Bernie’s Digital Media Empire

Bernie’s Digital Media Empire

Have you noticed? Here on the internet, Bernie Sanders is everywhere! Wall Street Wall Street and Wall Street This matters because in the betting for who will be the next president, Donald Trump the incumbent leads but, among Democrats, Senator Sanders is among the top four. Thank you all very much. Let’s go forward together! And most people don’t know that Sanders has quietly built a digital media empire. That means he’s in competition with me, and he’s winning! His videos come out every few hours and they’ve been viewed almost a billion times. You are talking about oligarchy. Many of his videos are just him ranting about how Republican ideas hurt people. Here he claims that the repeal of Obamacare will kill Americans. Tens of thousands of them will die. He ignores the thousands who may live if the economy is allowed to grow. Other Sanders videos are edited, produced, propaganda pieces. Here, Sanders staff runs a Trump speech where Trump quotes a song about a woman who takes a snake into her home and the snake then bites her. Trump uses it to take an unfair, mean-spirited swipe against immigrants, while arguing for tighter immigration controls. Sanders has every right to criticize that, but then he runs a clip suggesting that the president calls all minority immigrants animals. But the video never mentions that Trump’s animal comment was about the MS-13 gang. Another consistent theme in Sanders videos is that lots of people on the right are horrible, greedy people who scheme to get more money, in this case by abolishing the estate tax. They claim repeal will save Trump four billion dollars. He doesn’t mention that the estate tax taxes money that was already taxed, it’s double taxation. He could still argue against repeal, but he ought to be fair. Many Sanders videos demand that he make college free because it’s just too expensive. His staff interviews themselves. Again, there’s no mention of how existing tuition subsidies already increased the price of tuition. And there’s not a peep about how his own wife’s shady financial dealings bankrupted a college. It’s just government must pay more. Government should take responsibility for your health care too, says this video which describes MSNBC anchor Ali Velshi as a Canadian capitalist. This is billed as a debate but Republican Jim Jordan hardly gets to say anything. It’s easy to win an argument if you never let the other guy speak. Almost all new income and wealth is going to the top one percent. Probably the biggest theme in Bernie videos is income inequality, which Bernie says: is not only immoral, it is causing massive suffering. But he’s just wrong. The wealth gap doesn’t cause suffering. Yes, rich people got richer, but the poor and middle class got richer too. Bernie never says that. And the poor are getting poorer. Sanders posts a new, economically ignorant video most every day. He says it would be easy to have free health care, free college, a living wage. How will it be paid for? Simple, raise taxes. Sanders says the responsible rich want to pay more. So pay more! No one’s stopping you. Or give to charity. Charities will spend your money better than government will. Socialists think government’s the solution to every problem and they pretend that what government provides is free. Free education. Universal health care. A living wage. Bernie’s videos would be just a joke except millions of people watch and lots believe the nonsense he preaches. We look at these figures and we say, Oh unemployment is low, everything is fine, right? Well unemployment is low because everyone has two jobs. What? That’s not how unemployment works. I don’t know if she learned that from Bernie, but Senator Sanders is the king of economic ignorance. The top 10 percent gets it all. Gets it all! And a billion people watch. You should know about that. We’ll watch so you don’t have to.


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  • Modern personal jets, yachts, estates and spaceships are very expensive, and I can't afford them. The government has to step in and pay!

  • Hes probably paying a company to view his videos and trump is talking about illegals who committing bad crimes here not anyone else and he was talking about the muslims not the southern border

  • Bernie Sanders is winning

    What great news we have here as he would make a better President then John Stossel would despite the lack of Mustache.

    Bernie Sanders said the thousands who will die if Obamacare is repealed

    Bernie is really for a Single payer system however he is correct as if Obamacare is repealed thousands will die as they will be kicked off their Health Insurance and potentially won't find as good of coverage as they had (aka if they have pre existing conditions they won't find a plan).

    Trump Animal comments where about the gang

    Trump said that Illegal Immigrants where Rapists, Child molesters and killers with some of them being good People so i could care less if Bernie did not mention the first one as his statements before justify it.

    The estate tax is double taxation

    Alot of Wealth which allowed Billionaires to exist was taxed at a lower rate allowing them to earn that much money. The estate tax is a tax on those inheriting the money of the really rich thereby i am for it and support it.

    Bernie Sanders wife destroyed a College

    Regardless of what comes of this and the truth of it the fact is under your system there would be far more of this and under the free market system we have now there is plenty of this. For example Toys R Us, KB Toys, Payless and others which Private equity profited off and then ran away with it sending their Companies into the wastebin of history (Payless is the only one which is not dead yet rather it is dying).

    It is billed as a debate but the Republican does not say anything

    That is the Republicans fault for not butting it.

    The richer got richer but the poor and middle class got richer too

    At a far lower percent with the rich getting alot richer and the poor/middle class getting slightly richer assuming your source is not bullshit. The fact is Unions and wages have been going down since the 1980's under the so called free market (meaning Companies free to move their Factories to China) and the nonsense of Reganomics which enable the rich to keep more Wealth instead of what happened in the past (where they had to invest it into the Business or pay more in taxes).

  • I'm just happy that Sanders free education plan excludes skilled trades, but includes enrollment in Genders Studies programs. Listen, you do what you want, but if a pipe breaks in my house, I will call a SJW and not some knuckle dragging plumber with yucky old work boots.

  • First of all Trump has no issues with immigrants. Issues with ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS yes. Yes please watch cause I have no desire to listen to old socialistic Bernie screaming and yelling about the 1% when HE IS THAT 1%.

  • Used to be like old man Sanders because I assumed he has noble goal for everyone. Now, I think he's a delusional lunatic because of some misleading facts about the rich. Trump is right about not making America a Socialist Nation!

  • Kevin Pardini says:

    These socialists talk about being for the people but they keep promoting things to give them more power. They are power hungry scum bags. I hope I run into Bernie or who ever. I'll tell that piece of crap to shove it up his blank and more.

  • Sanders scares me! This is the same guy that said making a line for food is a good thing.. I would refer him to Cuba or Venezuela.

  • Bernie is human garbage. He doesn't believe the b***** he says. What really surprises me is how ignorant other people are that actually believe him. The government isn't a magical f**** Genie in a Bottle that gives you everything you need. It seems like critical thinking is a skill that is becoming extinct and stupidity and ignorance is taking its place.

  • Charities don't care about us working poor. What happened to you John Stossel. You used to agree that wealthy freeloaders had far too many loopholes. I like you, and I like Bernie. But recently you have changed and are cozying up to your elite friends more every day. What happened to the libertarian movement in America..

  • If the people pay for insurance then people in government should too but no they get free healthcare from the taxpayers. How does that seem fair at all. insider trade is illegal too unless your in congress or senate. How is that fair. These are thing people don’t like but government still fight to not get rid of cause they make bank trade with knowledge no other person or company can use or get arrest. There should be 2 separate laws for the people and those in government. If anything the government should have bigger punishments for doing illegal things and shouldn’t be able to do anything others would get arrested for.

  • mr1spamification says:

    "We'll watch so you don't have to" oh thank you, that's actually the main reason I watch summary videos of political crap. Just so exhausting to delve into it myself and feel confident in my knowledge when I finally come out with an opinion, assuming I ever make up my mind while swimming around in those scream fests and controversial who-can-talk-faster battles.

  • TheFoolinthe rainn says:

    Bernie is a rip off of Mark Lessier, the infomercial guy that wore the question mark suit – he sold a book on how to get federal grants

    Take a look at Bernie's voters – Vermont has the highest per capita in the nation of people under the age of 30 on disability for mental disorders and addictions

    , and also the highest number per capita in the nation of microbreweries

    Yet zero psychiatric hospitals

    Let's all follow the mindset of addicts and drunks.

    Trump doesn't party, doesn't drink – no wonder they don't like him

  • The free education and healthcare is the price of liberty. Im Cuban, trust me. I've spent 26 years in socialism, I can't believe "You The People" are walking straight into it. Please Stop!!! I don't want any of it anymore.

  • There's a lot of greedy, insane, perhaps anti American people out there claiming a lot of crazy things. What gets me when they start spouting that economic theory is in their side. This idea that free college and healthcare will be great is so stupid. But it's something you'll have to have if we keep open borders and letting low skilled jobs go out of the country.

    that economic theory says open borders and not protecting low skilled jobs to keep them from going overseas helps us in the long run. It's actually just the opposite. Economic laws, principles, and theory all says it's going to be a total nightmare. It'll almost for sure lead to civil war at some point and before you get there you'll have to have a lot of socialist fascist policies to maintain some semblance of control.

  • Used to watch him on ABC (was it 20/20?) years ago. For some reason he always stuck with me. Now I'm binging his videos. I love Stossel's balanced reporting.

  • Douglas Wilcox says:

    I’m so pleased to still see Stossel making good points and inducing logic in us about the big issues we face in the US.

  • Bernie, like many of the left, is like the beligenrent family member that gets way too drunk and starts yelling over everyone. Then there's no possible way to have a conversation with them and you end up just ignoring anything they say.

  • it's easy to push your responsibilities to someone else, and claim it is their fair share… that's why Berny is so popular. The greedy will attract the greedy, the opportunistic will attract the opportunistic.

  • Bernie Sanders would have you believe that the entire country is on the brink of collapse when actually the standard of living has been going up across the entire world. He'll embolden your entitlement when really you aren't entitled to anything you didn't work for. It's not that hard to work hard and save your money.

  • Check out Venezuela and so many other countries who they a re socialist countries there is either very rich no middle class and very poor people who don't have homes and food to eat and no medicine ask people who have lived it and they will tell you Sanders will get more wealth and all the middle class will be just like the poor I just don't understand why people get brain washed so easily especially in the greatest country in the world I guess we going to be called a third world country very soon all of us better know how we are going to survive each day

  • I almost wish we'd get socialism. The millennials would learn quick how it screws everyone……..Oh John, thanks for watching Bernie so I didn't have to

  • Say if Bernie won, dems would quickly see bernie making excuses as to why he couldnt do free everything, hed blame republicans. After he left the white house regardless of any dem that may win people will see their BS and the party will start to cumble

  • Vote for Bernie, short the market! Then move to a country that doesn't vilify wealth. Let the socialist figure it out from there, when all the capitalism and greed is out of America Bernie should have no problem creating the utopia.

  • I love when I am lectured to by a guy who got rich will working for the government. That should say everything about it. If you get right as a elected official there is something wrong.

  • Hey Bernie why don't you pay more taxes? Bernie says " don't ask me that ask Trump ". Because Trump isn't asking people for 65% of their money to be paid in taxes….. Bernie Sanders shuts up grumbling and walks away… anymore else remember this?

  • I remember when I thought a 42” plasma was a good deal for $1,300 back in 2010. Now I have a 70” for $900. Can’t wait for the richer getting richer improving our lives!

  • A billion people?? Really? More like a million people watch a thousand times! Bernie doesn’t represent me and I’m far from rich!

  • Tax is robbery, you don't deserve the money that other people made and you can afford college if you know how to manage money and don't study shitty unemployable subjects

  • Sanders insanity is pervasive !!
    Communist moron.
    Hitler would be proud of Sanders propaganda, probably wouldn't like him too much though !!

  • wall street got 1.4 trillion dollars in TARP money 2008/09 money how much did you get? there was a scheme by the banks to steal peoples properties in luxury areas by telling the owners, miss some payments and they could refinance at a lower rate, the bank lied people owed $10 to 20 grand on back payments and lost their home.

  • Anyone who promises "FREE EVERYTHING" is going to get attention.
    He's an old white man who moved from a diverse NYC to the whitest state (Vermont) to become a career politician.
    How many of his millions will he put into the socialist pot luck dinner.

  • I’m rich, please tax me so I can get an advantage by finding a tax loophole and getting all you poor suckers who can’t afford to find tax loopholes to pay my way!!!

  • He's not a socialist.. Google "Bernie Sanders Marxist past" and you'll see what he REALLY IS. Hell say, do, and promise anything to get control of our government. Watch the leftists come out of the cracks. MASS unemployment, MASS poverty. He'll blame it on the rich.

  • These rich socialists, preaching their ideology from their expensive homes! Socialism, the best friend of the elite, the sworn enemy of education and the middle class!

  • Bernerd: I do not play video games but corporations and governments, apparently do. Income equality won't work, but income equity just might.
    If you make $150,000,000 a year, you don't need a bonus. I worked for 6 years 50-75 hrs a week at $9.00 ph and made good money but the hours killed me.

  • And yet he ignores the 10’s of millions that socialism has killed over the decades. Bernie’s brown shirt supporters call those who oppose him the garbage people; they are on the garbage list. Like Hitler’s Mein Kampf, there was also a “garbage” list of undesirables who were rounded up and ultimately exterminated – the 10’s of millions.

  • Did Trump say he was talking about immigrants and that snake song?
    Seems to me that it was a direct connection about allowing socialist/socialism in . . .

  • Hahahahahaha Fucking imposter. He jew’d his fanboys out of millions of dollars and claims to be “for the working class”. Uhh… yeah, how many houses does this shyster have again?

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