. Really, I don't know what's going to happen, but it doesn't look good. I will keep calling the Cambodian government contact everyday until either they block my number or give in.

    Believe it or not (and sorry to break the illusion), but I don't make any money from doing this show. I know! The Cambodian police didn't get why I do this either. I don't even have youtube monetization on my vids, because I'm so intent on not putting any barriers between potential viewers and my vids during this "building" phase. I've now spent thousands of dollars to make this show a reality, always paying for my travel costs and that of the cameraman too with my own money.

    I make this show happen by working my ass off, saving money, shooting like crazy for a week or so, then editing upon my return home. I'm driven by the hope that it can eventually become self-sustaining and if it doesn't, well then by the time I give up, I'll at least have some cool ass video memories.

    But, when I lose about $2,500 worth of my stuff it stings. It stings too, that in the end, despite Cambodia's terrible reputation for corruption, prostitution (there is an alarming number of old, single, white men there), scams and being noted by many as having terrible food — In spite of all of this, I set out to make positive videos about Cambodia while trying to find the hidden gems wherever I could and we fucking did it too (I'll share later in a happy post), but in the midst of this effort, the government is like, yeah, fuck your videos. (This isn't even a real sentence. My sister is going to be so disappointed.)

    Almost everywhere I went there was a weird paranoia among police that I was making money off of them or from my footage. So uncanny. There is this scarcity type mentality that I guess comes with being in a country that's not long past it's civil war (genocide) and is completely steeped in poverty. I mean, Cambodia is the real deal. It's raw. It's called the Wild West of the East for a reason.

    In the end, shall I ever return to Cambodia again, it will be only to some country/rural regions, far from police, landmarks, government officials and those who deal with tourists daily.
    Lastly, and perhaps most tragic is the fucking police didn't have the decency to update my Instagram while they had my phone and now all my Tinder matches probably think I don't like them anymore. 🙁


  • russell harvey says:

    So you lost your drone, who fucking cares. shouldnt have taken it in the 1st place and in the 2nd what the fuck has that to do with food?! zero. Gave up after the 1st few seconds. monotonous.

  • I was literally in this market four years ago but was travelling with my parents who weren't keen on tasting unusual things so we always ate in restaurants (although did eat tarantulas). Our main aim was the sights as well not food and culture so I would love to go back and redo our whole trip but on a food tour

  • The dessert that you ate was the toddy palm fruit…it’s part of the fruit. It’s sweet clear like collagen texture, it is part of the fruit.

  • Actually, you got an awesome yummy face and you really looks genuinely happy when you got to bite some food.


  • Ki E-Skate Mods says:

    Dude fuck these commie countries. Especially Cambodia where they killed millions of their own people. Why the fuck would anyone want to go there and visit those stupid ass country?! Fuck commies and their countries.


    lol you stand out like a sore thumb, you are very brave to try all of the different types of dishes. KHC seal of approval!

  • I think he meant collageny instead of carcinogeny. Lol. Also I love the face you make when you're like…. wtf did I just put in my mouth? Case in point….. palm tree soap.

  • Hahahaha a bar soap.. Good guess. it's a delicious fruit.. refreshing and healthy. I am not from Cambodia, we have it too.. It's my favorite.

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